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  1. It IS an American right to peacefully protest injustice. In a system that is performance based Kaepernick just proved how much BS that the NFL espouses. Goodell should be fired. He guessed wrong here.
  2. Lol....can't say that the O is prime cut though
  3. A massive crowd of supporters gathered outside the NFL headquarters in New York on Wednesday in a rally organized by multiple civil rights groups. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/08/colin-kaepernick-supporters-rally-nfl-new-york-anthem-protest-naacp-goodell
  4. The GM shops for the groceries. See what the Jets have?
  5. More evidence that Kaepernick is better than what is at the QB position now: http://nypost.com/2017/08/23/nfl-execs-admit-kaepernick-is-better-than-these-6-starters/ Kaepernick was the 28th-ranked QB overall, just behind Broncos signal-caller Trevor Siemian and Chicago’s $45 million man, Mike Glennon. Kaepernick outranked his successor in San Francisco, Brian Hoyer, Jacksonville’s Blake Bortles, the Rams’ Jared Goff, Houston’s Tom Savage, the Jets’ Josh McCown and whoever is the Browns quarterback (he outpaced Brock Osweiler, Cody Kessler and the unranked DeShone Kizer). Macc should be fired. He failed to bring in a more talented player at the QB position. And just think that about half of the QB's are not even available.
  6. I would understand your comments better if the Jets had better options at the QB position. They don't. The Jets are not even mediocre at the most I,portent position in the game, QB. You just cannot have your own facts.
  7. That is the point to get more talent at the position. Only the Jets don't do that. They sign QB's with bottom feeder resumes and expect to win with D. This has been for nearly 10 years now. I have seen enough of Macc. His failure to upgrade the position of QB is more than enough to get him fired. he has had 3 drafts to bring in a competent weapon at QB and has failed. You can say all the bad things about Kaepernick you. Only a certain segment of the audience believes that garbage. Kaepernick would be the best QB on the Jets since Favre. No doubt!!! Fire Macc now and get a real GM in here
  8. If you don't think the NFL will lose money over not signing these players, in particular Kaepernick just check out NFLHQ today at 5PM
  9. Get well and make the right decisions about your career and life Q
  10. Looks like Kaep's movement is growing so let them cut the whole league? What will it be after 4 weeks of the season? Brilliant
  11. NFL Career Leaders - Passing Touchdown/Interception Ratio http://www.footballdb.com/leaders/career-passing-tdintratio
  12. I hear you bro. It is just very cloudy right now. Hard to develop any QB or any other player on the O. The GM is clueless any way it shakes out. The only good part I see is the cap space next season.
  13. The mismanagement by the GM is evident. Even Namath has been quiet
  14. Funny how you missed the part where I said it was too late to sign Kaepernick now. Go back a few posts and educate yourself. It is better than cherry picking a point out of context.
  15. The issue here is that we are comparing CK to the lackluster, low quality QB's on the Jets. He is clearly more talented than any of the poorly, performing trio here. As for the HC, I would demand that Macc be fired ASAP or I would quit. A losing season right now will cause Bowles record to be much worse than it is currently. The HC cannot make a difference when the fielded product has such a low quality offense. Lombardi could not win here with this cast of NFL imposter QB's
  16. I disagree. Having SB and.3 NFCCG' player at QB means a lot more than what the abysmal Jets have now. Macc is inept. In 2 seasons Idzik was gone and he fielded better offenses than this.
  17. That team was worst than the Jets. Hyde and Kaep were all they had
  18. No matter. He is still an upgrade over every QB on this roster. He did not commit a crime.
  19. Where have you been? http://abcnews.go.com/US/nypd-officers-stand-unsigned-colin-kaepernick-amid-wave/story?id=49322390
  20. The Jets have the worst QB positioning in the AFCE. Kaepernick would have been an upgrade and maybe he still is. It is very late in the season for him. Macc should b fired as he entered this season with no realistic or potential quality QB. Hack has to play and he has no weapons. Just how do you groom a young QB without weapons? Didn't we just live that mess with Smith? this guy is an abomination. He is clearly over his head. There are no training wheels for the GM's in the NFL. I cannot trust him to daft the next QB. No way. Bring in someone with experience. He should have signed Kaepernick, bring in a few weapons through the draft and or FA in som sort of effort to put a competitive team on the field. Blame the OL, the QB, th running game, Bowles or anyone else. Macc is a loser and he has extended that to the highly imbalanced team that was on display Saturday evening.
  21. This scathing review is the straight truth. There is no way and nowhere to hide Hack
  22. I am with you. Three drafts and we have the worst QB Corps I the AFCE. No Speedy PR. No OL. A DL inflated at the DT position. I hope that Macc cannot choose the next QB. How could he come here and neglect the O? The best players on O are 5, 6, 7th rounders and UDFA's. He just cannot balance out a roster and over pays for sorry assed QB FA.
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