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    It starts with talent

    Parcells took a 1-15 team and went 9-7 the following season. 'nuff said!
  2. Sam-o-nella works with the Gang Green theme. Choose your affliction 🤕
  3. Sam Bam, Bam Bam Darnold, Bam Bam Sam....
  4. jetfan61


    Wrote a song about it... Like to hear it... Here it goes..
  5. Could have been Barkley 1 and Giants might have taken Darnold 2. Very plausible
  6. Amen Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  7. +1, Bowles was supposed to be the anti Rex and not allow players to slack and freelance, i.e. instill some discipline. He lost me after the KC debacle. He should have had some players walk home after that game. Mistakes like we saw last week in year three if this defense are totally unacceptable.
  8. In this day of qb injuries I doubt he's "stashed" as a #3. If a team can afford the luxury of 4 qb's on the 53 man roster, I could see your point. As I've said before, a gm will need big balls to sign a Jets castoff to the 53. More likely the ps and we can always steal him back. Hell, maybe some other team's coaching can help him.
  9. Yes I agree we need a third qb but he is not on our team yet. Sign another guy that has some upside and see where it leads. Hack is NOT getting signed to an active roster and IF he's on another PS we can always sign him back.
  10. So after watching another underwhelming performance against a scrub defense we shouldn't waste a roster spot on him. I say cut him and if someone has the stomach to sign him to their practice squad than so be it. If not give him some time on our ps and he'll be safe from poaching because nobody will sign him the their active roster. On a side note, I believe Petty is tbe sure #2 and they didn't want to risk further injury tonight so he sat.
  11. Listen, its not like he's a top ten pick. I don't think Mac gets a ton of heat, in fact it may look like a good move if he gets him on the ps. If not he's showing that he's not going to force the issue because of draft position. Id respect him more if he does what's right for the team rather than protect him only because its "his" pick.
  12. I'm playing GM here so hear me out. Unless Hack parts the Atlantic Ocean tonight, we cut him. Call me crazy but I'm thinking NO other GM will have the balls to sign him to their roster just from a PR perspective. After the cut downs we re-sign him to the practice squad and pick up another decent QB prospect for for active roster (maybe even go through a couple of prospects). Im sure a better young QB will get caught up in the numbers game and shake loose. The worst case is he gets signed elsewhere and I for one won't lose any sleep over it.

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