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  1. And booing when he re-entered the game. I was ashamed to even be there... as a fan I never really got over that day.
  2. I am straight up grateful that the Joe Douglas Jets (to date) seem to me to be emphasizing high character of the players they draft, as evidenced by drafting captains. A little nugget from this comprehensive pre-2019 Draft analysis of Deandre Baker: In speaking to team sources, they feel that Baker's tape and talent level should have him going in the No. 10-15 range of the first round, but they believe he will slide some because he has off-the-field issues and has not interviewed well with teams during the leadup to the 2019 NFL Draft. In this case the Giants got burned by just about the worst case scenario of a character issue - that Baker was a first rounder they traded up for... well, they have no one to kick but themselves.
  3. Yes. I think the game is called football.
  4. Was a cold one - exciting and boring at the same time. Exciting about how well they played - boring because it was wrapped up in the first half. I remember observing Peyton going what I felt was overboard with his audibles under center, kind of looked dumb … we were eating his lunch all game - you can't out maneuver an opponent when you're getting manhandled in the trenches.
  5. Yup. Every year (for every team, btw) the optimist will love the draft while the pessimist will find brutal fault. I’m an optimist, btw - every f’ing year!
  6. Judge is inheriting 12 wins over the past 3 seasons and two big egos in Mara and Gettelman. I see at least another season or two of dashed big blue expectations... teams stay sh*ttay for eons in today's NFL. Who knows better than us?
  7. Pat Shurmur was lauded as a no nonsense choice to coach too. Don`t see Judge changing much of anything as Giants owner and GM seem committed to being leading circus in town.
  8. Well, here's my take: I don't own a gun, but am all for anybody owning one at home. AT HOME. But I am 100% not enamored with any 22-year old player living in NY/NJ who feels he needs to travel with a hand gun, that's complete stupidity. I emphatically will state that such a player is focusing on the wrong things - you're a kid with a multi-million contract but needs a gun here? Why? Is he worried about getting robbed at nightclubs? No other way to describe it but as a complete horsesh*t kind of mindset; if he's even taking any advice at all, he's taking it from the wrong people. And now - I'm not as surprised by his underwhelming rookie year. I am bummed out to say that my view of him went from mildly disappointed to thoroughly disgusted.
  9. Q: Do you think complete idiocy and clear underperformance are mutually exclusive - or do these things go hand in hand?
  10. By far and away the most impressive thing in this whole thread. Will be keeping an eye out for your thoughts before the next big fight. Kudos! Fury is a 270 lb wrecker, kind of a freak of nature who can box. You seem to think Buster Douglas would beat him, that's what I don't get. Anyway I'll get off your lawn now.
  11. Okay, time to name my secret account from which I'll defend my honor to a few dozen loudmouths on Twitter ... let's see, Oh I'll use my son Wyatt's name. That way I can remember and no one will figure out it was me!

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