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  1. Kerley SIGNS with Jets

    So let the Jets just continue to give away field position and worse on ST's just to sign JK? You have to be kidding us here
  2. Kerley SIGNS with Jets

    I agree about Peake. If you cannot return a kick/put you better be able to stop the other guys. ST's has been an atrocity on both sides for too long.
  3. Is it wrong?

    Maybe I am wrong but I am under the impression that Macc gets the groceries.
  4. Injuries make bad teams even worse. The Jets are a terrible team
  5. Is it wrong?

    Bowles did not sign him for $6MM
  6. I think Peake is a keeper. Cutting him makes the ST worse than what it already is. Since we have no return game, you had better be able to the return game.
  7. Nice Petty article

    It was easy to see that the game has slowed down for Petty. His confidence is much higher. When he came in against the Giants you could see his confidence and the way that the team picked up the tempo. As I stated I nature thread the pass to BP was a thing a beauty and BP knew what to do with it. Right now he may just be the best QB on this extremely weak roster. He may not have all of the experience that McCown has, but his intensity and drive looked way higher from the view I had.
  8. Victor Cruz is available

    No longer has the burst to separate from DB's
  9. another view of trade

    That draft pick makes this a crap shoot. Sure it is more than they would have obtained in a FA walk by SR, I agree. However you have Macc choosing the groceries around here and his selections are questionable. Good trade by the Jets here. Still so many mishaps by this GM that it may not mean much and could be worse if the draft pick is not good. Furthemore, the Jets were not able to retain SR who is a better player than Mo. If viewed in a vacuum good; in reality idk.
  10. Sheldon Traded

    How much time left on JK's contract?
  11. Jets Shopping Sheldon...Again

    NYJ Logic.....I just do not see how Macc can be retained. His rosters are so unbalanced; over paid FA's, log jams at positions, putrid offense, no Speedy PR, NO QB even with a ton of cap space. His plan is hard to follow and this team is a complete disaster. He is over matched at his position
  12. Jets Shopping Sheldon...Again

    ....and some here think that this GM is doing a good job. His body of work is indefensible
  13. Jets Shopping Sheldon...Again

    Bozo's as GM's do this type of work....
  14. This Isn't "Sexy" But ...

    Having a cripple again at LT does not help
  15. Starting McCown at QB is pure ineptitude. This is Bozos run things
  16. We need a GM who can put together a TEAM. Not just pick players. The roster is so unbalanced that there is no way to win. Even ST players cannot make a fair catch. I would prefer Kerlley over the scrap heap of returners
  17. This is worse than Idoitzik. I agree with you. This is the best season to blow this up again. High draft picks. Lots of dough. The Jets can get a FA QB, an Edge Rusher, mo on from Mo, draft a 1st round QB that has a chance to win the job long term
  18. The Offense is canned goods. No fresh groceries to win with. The GM is clueless
  19. Jets "IT" Video

    I still hate the Dolphins....lol