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  1. Looks like every team in the AFCE has it tough...makes this division the one to watch. Whoever comes out on top is dangerous...
  2. Anyone think it could be possible that the Packers may be fed up enough with Rogers sh*t that they may have chosen just to bite the bullet and not trade him? They are gonna suck no matter what this year...maybe keeping him and his salary would give them a legit tank for #1 draft pick next year... Anywho...next year appears to be the draft for Qb's...
  3. Well Brady is officially a free agent today....lol
  4. The remainder of his contract is $12.5 million fully guaranteed...He's making a lot more because he doesn't have to pay the 13.5% cali state tax now that he's in FL....
  5. Who knows...but in the end it really makes no difference...Everyone knows the dude loves him some him...
  6. BS...the Jets are dealing with a true knuckle head QB...Yea one of the best all time...but he knows it! I still think he's going to be hosting Jeopardy this spring...
  7. Sheeeezzz...the fins aren't going to mortgage there future away for AR...lol As hard as it to believe...Tua is a really good QB and a leader on the fins... Next year is gonna be fun...
  8. I know...most of us grew up in trailer parks, because our grand parents from Brooklyn sold there sh*t to move south to Florida... I only come here because my drunk uncle Jonny was a jet fan...lol
  9. How much does the entire jets offensive coaching staff salary cost?... Welcome to your new staff...AR....
  10. As a fin fan I'm hoping Rodgers to the Jets happens...I think the Jets deserve to have a couple of good seasons and he will bring that. Life's good...this will make the AFCE a blood bath...lol
  11. I really think Carr to the Jets is a done deal. I'm thinking a 3 year fully guarantied contract and that giving a couple years before having to pick up ZW's 5th year...
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