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  1. They are saying more heads to roll...wonder who's next?
  2. I know most don't like a fish fan like me on this forum...but this thread is one of the reasons I come here. JetNation has some of the best posters/personalities on NFL forums. Fins up!
  3. Fins still have a first round pick..its the 49rs. They also have the most $ in cap space next year as of now.
  4. Yes. the jeremy was talking about small QB's behind bad OL's...
  5. Yea and everyone want Watson...one inch taller than Tua and slighter build and 10 Lbs lighter. Also with 3 knee injuries.
  6. Fin's have one of the worst OL's in football...unfortunately Brisket could be next.
  7. I follow all AFCE teams but I really enjoy this forum because of the personalities here...but I have a special place in my heart for the Jets. As a child I learned so many new words listening to my drunk uncle johnny from Brooklyn... screaming at his 19" black and white TV as he cheered for his Jets.
  8. The fins just beat them at home with an oline just like the jets...plus missing there starting LT. So a team with what many on here believe to be a bust QB and marginal oline beats them in their house why can't the jets?
  9. No... I'm simply implying that this game, along with the next several will tell you where you are.
  10. No way. This is a young team with a quality coaching staff, 7-10
  11. The Pats brought is a ton of new players in free agency just like the Jets did! What I'm saying isn't ridiculous...it comes down to coaching and it's a divisional game.
  12. The next game will be telling. 2 rookie QB's going head to head in a divisional game.
  13. Picking the Panthers in survival pool...being if I dont get eliminated, I'll get them out of the way.
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