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  1. Okay, time to name my secret account from which I'll defend my honor to a few dozen loudmouths on Twitter ... let's see, Oh I'll use my son Wyatt's name. That way I can remember and no one will figure out it was me!
  2. Let the record reflect that Chris Johnson and Maccaggan (never learned to spell his name) were 100% ridiculed all over this site for even talking to Rhule last year. And btw, Rhule is not going to fix the Giants. Not as long as the guy who's trading picks to us for Leonard Williams still has his job.
  3. Drafting well is a million times more important than drafting high. All Jets fans should know this by now. All Jets fans. No exceptions. So lets root for wins and not annoy our loved ones.
  4. The fans that give themselves a green light to look past the Bengals and daydream about battling the Ravens are the very same ones who will act in an irrational frenzy when the Bengals string together their 1st win of the season at our expense. 3 1/2 pt favorites lose outright every week in the NFL. We’re not an established winning machine - we should feel good about beating the Bengals. And we should (being fans with no direct impact) brace for a ******* loss too.
  5. We have not earned the right to look past anyone.
  6. Believe me I'd need one if I was trying to wrap a wet blanket around yesterday's win.
  7. Not bad at reading you, though. SOJ first and foremost. Makes you seem right, quite often - but there's rarely an original take.
  8. Weren't you just insisting that Darnold was done and the Jets need to find a franchise quarterback? Sounds like you the classic soj loser is you pal.
  9. Hey Dawg, there's no law that says you can't root for the Browns. Woof!
  10. Considering that he's working with neither a running game nor a pocket, Sam has had plenty of opportunity to hone that skill.
  11. Of course not, because it's preposterous to think anybody could properly execute an adequate NFL offense behind this line. What you should be hoping for is that Darnold gets tough as sh*te and remains in one piece playing behind this line - instead of putting it out there that there's a QB that could have led this team anywhere else but the loss column this season. Oh - and speaking of, how high was your opinion of the Jets before the season started? Were you spouting off that a postseason awaited this team - if only we had an elite QB? I seriously doubt you were.
  12. ONE MORE TIME: There isn't a QB in the league who can prosper behind an offensive line that L'Veon Bell is averaging 3.2 yards a carry behind. Darnold's highlight plays are almost all with him on the run - because there's never a pocket to pass from (and never half-a-lane for Bell to find and run through). If I'm wrong - just tell me who this materially superior QB that could elevate the Jets offense is ... Lamar? Rodgers? Mahomes?
  13. Speaking of the converse, if Darnold was drafted by the Ravens - he'd be doing national TV commercials by now. Lamar was like Sanchez last year - team brought him to the playoffs (maybe not fair, he and the Ravens did grind their way to postseason) - where Lamar promptly shidded the bed. But he had a team around him. Please name the QB that doesn't have a very poor year with the 2019 Jets?
  14. Is that right? How would Lamar Jackson have done on the Jets this season? After 10 games L'veon Bell has a high of 70 yards rushing in a game and only 2 games with over 100 total yards ... let me guess, Bell can't hold [RUNNING BACK'S NAME HERE]'s jock? Or is Darnold so bad he's ruining his RBs? The fact is simple - our OL has been an utter disaster. Sadly, starter Ryan Kalil's move to IR might have improved it. Think about that for a minute. Unfortunately for Sam D, he was drafted into a sh*tshow - and that hardly makes him unique, seems like more qbs than not start in a similar boat, but if you want to compare Darnold to QBs - don't start with Jackson. Start with Qbs, who later blossomed or not, who were drafted in poor situations.
  15. It's okay to be concerned right now. But - now ask - is that concern a top 10 concern for the NY Jets right now? It's definitely not even in the discussion for a top 5 issue. And it's pure clown talk to label him a bust - particularly being in Polite's draft class.
  16. Bell deserves one too. Today did you notice what happens when the Jets gave the ball to a back whose style is to run for his life (Powell) ... success! Bell needs at least average blocking to be successful - his delayed style means he looks for pockets to run into - except with our OL, any pocket near the ball carrier closes immediately.
  17. I recall ridicule for the Jets even interviewing Rhule. Now it's SOJ for not hiring? Peak fan board.
  18. and why can't we see some sack? (no gay here either)
  19. This. Everything else, even who our coach is, comes second to this.

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