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  1. I was still hopeful after two weeks of Jets football, but not gonna lie, that was a kick in the balls yesterday. I thought they were a bit further along. In camp Saleh put a lot of faith in his coaches being able to coach up the youngsters. Now that the team is looking like crap, let's see what they can do to turn it around. We'll know soon if Saleh & Co. are worth keeping or just another staff to give the heave ho. I think they end up delivering the goods.
  2. Every time I see that clip I can’t stop laughing
  3. Is this your beamer time machine?
  4. - Zach Wilson does not catch mono, 50-50 on covid - Wilson pays off all debts to teammates, avoids broken jaw - This team will be fun to watch for the first time in a decade
  5. This reminds me of Seinfeld and George looking for a job. "I like football. Maybe I can be head of the analytics department?"
  6. Mark Sanchez joining Fox as NFL Color Coded Wristband Commentator Now that's a job that would be in his wheel house.
  7. Wow, Wilson looks bigger than I thought he was.
  8. That to me was the biggest tell that he wasn't the guy. Maybe, just maybe, he was just as aweful as those he was surrounded by.
  9. ...as soon as the tone on the board changes to “Let’s win this damn game!” we start to sh*t the bed.
  10. Gore on tap for 25+ touches. We have to see what we have in Gore...could be a big part of our future.
  11. In light of the Roy Jones Jr v Mike Tyson fight last night, it’s only fitting Gore gets to tote the pigskin 30 times today. AARP weekend special.
  12. Big lurker...little poster, here. Admittedly I'm a NeverGaser. I think this is the end...Gase is gone after this game. As humiliating as things have been, this is much worse. Add in the Dolphins/Jets connections...the universe is willing this to happen.
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