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  1. I can't understand why you might be open to coaching who welcome questioning and second guessing. Just think of how that would play out.
  2. In my opinion Becton flunked a major test measuring a player's dedication this off season. Came in way overweight (team said 40 ... some observers thought that number too kind) and was dinged up all preseason and ill-prepared for his start Week 1. He was not ready to play. So Week 1 he plays like trash for a few series and leaves the game with a significant knee injury. There's no point in going crazy over it, but objectively that's a major red flag on his career. I'm sure he gets a clean slate for a do over in the likelihood that this season is a wash. But take a look at the Giants
  3. You and I are fans, I don't really like Woody either. But those players and coaches? Not fans. And Woody signs their checks - big checks. Maybe you didn't notice but the room went dead silent and then exploded when he gave Saleh the ball. It's good for everyone in that locker room that Woody says something.
  4. But "Geno is still a backup in the league today so there’s hope for Zach."? I seriously hope that guy is a troll and not a fellow Jet fan.
  5. Since he missed OTAs and suited up 40 lbs (at least) overweight for training camp Becton's 2021 campaign has been so atrocious his name doesn't warrant mentioning among the "good" players on the Jets. There are not many great football players, if any at all, that have sophomore efforts like Becton's on their resume. The negative impact his sh*te effort has had on our offense is immeasurable.
  6. Becton had a plethora of nagging injuries, weight issues, concussion sustained during practice, and just absolute nothing before Week 1. Injured during first game while masquerading as a matador. All this after one of the more promising rookie seasons in the league last year as a beast LT. It's barely addressed but this is as damaging a storyline as there is on the Jets this season - look at how this exposed our OL. Where is the accountability for unprepared players? Is it ever on them?
  7. How about changing your user picture before talking about other people's Darnold obsession.
  8. Big time. I saw it this way, Jets have rookie HC, OC, and QB and played aggressively vs. Belichick (who played his rookie QB extremely conservative) .... 3 INTs in first half. In hindsight how could that not happen? But after all that it's 2nd & 28 on the opening drive of the 2nd half and ZW is flinging it 30 yards downfield for INT #4? We got schooled the hard way. Mims right now is not a problem for the Jets. For the time being he's removed himself from serious consideration - I'd say the only one with a problem is his agent.
  9. Outside of Jet message boards this story is really not much of a distraction. Career: 23 catches for 357 yards and 0 touchdowns.
  10. No such thing as good news when you can sh*te over everything.
  11. Yeah right. Now compare what Josh McDaniels (vet) was asking Mac Jones to do with what Lafleur (rookie) asked ZW to do.
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