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  1. So Zach has to add a (Z) to his name on his jersey now..
  2. We did a day trip with the kids 8/21/2001 to Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty and the WTC, went to the observation deck. On 9/13/2001 I stood in the plaza as the search for survivors was still going on. Still affects me...
  3. Thanks for making me almost choke laughing [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  4. I'm good with this... Sam starts the season and plays until he proves he's good or bad. Win win
  5. 6. Allows drafting a player at that position and gives time to develop (build through the draft). Don't forget that the player's still in a contract year and will be motivated.
  6. I thought Curtis Martin was a free agent signing with a poison pill that NE couldn't match...
  7. Sam can't concentrate down the field and look at his pocket for fear of getting Mack trucked by the defense at the same time. This game is more than the QB carrying the team. My case is look at what Parcells did with Vinny... He was a total bust until he was on a TEAM that EVERYONE DID THEIR JOB around him! If the jets were a high wire act, Sam would have been dead a long time ago. There's no way to judge him until a team is built around him and functions at a competent level. Trevor wouldn't be any better with this garbage around him. Sad!
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