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  1. jetfan61

    I submit, I am back "in" on the Jets

    Anyone have a calculation of what's left in the kitty after these signings?
  2. I used to provide cell phones to the Jets back in the 90s and after a few times he got to know my face and would wave me through. He was a character for sure with his uniform and trooper hat. R.I.P. Harry.
  3. jetfan61

    It starts with talent

    Parcells took a 1-15 team and went 9-7 the following season. 'nuff said!
  4. Sam-o-nella works with the Gang Green theme. Choose your affliction 🤕
  5. Sam Bam, Bam Bam Darnold, Bam Bam Sam....
  6. jetfan61


    Wrote a song about it... Like to hear it... Here it goes..
  7. Could have been Barkley 1 and Giants might have taken Darnold 2. Very plausible
  8. Amen Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk

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