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  1. Haha exactly. Also got "depending on how things fall" in there too. The draft must be the easiest thing to make yourself look knowledgeable. Make a few educated guesses to get some predictions right, explain the incorrect ones away by saying that a trade up/down didn't happen, they weren't expecting X to still be there when they drafted etc.
  2. West Ham will be fine now. looks like I was wrong about Palace and it's going to be the Swans who bite the bullet
  3. Well that was mainly crap
  4. Teams have to submit squads of 25 in August and again in February. Players under the age of 23 (I think) don't need to be registered but can play anyway. Most teams will have in excess of 25 players but loan them out to other sides. Obviously the bigger the team and the bigger the budget, the bigger the squad. Chelsea have 38 players of differing abilities on loan all over the world at the moment. Some of these are young but would have cost a fortune. Swansea probably have 3 (over the age of 23). Most teams also have an under 23 team. I think they can play a few over age players in t
  5. Oh absolutely - I love the NFL system of sharing the money and having a salary cap. In the premier league, a top 4 team can sign one of the "lesser" teams' best players, double his salary and use him as a reserve. Presumably this is quite rare in the NFL because no team is going to pay double an average starters salary to a non starter? The PL is just as corrupt, money driven and commercialised as the NFL in reality. I've only been attending PL games since 2011 having always been to lower league games and as great as it is at times, it feels a world away from the sport I grew up watching.
  6. Yeah I must admit that I also find the no promotion/relegation thing quite strange. It's such a staple of the British football system. I saw my team go from nearly dropping out of the football league system altogether into "non league", only saving themselves on the last day of the season and then get promoted three times in seven seasons into the premier league. Absolutely brilliant stuff. Of course, getting relegated sucks
  7. Thank you for taking the time to type that. I was aware of some of it but very interesting
  8. What do they do with the TV contract? Yeah that's the only example I could think of. MK are pretty much hated throughout English football - AFC Wimbledon have recently gone above them in the football league structure after having about 6 or 7 promotions as the newly formed club. I think MK Dons have also given the district council Wimbledon were based in the trophies they won as Wimbledon.
  9. As a Brit, this whole concept makes absolutely no sense to me. I find the whole thing baffling.
  10. How long has Maggie been pregnant for and why isn't she showing at all? Absolute BS programme at the moment for so many reasons!!
  11. Agree with this. Give me a 2-14 and a chance to pick up a genuine QB talent in the 2018 draft vs another below par and disappointing 5-11 any day. At the end of the day, talk of tanking is pretty irrelevant because as things stand we are going to whether we want to or not!
  12. Exactly. Also, the players in 2017 are mainly ones who may struggle to get a contract elsewhere if they don't perform this season. They're not like players like Marshall, Revis etc who will always find a team based on reputation alone. The best case (realistic) scenario for me is that we have a good honest season where a couple of the rookies-2 year guys emerge as being very good players for the future and some of the 2-4 year guys like Enunwa and Williams really step up to the plate and show some leadership qualities. Even if that does happen we are still likely to have one of
  13. I know. Whoever drafted that contract clause must have had a great laugh
  14. What can Petty and Hack learn from someone who has played such little football? They'd be better off taking a punt on a late rounder QB surely? If they want someone to learn off, bring in a retired QB to coach them.
  15. Game of Thrones Season 7 My mates Stag Do Christmas
  16. He's hardly given Hack a ringing endorsement. He's only said he can see him starting a game. Maybe he's saying that Petty is so sh*t that even Hack may get a chance. Also if he had that much faith in the QBs, he wouldn't have asked to be released
  17. None of it matters because we all know that the Jets will sign a poor to average QB who will be good enough to beat the Bills at least once, the Browns and the Jags and one other (probably towards the end of the year) to place them in yet another no man's land draft position. The Jets are such a joke, they're crap at being crap.
  18. It used to be one of the few things we'd look forward to and watch "live". We went away to Italy in 2015 and even made sure we were in our room to watch the mid season finale. Now, it can be days before we can be bothered to watch it. Its always such a pity when all these great shows don't have a planned and clear ending in sight. Dexter was probably one of the worst endings to anything ever
  19. It's absolutely tedious. So far in this part of the season, nothing of note has happened. Certainly nothing that couldn't have been done in about 1/3 of the time.
  20. According to Wiki (I know, I know), Petty has more attempts and more completions than Daniel..
  21. I think it was a fair result. Obviously I'm biased but I thought we completely deserved it. Never a penalty and we hit the woodwork 3 times and had two cleared off the line. I like Burnley and think they've been great in the premier league this season. I've got a lot of time for your fans as whenever they're on talksport they're really fair and grounded compared to all the "big" teams fans. However, I was really disappointed with Burnley yesterday... appealing for the ridiculous penalty, constantly time wasting, Dyche's ridiculous comments after the game... Anyway... you'll stay up w
  22. Anyone else watch this? I know it's getting more popular on your side of the pond. @BurnleyJet - What did you make of yesterday's game?
  23. I love this show but it's absolutely tedious at the moment. The odd exciting episode in amongst 4 or 5 of filler where nothing very much happens. I get that they're exploring some of the back stories and setting things up and that is kinda cool but it's a much better show when there's some tension involved. It's like a bloody soap opera at times ATM...
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