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  1. OMG, stage one? How many more frickin stages? At this rate, it's going to be a very painful decade. #noshortcuts.
  2. The draft is more interesting than our seasons sometimes. Lots of drama this year with 23 and then the overnight to see who's left over. I really like the day one, day two pause.
  3. I don't see a lot of wins, maybe 4 or 5, but last year we were blown out in 7 games. That will improve.
  4. dcJet

    mims year two

    Barry Bonds Rookie Card
  5. I just want to hear a Jet player's name on Red Zone.
  6. Most of us never heard of Wilson until three months ago and have only seen him on film or in pictures. That's why we can't get excited. Imagine your long lost brother-in-law suddenly appearing out of nowhere and now, he's coming to live with you.
  7. dcJet

    mims year two

    After one year, we don't even know if Mims can dance.
  8. Yes. except Lamar is awful. I'd like pass rusher too at 23. Or trade up and get the last WR standing... Smith, Waddle.
  9. I hope he's studying Sam's ghost game. He plays Belicheat twice this year.
  10. This. Pick a guy and go get him like we did with Revis. Be bold and trade into the early teens. We have so many picks and so few good players.
  11. Am I out-kevining you? No troll. Just math. We need to replace 13-15 starters plus add depth. We got 2 good starters in FA. Draft adds a rookie QB and maybe 1 or 2 more rookie starters that may stick assuming bust rates. At this rate, optimistically assuming 5 new starters a year, we need three years. I think we'll be rooting for losses this year and I don't see a winning season in the next two seasons but that's ok, let's try this slow rebuild. We have no choice, they told us no shortcuts.
  12. That was out best draft ever. Let's do that again this year. We should get a dead cat coach bounce this year... maybe 6-7 wins. Let's see if it's sustainable.
  13. I said 2 seasons but 4 wouldn't surprise me with this roster and our draft history. We're still rooting for losses next year, right?
  14. JD isn't going to be perfect. That's fine. JD chose a slow rebuild - no shortcuts and no peaking early like Macc did. Trust the process. It's going to continue to be painful. Two seasons from now, we'll be able to root for wins again... if he can draft.
  15. This is accurate. JD can tear down, manage money and acquire draft picks as well as Idzik. Can he build is the question? We don't know yet. He needs to show his draft chops.
  16. Dude can throw the crap out of a swing pass! edit: (to the right)
  17. First I'm hearing this. Can you or someone else please source?
  18. I love Herbert. Balls jumps off his hand, fearless and smart and calm. He was running for his life all season and still made super throws. My favorite game was Monday night vs Raiders. Keenan Allen was hurt so Herbert was throwing to Guyton and Tyron Johnson and had sh*tty line play and still kicked ass. You can tell a good QB on a bad team with a bad coach. This is how it looks.
  19. If you pick a guy to be a backup and he doesn't make 2nd string, is that bust? Thing is, here were starters available at WR and OG to draft at Morgan's position. Draft starters first.
  20. Anchovies and pineapple for Jets fans. Kevin gets extra anchovies.
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