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  1. Thanks mate. Lets hope it's the Jets then!
  2. Hello there Stupid question from a small town guy maybe but does the New York marathon have any impact on whether the Jets have a home game the same weekend? I'm visiting then and hoping to catch a game!
  3. No mate I don't. Bits and bobs but not properly. I'm from South Wales about midway across. It's spoken a lot the further west you go and also up North (although they speak a slightly different version). Speaking Welsh is getting quite fashionable now or at least getting your kids to is. A lot of non Welsh speaking parents are sending their kids to Welsh speaking schools these days. Don't know why!
  4. Just revisiting this post from over a year ago. I wanted to say that I was really sorry that the Jets missed out on the playoffs over the weekend and in such heartbreaking circumstances too. Swansea are having a bad season as well so my earlier optimism looks misplaced. Despite the ending, I really enjoyed watching the jets this season on TV over here and NFL Pass. I watched each of the last 5 games and stayed up until 3:30am to watch the win v the Cowboys - so many exciting games towards the end of the season even if ultimately they meant very little. I honestly thought they were going to d
  5. I'm a ST holder at Swansea so saw our game back in August. You reminded me very much of us during our first season in the prem. All very nice but no real cutting edge. We got lucky insofar as Danny Graham had a couple of good runs of scoring form as did Gylfi Sigurdsson when we signed him on loan in the January. Hopefully someone can do the same for you. What brings someone from Burnley to a NY Jets forum then?
  6. Thank you. Clarets doing ok so far. Get Ings and Vokes back together and they have a chance
  7. Yes - http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyril_the_Swan Back in the days when we were rubbish he was probably the most entertaining thing about watching us. He's slowed down a bit since they introduced his wife Cybil unfortunately. My favourite story was when he attended a misconduct hearing in full costume (all 7ft of it). Cyril, his "translator" and a bunch of old guys in suits sat in a room discussing his behaviour. Brilliant. This game sums up Jonjo Shelvey - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24012560 That said, at least he apologised to the fans and didn't swear at them as he
  8. Unfortunately not - he spends more time in your side of the pond I should imagine
  9. What did you think of Cardiff? Sporting wise they're our big rivals. It's actually where I live though as I moved here 2 years ago. It's a pretty good place to live, especially amongst all their fans given our success over the last few years. I know right! But then again at least you've watched the Jets lose to good teams with excellent players in. We've spent most of the last 20 odd years losing to dross. And you get cheerleaders which we don't generally get. Those teams in the lower leagues with cheerleaders well all I can say was that the quality of the girls matched the quality of th
  10. Hello everyone from Wales (part of the UK and no, it is NOT in England) I've recently got into the NFL (American Football as we call it here) and given the fact that the first ever live game I'm seeing is in the MetLife in December vs the Dolphins, I've taken the Jets in as my team. Is that the only reason though? No it's not. Part of the reason why I have taken a shine to them is reading these forums and seeing the absolute and utter despair you guys have with them. It's also down to the hapless errors they seem to make and Geno Smith being pretty much identical to one of my football (as
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