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  1. My first sporting love was rugby and I probably started watching it in September 1992 when I was 7 going on 8. The team I watched, Swansea, were one of the top 3 or 4 teams in a league where all the teams were probably located within a 70 mile radius and as such, we'd watch them home and away, every single week. They started the season on fire and had won every game for the first 3 months - that first defeat (inflicted in the last minute of the match) absolutely killed me! I don't think I spoke for about a day. Since then, sport has been mainly heartbreak and disappointment. As
  2. I thought Petty looked ok yesterday. He's inexperienced and playing in a terrible team who are low on confidence. I know SF are awful but everyone's gotta start somewhere, right? I'm not sure many QB would have come into that side yesterday and excelled themselves.. IMO to come back from that horrible pick so early on in the way that he did, hopefully says a lot about his character. I know he wasn't perfect but a lot of players with far more experience than him may have crumbled under the pressure. Its clear that the Jets are currently a considerable distance away from being a playof
  3. People are going to be devastated if/when it turns out that Petty is terrible too
  4. That's why I don't understand why it's argued about so passionately. How can someone get so worked up over a debate about which QB is marginally crapper than the other?
  5. Wouldn't the '85 bears all be in their 50s and 60's now? Surely we'd have had a chance if we were playing them? I'm not saying we'd have won but to write us off totally is pessimistic in the extreme
  6. No thats Scotland. Wales is where we interfere with sheep
  7. I chose the Jets as I wanted to see a game when we were visiting New York and they happened to be playing so it went from there. Theres also that element of masochism in me too. What's the point in supporting a team that wins every week?
  8. My dream of marrying Scarlett Johansson isn't over! It was always going to be hard initially but I always said if I can get to 31 years old earning substantially less than her and being far less good looking than she is and then get myself to New York, there is a small chance. The dream is not over!
  9. I'm from Wales. I've never played before either and again would say I have very limited knowledge... this season I've watched games thinking "oh I'm surprised they've done that... then again, what do I know?"... then everyone criticises the decision. Madness
  10. Great trick play! Geno couldn't have executed that as well as Fitz did!
  11. You can usually tell within the first two drives what sort of a game he is going to have. Thank God I fell asleep halfway through the third!
  12. Oh I agree with you. My point is that even those who say he shouldn't be in the team won't say that any alternative is anything other than just "slightly better".
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