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  1. How different would our franchise be if Eric Mangini actually finished the job and killed Mike Francesa?
  2. Darnold's ceiling if surrounded by a good team should be high enough to warrant the starting job. I wish him well, he should have a long career (of ups and downs). The one thing I always wanted to see from him, but never did, was to pass effectively from the pocket while under even slight duress. It's a big deficiency. The one thing he isn't is the worst QB in the NFL. Pure nonsense spouted by many, many football fans, Jet or otherwise. All told we got fair value in the trade, I think.
  3. Yeah, go back and read Untouchable's post. I don't think he's interested in anybody's Pro Day. And I'm 100% with him. Lost in the QB hype is what happens when you draft and start a disastrous rookie QB. Everyone seems to judge these players on perceived ceilings alone. Also seemingly lost in Jet fan mob mentality is the plain truth that after 3 years starting on three of the weakest teams the Jets have ever produced Darnold has never been the weakest link - no one anywhere can say that these teams were destined to win more games were it not for Sam Darnold's play. (Yet there are e
  4. Are you you trying to say that we're not choosing between superstar franchise QBs as we simultaneously trade the worst quarterback in the history of the NFL for a 1st round pick?
  5. After 20 years of Tom Brady, the possibility of Watson on Miami really isn't that scary for a Jet fan - kind of like trying to warn Covid-era NYC that we're in for a heavy pollen count this spring. Yeah, okay. Got it.
  6. Salivating over sending current starters, 3 1st round picks & additional picks (2nds, 3rds?) in exchange a "disgruntled star" QB? NOPE.
  7. Because the Browns had an amazing history of astutely drafting QBs?
  8. Agreed - would love Watson, but on our terms alone, not Houston's. I would like such a transaction to feel like the Jamal Adams trade - nothing less than a complete fleecing. Otherwise, forget it - we've got a basement to climb out of.
  9. Oh what's three 1sts, a few 2nds, and a starter worth to a 2-14 team that's thin everywhere? Let's just trade the future for a disgruntled superstar QB. The Jets are not in a jam, the Texans are. We should remember that the Jets would have clear paths forward even if Watson was a happy camper in Houston. We don't need this.
  10. Houston had Watson, never reached a conference championship - go ahead and blame coaching, but on paper Houston had far better squad than the Jets have today. Having us shed multiple #1 picks to lock a (potential) superstar QB to a crap team might not be the ideal way to go.
  11. Who exactly would want to beat this offer? It's almost like you're saying the Jets don't need all these picks ... are we really that good?
  12. While Tannehill played for Gase, conventional wisdom in Miami (and amongst fans around the league) was not merely “Tanny sucks” - it was that he shouldn’t even be in the league. I think the new HC/OC can help Darnold become a genuine asset.
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