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  1. We owe Mac and his team a merciless thumping.
  2. Agreed. The post-Brady beatings the Pats have put on the Jets have been particularly brutal and humiliating. I’ll hop aboard once we beat the Pats but until that happens this kind of talk is empty.
  3. Does your crystal ball see markets too? If so, I'd like to borrow it. Good job.
  4. I'd prefer a straight trade of #10 for Deebo (if we get Deebo, I seriously doubt it looks like this, imo) ... but I think the better question: is it out of the question that Jets end up with these two? I personally want Jameson Williams or Hutch/Walker at #4. DO NOT want to use the #4 to draft a CB or OT right now.
  5. Fans around the league were fixated on whether Zach was playing well or not - and ignored our D, which had to have been the worst I've ever seen. Game after game was lost before halftime. Look what Mac Jones did to us. Ridiculous.
  6. True. If there's ever a dream spot for a HC ... he's there today. Almost too good.
  7. Last game DC Bowles out-Gregged Gregg Williams and put the Rams in the SB. Fates not typically kind to a promotion like this.
  8. Athletic injuries, for the most part, are freak and beyond an athlete's control. Showing up to training camp overweight and unable to fully participate (ie, useless) is 100% within an athlete's control. He did that and the result speaks for itself. Now he wants to prove his doubters wrong? Kind of pathetic, if hurt feelings are a primary motivation. I wish his motivation was to compete as a pro athlete and viewed defensive linemen as his primary enemies. We'd be blessed as fans and there would be no ceiling to his career.
  9. 100% of Jets fans want Becton to figure it out. And he did not underperform out of the gate - he arrived in this league in shape, motivated, and prepared. But for season 2? He showed up like he had spent 5 straight months partying. His season was over before halftime of week 1. And that was inexcusable - so now, as a fan, when it comes to Becton I'm reduced to hope, not confidence.
  10. The only thing that Mims has shown is evidence that he's not really an NFL football player. Teams don't trade for that. If cut, I would imagine he'll land somewhere using the "low risk, low reward" reasoning. Even J. Polite did, but no team will trade an asset to us for him.
  11. You see this? Can you name a single team that would even entertain this trade? 490 career yards, 0 TDs. He is a bust. And I'm being kind because the numbers don't even tell the whole story.
  12. Darnold is getting paid $19 million???? That is not ruined. That is the stuff of legend.
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