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  1. What GM wouldn't trade a premium pick for a premium receiver? But it's not that simple.
  2. As it was for Luke Falk ... now it's just comic fodder. Haw haw. Yet I have no problem imagining the sanctimonious tears around here should that woman have come to an unfortunate end.
  3. Hi Zach. Put me down for a $15,000 bet. I may do a little more (add a zero), but I don't want to draw attention to myself. Thanks.
  4. It's really not food for thought and certainly not news.
  5. Okay. Another way to put it is that he's a complete doosh who nicknamed himself The President - his trade has brought me nothing but joy.
  6. It takes a clown to know a clown. Nevertheless, Isles in 7.
  7. Two #1 picks for an egomaniac who was divulging minutes of team meetings to Mehta. I'll posit right now that the Adams trade might be one of the best things that ever happened to this franchise. And on top of it, we had so little trading leverage - he wanted out and no team (that I'm aware of) was offering anything like Seattle was. I still can't believe it happened - once it was clear he was a malignant locker room presence, trading Jamal for a Dummies Guide to Football would have been worth it.
  8. And it's three series in a row we win that 4th game. How do you feel now?
  9. Would you be happier if he was dropping passes and running sloppy routes?
  10. I think we're all trying to tell you that it's not a coincidence.
  11. I'd be curious to meet the professional who would advise you to buy BTC. 1) He'd receive no commission. 2) Every cent of client money flowing into a coin leaves his purview, in other words his assets under management (AUM) goes down. #1 & #2 is what makes him a professional.
  12. I'd say it's THE core property - and that's why I said if digital assets could ever be duped or backdoored it would be a straight shot to zero. No other event could make crypto assets worthless. Institutions, governments, and corporations are all-in.
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