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  1. Lucky us. Thank goodness for football guys. Why didn't Belli "want it" again? Please refresh my memory.
  2. I'm starting to think it was never about Mac to begin with and just about bashing the team at any and every opportunity.
  3. Oh I get the whining. Considering when this news broke - I went straight to WFAN podcasts to hear Joe & Evan digest this news live. They sounded like they were in physical pain, overreacting like the bitches they are. And that stuff seeps into the fanbase. Evan acted like Gase being an interim GM was akin to appointing a mafioso President of the USA for life. Absolutely howling, didn't stop to without even considering the "interim", because why think anything over when you emotionally scream about it, right? "You let this guy [Gase] win a power struggle over a sitting GM" [Macc] - Joe ...because all of a sudden Macc is a revered figure "This only reinforces how sick we felt when the Jets hired Adam Gase" - Evan - I wish people like this would go root for another team.
  4. Okay. That's your opinion. I have no opinion one way or the other, but I am curious as to why you think this.
  5. Do these real, strong GMs grow on trees? I'll say this, the Giants cleared the decks and brought Gettleman and Shurmer on board. Sterling resumes everywhere, appealing organizational structure, everyone on the same page ... and the net result is that they're a team barely treading water as it watches the ship it fell off of disappear over the horizon. The Jets organizational structure just got simpler. And most agree we're entering this season with better coaching. Not a bad day, in my opinion.
  6. We're banking our hopes on him being competent and able to meet challenges, as we would any new hire. Being the next Belichick isn't a job requirement for any hire in the NFL. And for the record, being the next Lombardi wasn't part of Belichick's job description 20 years ago, either.
  7. There's a clear upside to putting all the eggs in Gase's basket. Credit and blame will be self-evident. We could use that. And should we have to start anew ... we simply clear the decks, a la the post-Coughlin Giants. Boy, the NFL is a tough racket.
  8. Where the F do I say that? I’m pointing out that the Patriots simply put their team in the hands of the HC. And not in any arbitrary “hire the GM then hire the HC” format - there’s more than one way to skin a cat. And btw, Bill Belichick in 2000 was not a revered figure/football guru by any stretch. And we only lost him because our team had one too many layers of organization! Need I say more?
  9. No. Are you? I’m pointing out that Kraft clearly bypassed your suggested route for success. Everyone took aim and fired at the Jets brass when we hired Gase. How could we pass up McCarthy? Johnsons are morons!!!!! We since learned McCarthy’s main interest was to not earn a penny less than he did with GB. In hindsight, it was an easy pass but how could we have known this while Joe Benigno was crying about it on the radio?
  10. Wikipedia: Soon after hiring Belichick, owner Robert Kraft gave him near-complete control over the team's football operations, effectively making him the team's general manager as well. Until 2009, Belichick split many of the duties normally held by a general manager on other clubs with player personnel director Scott Pioli, though Belichick had the final say on football matters --------------- Not smart?
  11. sackdance

    Charley Casserly

    Your best days as a QB whisperer lie ahead, Mr. Casserly.
  12. sackdance

    Richie Incognito

    Well at any rate you can't knock Richie's protective instincts.
  13. sackdance

    Daniel Jones vs Sam Darnold

    There's plenty of Jones/Haskins love in this nest of self-hate. That said, May is the deadest of off-season for pro football, so expect nonsense.
  14. sackdance

    Holy &^%$ Tyreek Hill Situation

    Okay, now we're going too far.

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