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  1. I have to say... I hate the Dolphins more than the Patriots! I'll NEVER get over the Mud Bowl.
  2. Condolences to you and your family my friend. I can relate as my dad lost his battle with cancer in December 2010. He was a huge Jets and Mets fan and he took his last breath with the Jets game on the TV in his room, losing to the Dolphins. But, the Jets went on to another run to the AFCC game. I really thought he was pulling strings up there. 😇
  3. A year... IN JAIL! Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  4. He took his wife out with the money the JETS paid him... The emergency was his safe full of money the JETS paid him was jammed... I have a feeling this crap has been going on for a while with many players that GOT PAID! It's part of the culture change that needs to take place. The team may have had specialist there to treat him and he doesn't show TWICE! Do you think the Patriots would stand for that? I side with the Jets here.
  5. We need to get a competent back up QB (not named Trevor Siemian) ASAP. Without one, you're playing Russian roulette in this league! That three game stretch brought back memories of 1999 after Vinnie went down.
  6. I was thinking that today... Wasn't highly regarded, lanky, questionable arm, blah blah blah blah blah. He does have that steely look in his eyes like nothing distracts him. Hey, it's happened before right? 🐐
  7. What I think he's trying to articulate...
  8. Agreed 110% Like most of us fans who work for a living, fear of losing your job is a great motivation. I'm all for heads rolling and showing incompetence, selfishness and laziness will not be tolerated! If this season purges the the perpetrators and we end up with a losing record, than so be it! Last year's losing was one thing BUT watching the same crap week after week was torture.
  9. Wow! Wasn't he the 2nd rounder after Keyshawn... Memories
  10. KRL Reports, a Jets Fan's rite of summer! Much thanks!
  11. I hope he brings some discipline to this team! My biggest frustration with Bowles was the stupid boneheaded mistakes and penalties that destroyed plays both on offense and defense. It was like the players knew they had a free pass. One thing I always miss about Parcells was his scowl when someone did something stupid and had to walk past him to the sideline. That alone could add a few wins to this season.
  12. My impression from this interview is he's a good kid and just needs some guidance. Really coming around on this pick for a third rounder! I'm going to root for him!
  13. This definitely picks up on the pointy shoulder stripes! It's crazy that "professional" designers couldn't do this.

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