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  1. I think our D is going to force some turnovers this week. Pivotal turnovers.
  2. Sala this. Sala that. Sala the same.
  3. I'd say Jackson is an excellent QB and Herbert almost there - but great? Do it in the post season.
  4. “Just as high ceilings are meaningless without a stout foundation, so too are profound statements without an Internet to share them with.” - text from Michael White, QB1 of the NY Jets, to ‘sackdance’ at 12:57pm yesterday.
  5. There’s never more than 2 or 3 great ones at any given time. Never compromise your team trying to land one of those rare birds.
  6. I don't know about the team, but I'm ready for a Superbowl.
  7. Were you calling the Jets a Superbowl roster before Week 1?
  8. I remember how the Jets won 6 games over the past two seasons. Now we're 6-3 and looking at the QB of team that's 3-7 and feeling sorry for ourselves. Puh-leeze.
  9. There is no way Fields continues legging it out for the highlight reels year in and year out for 17 game seasons. More than happy with ZW. Anyone who isn't probably cares more about fantasy football stats than the Jets.
  10. What the F is your point then? The Jets are 6-3, ZW is 5-1 as a starter, and we just won THE biggest game of the year before the bye as Zach unquestionably bounced back from last week's debacle. There is no bigger picture. The only picture is going to Gillette for payback in two weeks. That's it.
  11. No it won't. This will look a lot like the 40-17 win over GB, but with extra relish.
  12. Is Zach was getting strip sacked / throwing picks / losing games? Yes or no? Jets are like any NFL team- taking injuries and trying to figure out how to win the next game.
  13. Every new Jamal Adams thread lessens by one the total number of future Jamal Adams threads.
  14. Yes, it's been a terribly difficult three game stretch for people who give a flying fook about Elijah Moore's stat sheet. Thankfully the Jets created a safe space for precious Elijah this week.
  15. If anyone thinks Mims starting and earning a game ball is out of the question, I'd like to ask where their minds were at when we lost Zach Wilson to a self-inflicted injury in the first quarter of the first preseason game. I've rarely wanted a Wally Pipp situation more.
  16. Jets need to win on Sunday. Historically a 5-2 record = 76% prob of playoff appearance I don't care if special teams score all the points.
  17. Padres over Dodgers, Phillies over Braves, Cleveland leading Yanks, Tennessee over Alabama… Jets over Packers won’t even raise an eyebrow. Jets 24, Packers 13.
  18. AFTER the game, but not before ... because there's a danger Mims will learn the Packers offense, get on the field, and score his first career TD against us?
  19. We would have knocked Tua on his ass. And I’m glad we didn’t. Hate to say it, hate to see it but he should not be playing in this league right now.
  20. Upper Deck in Hallendale (right near Gulfstream Park) ... boy, if we could be around .500 in November that place will be buzzing.
  21. Not sure I'd go this far, but to me he's proven to be useless as a Jet after about as promising a start an offensive lineman could have.
  22. I was there and you are not wrong.
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