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  1. Fins have a ton of cap space they have to use. They are goona play big in free agency on OL which is going to drive the cost up for the rest of the league.
  2. Not taking anything away from Sam...but have you ever seen him scramble around and make the kind of plays mahomes did yesterday? Mahomes lifted that team helping get guys open.
  3. What is crystal clear to me is how good Mahomes is...he is why they are so successful! Put any other QB on that team and they may score 1/2 the points they do now.
  4. Gase likes dink and dunk game plans... RB’s don’t fit his systems.
  5. I think it’s going to be difficult for any team in the AFCE to get 8 wins this year.
  6. Fitzmajic was the the beginning of the end! Now he’s going to KC to beat that war drum.
  7. He’ll retire, maybe run some of krafts key west bath houses for a couple years then come back as the pats GM. His first move will be to fire BB and hire McDaniel’s after the pats next 2 losing seasons.
  8. Bell would do great in Miami with there new OC.
  9. Chan Gailey is Justin Herbert’s godfather.
  10. he's being brought in to groom the next years OC Jerry Shuplinski.
  11. Stability is good...hope the Jets keep Gase for the next 20 years.
  12. Damn good comparing the Jets to Walmart...lol
  13. You need to find someone with a ton of cap space. I say you will need to give up a draft pick probably around a 3rd...and hope to get a 7th back.
  14. With the contract Bell has the Jets would probably have to give the team trading for him at least a 3rd round draft pick. He'll stay a Jet.
  15. If BB gets suspended for the year next year...what do you think their record would be?
  16. jets have a much more talented roster but fins have superior coaching. Fins 32 Jets 10
  17. When gase was the fins head coach his OL always sucked...damn near got their QB killed every week. He sucks at picking offensive coaches in general...you need a good OL coach.
  18. Bell looks like a tank to me yesterday...he sure seemed slow to me.

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