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  1. I had a feeling this was going to happen. It could change in the second half but I doubt it.
  2. I see another L coming. If oline isn’t fixed in the off season somebody should get fired
  3. The Pats D dominated the Jets offense pure and simple.
  4. I think drafting Tua is a DUMB idea. Get Sam a good O-line and better receivers and lets see how that shakes out.
  5. Bell currently has a 2.9 yards per carry average with a long of 13 and zero TDs. Those are hardly great numbers. I have to believe a FB could only help especially with the O-line the Jets have.
  6. I don't see the Jets winning more then 3 games and that maybe hard for this team.
  7. I believe you are being too optimistic
  8. I have to see Jones in more then one game before I would say he is the best in NY.
  9. When our offense puts up all of 17 points in 3 games you know you have problems. The o-line play has been horrible as well as the play calling. If the o-line is not addressed in next years draft then we know for certain the front office is being run by idiots.
  10. Is the Jets Oline that bad or is the Browns defense that good? I think it fair to say the O-line is that bad. I also don't think there is any quick fix coming.
  11. The offense can’t get anything done. I will be very surprised if they score anything.
  12. Once in camp any player has to earn his spot on the roster. Polite did nothing to earn his spot. Where he was drafted has nothing to do with it IMHO.
  13. My 2 cents is you don't have to sack the QB to win but putting pressure on him will cause throws to be off target or thrown too soon. The other key is have an offense that can march down the field and keep the opposition offense on the bench.

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