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  1. NYJ Logic......Imagine some here think Macc should pick the next QB too...smh
  2. NYJ logic...go figure. Even N Tesla would fail
  3. Petty has certainly earned the starters spot. He is the best young QB on the Jets. He came from 3rd on the depth chart. He has earned the job
  4. Mauldin is another 3rd Rounder that should be traded
  5. TB and Macc do more damage to this team as many here see and post. Signing McCown for that money was a waste. I know that people compete against themselves but not bid against themselves. TtWICE. If Bowles names McCown the starter today I would not be surprised as he is the New $6MM Man and Macc may look bad. These two cannot win together it seems. All three should be cut if Petty is healthy and McCown is named the starter. NYJ logic is something that only is bottled at Florham Park.
  6. I agree with you here bro. Both of them are getting comfortable with Petty. I wonder how the other WR's will do with Petty like Peake and Anderson?
  7. That pass to Powell was a thing of beauty and BP knew what to do with it. Petty is the game 1 starter
  8. Bozo's. Please don't insult the idiots
  9. Would you trust Macc to select the next QB? No f'n way
  10. Three drafts and no speedy Pass Rusher. Still a log jam at DT. Big Money Mo. No bruiser at RB. NO QB!!!! OL in shambles...this after three drafts. Macc is over his head. The roster is STILL unbalanced. Even worse than Idiotzik. Clearly the O needed a younger veteran QB if the roster was going to purged like this. That QB could have carried the team a bit, 2/3 years while the other QB's develop. All this talk of th next draft is pathetic. The Jets FO has had three drafts to fix the problems left by Idiotzik and this is now a declared disaster. FEMA could not help the Jets.
  11. The thread topic is even a LOL
  12. Really? With this Bozo of a GM selecting the groceries in the draft and over paying for worn out FA's? How many UDFA's does it take to win a SB?
  13. The little black book is out on him already and he does not know how to make the necessary adjustments yet.
  14. Right now I don't rate Macc as the Professor type with the 3 rosters he has puked out
  15. Stewart can block well also. Thanks KRL
  16. The GM and his groceries....
  17. The WR position was pretty good and young then also
  18. Your statement is a clear display of your ignorance" This will haunt the NFL,” retired offensive lineman Willie Colon told Yahoo Sports. “This man took a stand on issues that are still affecting us. The crowd, which the Associated Press estimated as “more than 1,000 people” at the steps of 345 Park Ave., was a diverse group, featuring activists, NFL fans and Kaepernick supporters all advocating for and, to a degree, celebrating his message. https://sports.yahoo.com/colin-kaepernicks-nfl-status-may-not-matter-anymore-023234167.html
  19. Jets fans are so used to garbage at QB they want Bortles
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