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  1. Hate to break it to you chief, but being one of the worst performers in your fantasy league doesn’t make him one of the worst QBs in the NFL.
  2. sackdance

    Cowherd’s take on Bell to Jets

    Feels good man!
  3. sackdance

    Tyreek Hill under investigation

    I seriously doubt it - at least if there’s a 3 year old with a broken arm here.
  4. Never daydream of games we woulda, coulda, and shoulda lost. That's what losers do.
  5. MeaNwHiLe BeLL WoN't TaKe oUr MOnEy
  6. sackdance

    McCaggnan is awful but...

    Okay, how about now?
  7. Ask a Steeler fan about that. I want Bell's skills on the Jets, like most, but man did he do a number on that franchise. He is about the money and little else, which is forgivable in the pro game. But let's not pretend he operates with a particular team-first mentality.
  8. sackdance

    McCaggnan is awful but...

    I’d be more than okay with 4 SB wins in my lifetime. I’d be okay with a SB win because of an opposing team showing up at the wrong stadium. Holy smokes!
  9. sackdance

    Cryptic Tweet from Paradis agent

    Ok. You’re right.
  10. sackdance

    Cryptic Tweet from Paradis agent

    And his client just spurned the Jets. So great!!!!
  11. sackdance

    McCaggnan is awful but...

    Way too premature just to label Macaggs as awful and let it linger like that. He put us in a position last year to secure a QB with a super high ceiling - and now in middle of building a team. Really won’t take that much winning for his detractors to sing a different tune. I’m not saying he’s there yet, just that he’s put the team in a position to win. Obviously, we’ll see.
  12. sackdance

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    If Bell is using the Jets to ultimately exhaust the Ravens cap ... I’ll take it.
  13. sackdance

    Robert Kraft Thread

    Just lost whatever sympathy I had for Kraft getting caught up in this dumb story.
  14. sackdance

    Vince McMahon...

    Neither does the NCAA. 🙁
  15. This reminds me of Yankee fans who call the FAN suggesting that the Yanks trade their underperformers to the Mets for DeGrom.

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