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  1. My 2 cents is you don't have to sack the QB to win but putting pressure on him will cause throws to be off target or thrown too soon. The other key is have an offense that can march down the field and keep the opposition offense on the bench.
  2. Playing not to get hurt. There is no excuse for not giving max effort. If you are hurt then sit your butt on the bench.
  3. I’m not sure the Jets can win against any one of the top 4 college teams. The new GM has his work cut out for him, yes I do believe both Bowles and Mac are gone.
  4. The idea that any big body can play in the o-line is false. Have to blame the GM for not getting quality o-line people. The group of receivers as a whole scare no one. The NFL is a throwing league which requires the o-line keep the QB vertical and WRs that get separation.
  5. Peteo

    classless cousins

    I don't have a problem with Cousins using the Jets offer to get more from the Vikes. Any player in the NFL know their next game could be their last so I see nothing wrong with getting as much as they can when they can. Cousins also went to a team that he feels stands a better chance of making the playoffs then the Jets. I can't blame him for that either. I am glad the Jets didn't get him and got Darnold.
  6. Peteo

    Jets + 3 vs Vikings

    The Vikings and Bears games will tell us just how good this Jets team is. I would love to see the Jets win both but will settle for a split. Don't even want to think about the third possibility.
  7. I am not saying the Browns are better then the Jets but last night the Brown offense and defense outplayed the Jet offense and defense. Baker Mayfield looked pretty darn good. We shall see how he and Sam progress.
  8. Peteo

    Who is leading the QB race?

    It is way too early to tell who is the #1 qb and it really doesn't matter. Will get a better feel after a preseason game or two.

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