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  1. Hopefully we can go 2-0 vs. Browns and Giants this season. Do the Giants ever play the Jets as a home game? Would have been nice to been the away squad this year.
  2. Who said anything about betting? Hype vid, clearly stated. I'll watch em' all until either kickoff of Week 1 or a backup linebacker breaks Darnold's jaw in the locker room - whichever happens first.
  3. Off-season Jet articles are fine, but what really butters my buns is random 'woe-is-me-for-I-am-the-eternal-suffering-Jet-fan' commentary on messageboards.
  4. This is the one opinion I think we can all agree on. Let's build from here.
  5. Maybe it's time to go to a Giants message board. Or a therapist.
  6. While it's safe to say that it would take an absolute scrub to recognize one, athletes don't simply make $50 million by accident.
  7. BarstoolSports guy. He gets bigger as the world gets dumber ... coincidence?
  8. He's a buffoon. I find Mike Francesa, fellow buffoon, more entertaining.
  9. Alternate Near Future Headline: Authorities Investigating Appearance of Titans Receiver Adam Humphries in Wild Orchid Spa Video; Hand Fitting Humphries Description Seen Vigorously Probing Kraft's Brownie
  10. All true, but nothing is permanent. Until BB/TB pretty much ALL of Connecticut and much of Rhode Island was New York Giants country. That's how low the Patriots were, year in and year out. Don't underestimate what a Superbowl win can do. If we could win 1 or 2 in a decade's time, everything changes.

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