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  1. Yet that was "hitting a defenseless receiver" on Shazier.
  2. TheMagicRat

    Chan retires, 5 coaches fired.

    Maybe Shipp was one of the coaches that ripped Hack?
  3. TheMagicRat

    Let's Get Wade in Here as the New DC!!!!

    +1. Phillips would be an excellent hire.
  4. TheMagicRat

    QB USC Sam Darnold's play at Rose bowl

    Carson Palmer.
  5. TheMagicRat

    Report: Jets’ Bowles to Return in 2017

    I am not saying you're wrong, but do you have a link for this?
  6. TheMagicRat

    Report: Jets’ Bowles to Return in 2017

    If the report is true, Bowles needs to make major changes to his coaching staff...specifically on the defensive side. Please do not hire any first time DCs. Maybe bring in Pagano if he is let go.
  7. TheMagicRat

    Fitz to Start; Hack # 2

    Very true. I remember when Carson Palmer sat his full first year. Imagine if that happened today? The coach wouldn't even last a season. lol
  8. TheMagicRat

    Fitz to Start; Hack # 2

    I think your last paragraph is an interesting point. More fans and media expect QBs to be ready as soon as they come out and if they aren't, they are busts. Since more and more colleges use the spread offense, wouldn't it make more sense for QBs to be allowed a year or two on the bench to learn a NFL offense?
  9. TheMagicRat

    Rex Ryan fired

    It's been awful there's no disputing that. I try to be a patient man and not jump to conclusions but I don't really see much that Bowles brings to the table and we're currently playing below our talent level. I would not be upset if he is let go on Monday.
  10. TheMagicRat

    WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY is Fitz starting ?

    A pink slip for Bowles?
  11. TheMagicRat

    Would YOU fire Bowles?

    Sorry if this was already posted, but what did he say?
  12. TheMagicRat

    Bring back Rex

    Glad to see playing hard got them to an 8-8 and a 7-8 record. Did you see the tackling against Miami? The Jets job shouldn't be to find a coach better than Bowles...it should be to find a good head coach.
  13. TheMagicRat

    Rex Ryan fired

    I appreciated what Rex did here but he is nothing more than an average head coach that should be a DC or DL coach somewhere. BTW there were some people who said all Rex needed was a good offense...well they are 7th in the league in points scored and the Bills are 7-8. The defense has been a major let down.
  14. TheMagicRat

    Gus Bradley Fired

    I would prefer Chuck Pagano as new DC if he gets fired (and Rodgers is let go).

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