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  1. With you here. Certainly at the very least should be a game worth watching, unlike the last 3. Throw in a few more key players who have been missing and we're a very different team.
  2. Dude. Getting mono doesn't make Darnold a carbon copy of Chris Chandler. And having a non-football injury also doesn't make Darnold the next Geno. We've seen Darnold play QB. He's 100% NFL capable and by all accounts a good locker room guy. How in the world a Jet fan, with all the issues our team has, could wonder about finding a new Qb is beyond me.
  3. "granted he hasn't played much" ... dude. We're in poor form right now - but it's not that bad. Turn off the radio.
  4. I remember very well. I believe that broadcasters have completely changed their language in covering the games, too. But with the head injuries, players have to learn to not launch into helmet to helmet hits. No getting around that. Actually, there is. Joe Paterno said that if football wanted to cut down on head injuries they should get rid of the facemask. And he was right about that one thing, at least.
  5. I would pay to see you explain how Burfict's hit was cool to Wayne Chrebet and Al Toon.
  6. That day is coming, my friend, Fan Analytics is going to change our lives!
  7. Very simple difference between last week at this time and today, right now: last week we were 0-2 and - at worst - on par with the Giants. Today, we're 0-3 - have fully earned our #31 pre-season power ranking, and are hopes lie that Darnold's spleen is somewhat smaller in size than a grapefruit. Week 3 fukkin' landed us in worst team in the NFL status. We didn't default here on September 9th and no matter how we arrived here it does not feel good.
  8. We're our own Donner party now. Nothing has gone according to plan (in fact, we should have planned better!); conditions are treacherous; luck didn't merely run out - it assaulted us. We're eating our own; various tribes of nearby Indians have been watching and are hooting with laughter; and worst of all - we've just turned a corner to realized this landscape is hauntingly familiar. We're lost and treading in circles.
  9. Yes. I'm sure Gase thinks about that every time the OL caves in. 'gee I wonder if I should put Harrison in there - he is better, after all, but NAH, my true loyalty is to the collective memory base of Panther fans ... thank goodness Jet fans can't read my thoughts!'
  10. I do not like Gase's sideline demeanor.
  11. No. I recall umpteen million missed blocking assignments, offensive linemen being beaten this way and that ... but I've never seen a Jets left tackle that nakedly overmatched before.
  12. I remember that well. The two most depressive single instances I recall at Jet games was Vinny going down and Victor Cruz' 99 yard TD at 3rd & 10. In both instances I could almost physically sense the energy of the stadium drain. I say we don't think of anything else but the Jets (we're still fielding a team of professional football players, remember?) punching the Browns on the nose Monday night - we can worry about big pictures later.
  13. Can you wait until we're 0-2 before announcing we're 0-6? Thanks.
  14. What if Gase doesn't feel that way? What then, it's a personal affont? Let's simply treat him like an 0-1 coach and hope we can improve on Monday night.

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