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  1. Yeah I’m still debating whether to stay up or not. It’ll finish 3:30am... alarm at 7:15...
  2. It’s very nice of them to put the Jets on prime time on the one week that the UK is only 4 hours ahead
  3. I thought exactly the same thing. End of the 1st half the momentum was swinging in our favour and I sorta fancied us to get into FG range at that point. At the end though, we were seriously struggling and Miami were flying, had their tails up and the crowd was behind them for what seemed like the first time in the game. It wasn’t about the time for me but the way the game was going. Knee, regroup and OT was the sensible call for me.
  4. Very often in sport, winning is a habit and psychological. Had we gone the season 0-16 we may very well have been able to have picked up the QB (or safety) of our choosing but it also would have meant that the rest of the team were rubbish, gutless and used to losing. I’m not sure it would necessarily have been a good thing for this group. There’ve been some good positives this season imo.
  5. Even at 28-14 there only appeared to be one winner. Everything th Jets did well in the first three Q they just stopped doing.
  6. Well I thoroughly enjoyed that. 3:45 am here. Worth staying up for
  7. He could show a few in preseason couldn't he? If he's any good there'll be stiltons of plays to surprise teams with once the season starts
  8. Oh I don't disagree with that at all. Unless of course there's some exceptional genuine top few picks talent in a position we need to upgrade. A decent trade could really set us up for years to come though
  9. So let's say Hack looks like a franchise QB but we still get a top 3 pick... you'd still go for another QB?
  10. Guess it depends on how the cards fall and who is available/they like the look of. If they're sure about Hack being the part then they'd have to seriously consider whether they can afford to spend a first round pick on a QB
  11. Yes one way or another the Hack question needs to be answered by the 2018 draft
  12. Winning aside, in many ways the game was what we thought would happen, wasn't it? We'll definitely do well on defense this year and it'll keep us in games but I just don't see the offense doing enough to win through. I think a top 5 pick is still very much on the cards
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