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  1. This thread is incomplete without nyjunc's Sanchez passion...lol
  2. Full Details Of Trevor Lawrence’s Rookie Contract Are Out (msn.com)
  3. What did Marino have? Like a 6...how'd that work out?
  4. Or 6...I'm sure their are a few of those still out there.
  5. The Jet's will be much better this year...just getting rid of Gase should improve the offense alone. I see this as a similar rebuild to the Fin's. I see at least 7 wins if not more. AFCE is gonna be a tough division for years to come.
  6. Think about Fuller next to Gesicki on one side of the field and Parker next to Waddle on the other side of the field. How will safeties be able to stop that? Both safeties will have to focus heavily on Waddle and Fuller at all times because they can score at any moment from anywhere on the field. Safeties having to play deeper to prevent the bomb should help the fin's running game too. That's one less body that defenses can use to stack the box. Safeties focusing on preventing that deep ball will also give Gesicki and Parker a lot of one on one chances too which they can handle because of thei
  7. Rumor is that Jax has several players who want circumcision's...
  8. Hell yea...this is why I come here!
  9. Looks like a top pick in his stable of 8...
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