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  1. If the Jets end up with the #1 overall pick Darnold wont be worth a ham sandwitch...
  2. Fitz plays with passion...that spreads to the rest of the team.
  3. The fin's are building for the long term. https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article245551765.html
  4. A QB that is over 69% over 700 yards with 6TDs and No Picks through 2 games...
  5. His 4 favorite's with the fin's were...run left...run up the middle...screen pass...punt on 4th and 3.
  6. I truely believe Morgan is very similar...both have that killer drive...
  7. Play against the 9ers practice squad...more out with injuries on the 9ers than Ive ever seen.
  8. Almost as good as SAR1's lock last week.
  9. 49ers: 35 Jets: 24 I think the stink on sunday was emberrassing to the jets...they will look better and it will be closer...and Darnold will have a good game.
  10. And everyone thought the fin's were tanking last year.
  11. The Jets will draft Lawrence this year and trade Darnold to the 9er's to take the over hyped jimmy G's place.
  12. Darnold is closer to Rosen. If you swapped Rosen for Darnold in yesterdays game I don't think you would have seen much difference. Right now neither have the moxie to be FQB's.
  13. I think before its over you will be very pleased with Morgan.

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