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  1. I hope he brings some discipline to this team! My biggest frustration with Bowles was the stupid boneheaded mistakes and penalties that destroyed plays both on offense and defense. It was like the players knew they had a free pass. One thing I always miss about Parcells was his scowl when someone did something stupid and had to walk past him to the sideline. That alone could add a few wins to this season.
  2. My impression from this interview is he's a good kid and just needs some guidance. Really coming around on this pick for a third rounder! I'm going to root for him!
  3. This definitely picks up on the pointy shoulder stripes! It's crazy that "professional" designers couldn't do this.
  4. Anyone have a calculation of what's left in the kitty after these signings?
  5. I used to provide cell phones to the Jets back in the 90s and after a few times he got to know my face and would wave me through. He was a character for sure with his uniform and trooper hat. R.I.P. Harry.
  6. Parcells took a 1-15 team and went 9-7 the following season. 'nuff said!

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