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  1. Darnold ruined the Jets, not the other way around.
  2. Can't wait until Tyfreek trashes Tua publicly for sucking and gets his new coach fired.
  3. Here's the rub. Watson's not going to agree to come.
  4. Watson's never agreeing to a trade to the Jets. He's a creep, but not an idiot.
  5. Tampa Bay tanked for Winston in their last game. They were up big late in the game and then pulled their starers to "have a look at their young guys".
  6. He loyally tanked for cash and then was fired for losing. What a betrayal. He must be so pissed off and looking for revenge. Now, he's seen as a loser and can't sniff a HC job. Serves him right to play along.
  7. Thank you Fitz for that incredible season. Thank you for that win at home against the Cheaters.. We all remember that throw to Decker.. that moment... was just... fantastic.
  8. I really hate "haul". As in "trade down for a haul". It's so lazy. Like it's that easy to do, and like it's just gonna be automatically awesome because... it's a haul..
  9. just looked up Zach's turnover stats - 16 in 13 games. Not bad after a horrible start. I'd like to see it be like 10-12 in 17 games next year. Sam had 20 in 13 games his rookie year. Geno had 29 in 16 games. Sanchez had 30 in 15 games. Yikes! Zach has a chance to be a very good QB.
  10. It's good that Zach corrected the turnover problems this year because the alternative is Genoldchez territory. I'm highly encouraged by that. Let's see if Zach stays fixed. Sammy had a horrible fumbling problem that he fixed, but he still was an INT machine so it didn't matter. Sanchez incredibly averaged around 2 turnovers per game. That is sickly bad and among the worst ever in NFL history for a long term starter. (I think Vinny beats him out all-time because of the color blindness problem he had early with Tampa Bay) If Zach can average under one turnover per game next year while dialing up the passing numbers, that would "make it move".
  11. Didn't our punter win this award one year?
  12. This notion that every player has to personally like the QB or that the QB has to "fit in" is nonsense. Now if the whispers are about something not related to Zach's fitting in, then we have a problem. Is Zach boning one of the players moms? Is Zach stealing sh*t from the locker room? Did he stiff somebody over money?
  13. hmm i didn't know Saleh blamed Zach initially but I don't doubt it. It's one of Saleh's worst traits, not protecting his players and blaming/throwing them under the bus. We've seen it all season, nothing is ever Saleh's fault, it's the players. Well finally, he fell on the sword and gave Zach cover which is great and shows growth. This thread is about the players whispering about someone. I'm sure they have noticed that golden boy Saleh is out for himself.
  14. I disagree, Indy. That's not how I saw the video. In my viewing, Echols comes out with the football and the sharpie and hands them both to Tom. Brady signs the ball and then pockets Echols' sharpie like the entitled prick scumbag he is. If you lip read Brandin, he's like "WTF dog, gimme my sharpie back" but Brady runs away with not even a guilty look on his face. It's clear as day.
  15. Yep. Think about how Jetsy that draft was. We were sitting in the perfect spot finally getting a break, but we traded up to actually avoid picking the prize of that draft. Jets.
  16. Barry, You were right. Reports are the Raiders just signed this guy to a one game contract. Game Plan is set.
  17. Baker's hurt bad. Noodle arm throws from a strong armed guy. Even when he's healthy he's not great, but he's good enough. He's 10 times the player Sam is. Jets fans would have loved him on our team, flaws and all, because he's gritty as hell and he gives a sh*t.
  18. JD effd up. JD could have had Barrios for Cordarrelle like numbers - $3M a year. Remember when Patterson was signed, he was an elite returner/WR4/gadget guy which was exactly what Barrios was early this season. Now, we're in trouble because Curtis Samuel broke the frickin market last year for gadget guys. Curtis turned a late season surge, similar to Braxton's, into $11M/yr. That was a bad contract but it set the market. One thing too watch. Hunter Renfrow is a good comp and he'll probably be extended by the Raiders. Barrios should be within shouting distance to Hunter's numbers. If Hunter gets 12M/yr, Barrios may get $10M/yr from someone. .
  19. I don't know, Barry. That would be a giant FU to everyone. So disrespectful. And what an embarrassing way to get a playoff spot. I mean, teams back in to playoffs all the time, but what would this be? Announcer: "... and the Raiders and Chargers both, side in to playoffs with a 0-0 tie"
  20. I mean they're not gonna take a knee every play but if the game is tied late.. I could see a conservative punt-fest evolve... and just continue on and on through OT. Colts would be pissed! Please have this happen! Please.
  21. This would be so awesome. The NFL really needs to flex Jax/Colts to Sunday night. Someone dropped the ball.
  22. I'm impressed with the set on Echols for even asking. He's lucky he got Tammy in a good mood.
  23. Trading down gets us a Mims or a Farrior. JD should pick his guy, and trade up if he has to. Like last year.
  24. Glad this happened in a meaningless game so we can learn from it. Saleh is learning and finally did something right by jumping to his QB's defense and falling on the sword. Earlier in the season he would have blamed it on Zach.
  25. Great job having the games with playoff implications at the same time. This was one of the good ideas by the league. Red Zone will be great this week. Remember that year when Buffalo made the playoffs with the last minute Cincy win?
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