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  1. The Dolphins and Bills must be shaking in their shoes.
  2. The “fan feel good” is one potent mojo - can take the sting out of even the most disheartening blows.
  3. We might as well give it all we got .... and go 3-13.
  4. sackdance

    Kearse is horrible

    If the Jets were smart they would draft Kearse in Feb or March. That way they wouldn’t have to trade up for him on Draft Day.
  5. sackdance

    Kearse was horrible today

    I don't know if I've ever seen that before - if I have it's been a long time. Inexcusable.
  6. sackdance

    Sam Darnold 2018-2019 highlights...so far

    I agree 100%. Darnold's composure in this game was impressive as hell. Playing a torrid defense (still glad Mack didn't play) with a, let's face it, completely compromised offense Darnold created what he could and didn't make mistakes. I think there's serious growth in this guy's game - Romo spoke about Darnold's high ceiling. I love it.
  7. So you’re saying there’s a chance...
  8. sackdance

    Snacks Harrison to the Lions

    What could possibly go wrong?
  9. sackdance


    Give it a week.
  10. They’re not going to lose. No way.
  11. F that. I'd happily take the Jets laying 6 1/2 pts. Browns are chronically terrible and at some point every season for the past 20 or so the team will show enough signs of life that recent underperformance is due to end. Then kickoff happens. 1 win in the past 3 years - and they're giving points to the Jets? Again, Jets ML is the bet. Huge.
  12. sackdance

    Bowles is not suited to be Head Coach

    Ooof that stings.
  13. sackdance


    Are you as much fun at parties as you are at Jet games?
  14. Competent QB play will elevate message board experience. This is a fact.
  15. sackdance

    I want out !!!!!!

    So ... don't embrace the suck?

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