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  1. We are a 100% non-competitive football team. Gase is a placeholder. The best time to fire him is with a game or two left on the schedule. Right now he's being paid to eat the heat. Why free him?
  2. Maybe I see things real different than you, but I don't see a reason in the world that the worst team in the league should coddle its best players.
  3. It feels good to nail a first round pick - particularly because, as Jets fans, we know too well what it feels like to whiff hard. Here's some more good news: we have 4 more in the next 2 years.
  4. If it comes to that you're seriously underestimating Joe Douglas reputation and his ability to sell. His ability to deliver is another topic, jury still out, but I don't think this organization is headed to a situation where we can't draft a franchise player with the first pick. In fact, I don't think we're anywhere near that. The core of our team is just plain docile, not chaotic or wildly immature. Now, finishing with the worst record in the league? I think we're on our way. Pains me to admit this in week 2. I don't believe losing helps and I will prefer 5-11 over 2-14 & 1st pick every time.
  5. I'm with you. Let's bring that consistent mediocrity back. It may take a lot of collective fan bickering, but I think we're up to the task.
  6. Rex was HC of NYJ for 6 seasons with a 46-50 record. If we're going to daydream, can we at least daydream better than .500?
  7. That's really not true, but he sucked yesterday. What bothers me is that for the first time, pretty much since he's been a Jet, the OL gave Sam D some pass protection - and he did nothing with it. We've also heard so much and seen enough of his throwing on the run to know it's his strength - and that was missing yesterday too. Not only a bad game but a little more troubling on what the future brings.
  8. So many Jet fans seem to have forgotten that we have a running back in Le'Veon Bell who has enough ability to make the league forget his team even has other running backs.
  9. F Jamal Adams. He never brought us anywhere, he’s not here any more, and not only is he never coming back but Mehta just lost his top unnamed locker room source to sh*te all over the coaching staff.
  10. Trevor Lawrence has more to prove than Darnold. Darnold can hold is own on an NFL field - anyone who's watched him play behind an atrocious OL and more suspect targets than not can attest. He's improved under subpar circumstances. Lawrence's stock probably dipped a little after last season - probably because it couldn't go much higher from his freshman year - but it did dip. And there are very few sure things from the college game to the NFL. In closing - the Jets having a QB & 4 1st round picks is a very good thing.
  11. How the hell were the Jets going to handle Adams? He was under contract, making an undue stink, and sh*te-talking our GM, HC, and whole team? Is Fidelio the GM going to pay a guy like that $20 million so he can parade around the locker room calling himself the Prez? He'd be de facto Prez of the Jets, that's for sure. This has been an epic off season because 1) for the first time in ages (or ever?) we have an experienced and totally proven draft guy executing his goals, and 2) we not only avoided disaster with Adams, we built on it. Big time. I would have traded Adams for a bag of footballs. Instead our GM landed us a haul - a haul that was pretty much more than anyone here seriously deliberated. Furthermore, that's why he's a GM and we're fans. But to blame Adams on the Jets? Foolish. He would have pulled that nonsense on any team. Someday he'll be a sore subject in Seattle - you can bank on it.

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