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  1. This is so over the top. Toon was great. DK is great. Claypool is already a star. Mims hasn't done d*ck.
  2. It's stupid to have all your quarterbacks in close contact with each other. One got it, and now the rest are ruled out. Jetsy move by the Broncos.
  3. I hope you guys are right. Some production now that he's healthy will improve my mood. Mims needs to step it up.
  4. That's exactly the thing. We haven't seen a replay of him using explosion and quickness to deek defenders. We've seen plenty from other rookies in his class - claypool, jefferson, CeeDee, etal. The question is why haven't we seen it? Is Gase not letting him run anything other than fades and digs? Is he running other routes but not getting the ball or not getting open? We don't know. Meanwhile posters here are declaring him a WR1. My take is - I haven't seen it yet.
  5. I frickin hated Paul Maguire and I remember that. I was pissed and every game after he said that, he would double down and be more right. Grrrrrrr.
  6. I don't see WR1 potential so far based on this small sample size. He hasn't shown any shake. Maybe it's because the only routes they have him run are digs and fades so far. i'll give Mims this, good hands, aggressive to the ball, knows how to legally offensive pass interfere (thats a good thing). I'd like to see him get some separation and yak like the rest of his class gets otherwise he's Mohamed Sanu or Brashard Perriman with better hands.
  7. I don't agree 80, it seems he's way behind to me. We're all hoping he finishes strong and catches up. I don't see the shiftyness or explosion from Mims, just a one move kind of guy that can win some jump balls but will have trouble getting open against top CB's. The trade down doesn't look good at all so far. We got Mims and Morgan instead of Claypool.
  8. And the Chargers before that with Anthony Lynn. They played safeties instead of linebackers and dared him to throw. Crowd the area between the hash marks and make Lamar run laterally. Murray will come down to earth too next year.
  9. Julio Jones? Metcalf? not even close. He's way behind his own rookie class.
  10. That's hilarious right there - as a competitor, its time to quit! What an idiot.
  11. Does it count as a comeback win if you put your team behind with early turnovers?
  12. @SAR I Next time you make a bold prediction about the Jets, take the negative. You'll have a 99% chance of being right.
  13. Regarding the tank, Occam's razor applies here. Theory One: The savvy Jets owner and GM and head coach are football savants. They know for certain that their strong 6-2 finish the prior year was just a mirage and they expertly foresee that their promising QB is going to regress the following year. So, they hatch a dazzling plan to tear it all down on purpose. They smartly make decision after decision that turn out bad on purpose and they avoid detection with total secrecy and cunning. These guys capably pull off this plan because they are expert tacticians. Theory Two: The Jets owners, front office and head coaches are incompetent buffoons.
  14. There's no tank going on - we aren't that savvy. We're just seeing a bad roster with lots of injuries with a bad coaching staff and a rookie GM and a cheap owner. If this was a top-down organizational tank, we would have traded or released anyone that might help us winlike the Dolphags did - https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2019/9/15/20861089/miami-dolphins-tanking-2019-draft-picks-cap-space Gase and the players are trying to win as we saw the last game.
  15. Rex had a legitimate gripe about the schedule makers eff'ing us. We had to play Sunday night the week before and then play Thursday night in Denver in that altitude. Our guys were gassed. We got screwed.
  16. Eric Smith was awful. Jamal would have made that play.
  17. I remember the buzz here for that guy in 2017 - the safety dance draft. Some posters were absolutely salivating for this guy. Elfein "miraculously" made it to our 3rd round pick and was right there for the taking, but Macc traded that pick to the Vikings who took him. This place went nuts! Oh...the Macc days. BTW, we took ArDarius Stewart with our trade down and left Godwin, Kareem Hunt and Golladay on the board.
  18. McClellan was Bowles - standing around with that look on his face not doing anything. BTW, In before the lock!
  19. Gase is Hooker. Macc is Burnside. At Fredericksburg, Burnside couldn’t get pontoon bridges. He mismanaged everything and the North was crushed. Hooker always hated and criticized Burnside. He eventually got control of the army but Hooker’s leadership led to a new low point of the war at Chancellorsville.
  20. I don't see anything great in Mims game yet. So far, I don't see shifty-ness and explosion compared other rookies his size like Laviska or Claypool. Nor do I see any consistent dominant physicality like Deebo or Sutton in their rookie years. I'm afraid Mims might be a tweener. Not physically dominant enough to reach a WR1 level like Deebo/Arob/Golladay and not shifty enough to be that special YAC guy like Claypool/Shenault. That might be why he dropped so much in the draft. My NFL comp so far to him is Mohamed Sanu. Mims needs to step up his game next year.
  21. Thanks Mark for those 10, 4th quarter comeback games... where you threw 10 interceptions and had 4 Fumbles leading to the deficits.

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