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  1. Unfortunately, I've come to learn that a lot of sports fans would rather be "right" on the Internet than see their team do well. Personally I prefer to look an idiot and see the player I criticise prove me wrong! And I still don't understand the criticism of Fitz. He's bringing to the table exactly what you'd expect from him (and someone with his career), if not more. On a sliding scale, he is positioned somewhere between "best option we had/have" and "there was maybe a cheaper/slightly better/development option than him". It's not a huge difference yet people go on as if we've turn
  2. No problem! I power napped through half time!
  3. Fantastic performance! Made it worth while waking up at 1:30am and staying awake until 4:45 before getting up again at 7! Night football kills UK fans!!
  4. ...and threw away 4 points with the boot.
  5. I can see that line of reasoning absolutely. However, there is probably another argument that throwing in Petty or Hack into a tough schedule, especially initially, may shatter their confidence and ruin them beyond repair. I suspect we'll see Petty start at least the last 5 or 6 games this season with little to no pressure on him, assuming we aren't in with a playoff shout. For now I think Fitzpatrick is a useful guy to have around
  6. I'm not sure you'll find many people who disagree with that but what other realistic options are/were there? For me, the biggest pity is that we finished the season well under Rex in 2014. Had we not done that there's a good possibility we'd have Winston or Mariota now. Unfortunately, Fitzpatrick really is the best of a bad bunch. All we can do is hope that either Petty or Hack develop or that if this season is a bad one, it's so bad that we can do something with a high draft pick...
  7. This must be the most boring and long drawn out saga in the history of sport. A bit like a "will they won't they?" romance between a couple of mingers
  8. Surely the reason why he should be paid as a starter is because if he signs, he'll be starting for the jets next season. This is the case irrespective of whether other teams want him to start for them or not. If other teams were queuing up for his signature then he'd presumably be asking for even more money than he is?
  9. and I guess that's fair enough if he is still a starter at that point. I've read a lot of assumption about him being back up from 2017 onwards but without any real justification as to why this will be the case.
  10. In fairness to Fitzpatrick, why would he accept back up money for 2017 when there's every possibility he'll still be a starter at that stage? We all hope that Petty or Hackenberg will become capable of starting for the jets sooner rather than later but it's hardly set in stone is it?
  11. I don't see what the issue is with finding some sort of middle ground with Fitz. Personally I don't see any other option that comes close to it. If they trade for someone and we are giving away picks, they'll want a big wage too and they'll be untested with the Jets... Same goes for trading up, although that ship has sailed now anyway probably. Going into the season with Geno is pretty much a waste of time and Petty would be a huge step into the unknown. The jets are currently holding a pretty bad hand and there's only so much they can do with it.
  12. Or D - he waits for desperation to set in when we don't draft anyone decent and he gets a two year deal on better money that's currently being offered.
  13. I guess any interest in Fitz and Hoyer can also be used in any negotiations to trade up the draft order. The more options the Jets are perceived to have, the better
  14. My (albeit probably quite uneducated) take on it:- The biggest problem in all of this Fitz/Hoyer/Geno etc debate is that the Jets don't have a great deal of (good) options. I guess it'll come down to what the lowest risk option will be. Personally I see that as signing Fitz again, albeit with some middle ground being found on salary and then hoping that Paxton Lynch is still on the board at 20. Alternatively, they could look to trade up (assuming that they can do so at a reasonable cost) for whichever one of Goff or Wenz the Rams don't take. If they do though then they are left
  15. How does the schedule, in particular the crazy start, affect the decision on Fitz and the QB in general? My view is that it's hardly ideal to throw a rookie into a run of matches like that. Even if they decide to go with Geno and not bother with Fitz it would be crazy to trade up in the draft now wouldn't it? Especially as there's a good chance that any 2017 picks they give away are potentially likely to be quite high ones. Apologies if this post is a load of rubbish, I'm still learning about the game
  16. How can a team start with 6 out of their first 9 on the road? That's ludicrous Cant help but feel they've been screwed over here
  17. There goes my chances of watching the Jets in NYC for a long time
  18. Not long until we find out for sure! It's nearly 1am here!
  19. Boo! How reliable are these leaks? The British football ones are never right!!
  20. Even on our NFL coverage they will go to the studio to discuss the game when they're showing commercials on US TV. You don't really notice the shirt sponsorship to be honest. I don't think I could tell you who sponsors half the sides in the Premier League. A Chinese company sponsors Swansea, I wouldn't even feel confident in giving their full name
  21. Oh absolutely. There are no commercial breaks once play starts, other than half time, obviously. There is also very little commercialism at the games themselves - not every aspect of the game is sponsored "the pre game warm ups brought to you by X Company" etc although this is creeping in a bit more now.
  22. It's been used in British football for 30+ years now. I'm amazed that it hasn't caught on in the NFL given how much more commercially aware it is.
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