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  1. You need to find someone with a ton of cap space. I say you will need to give up a draft pick probably around a 3rd...and hope to get a 7th back.
  2. With the contract Bell has the Jets would probably have to give the team trading for him at least a 3rd round draft pick. He'll stay a Jet.
  3. If BB gets suspended for the year next year...what do you think their record would be?
  4. jets have a much more talented roster but fins have superior coaching. Fins 32 Jets 10
  5. When gase was the fins head coach his OL always sucked...damn near got their QB killed every week. He sucks at picking offensive coaches in general...you need a good OL coach.
  6. Bell looks like a tank to me yesterday...he sure seemed slow to me.
  7. He wont clear wavers...I think the fins pick him up at 4.
  8. Not going to happen unless they fire this coaching staff. You're not going to see the dolphins in any big name free agent signings next year...they are trying to build a strong young core players. Not sure they want Tua either.
  9. Fake spike game. You guys see it, its all about coaching. I was surprised when the jets went after Gase but understand he still had that possibility on the next young whisper that all owners are looking for.

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