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  1. I'd like to think we did but the truth is only time will give a true answer.
  2. I will say this about the RBs: for them to excel the oline plays a big part of their success or lack of.
  3. Leadership really matters. I served in the infantry in Vietnam. My first CO was absolutely fantastic when we got into firefights. His replacement was only interested in keeping himself alive. Captains were supposed to only be in the field for 6 months but my first one stayed for 9 because he wouldn't ok his replacement until he had to. A HC has to know how best to use his players in a game to get the win. The players have to trust the HC that he does know what he is doing.
  4. In the grand scheme of things this matters not. In the future Zack may be more open to such things as a good bit of his salary comes from the fans whether he realizes that or not.
  5. Good article. If Zack ends up a bust I don't believe it will be from a lack of effort.
  6. The nee ds of the Jets are many. My take after QB is pass rusher, OL, CB, WR, then best available at position of need.
  7. For 22 women to make an allegation against DW then I believe there is something to it. Whoever trades for him have to realize what they are getting besides his football talent. I have think that would not play well in NY.
  8. I understand the dislike of Brady but every team in the league had multiple chances to pick him in the draft. My question is what did Belichick see that no other GM did?
  9. I would think Saleh is watching video of Sam to provide input to JD as to who he would prefer at QB. Can only hope the FO makes the right choice to build a winning team.
  10. The only opinion that matters is the Jets front office and what they deem best for the club.
  11. I think with the lack of scoring that the Jets had this season I go OL first. Making holes for running backs and giving the QB time to get through the progressions is paramount.
  12. Taking a QB with the 2nd pick has zero guarantee he will be any better then what you have. I prefer they build the OL and WR
  13. My question is why has no Ohio State QB had any success in the NFL? True Fields could be the first but when I watch him I see Terrell Pryor all over again.
  14. Both Lawrence and Fields could stay in school for their senior season if they don't care to play for the team that probably draft them.
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