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  1. Jets at Lions fool. Hack did not elevate the players around him. That is what a good QB does. The team is not currently constructed for other players to lift the team. It is on the QB to do that. As I stated earlier this year the Jets have the worst QB Corps in the AFCE. They have clearly downgraded the position. Hack has no points in two games thus far. It is the QB's job to put points on the board. WTF did you watch? Don't take your anger out on me, I am way more than an Internet tough guy. If you are to quote me, be respectful.
  2. The QB performance was indefensible last nite. The Jets never had a chance. He has a loooooooong way to go at this level.
  3. One NFL Game is equivalent to ten Baseball games and two Basketball games
  4. Bro, these are very well produced productions. You're eye for detail is uncanny. Peake has improved his route running for sure. His TD catch was a beauty. I would like to see more of Harper. He looked good in his NYJ debut. i give Hack a C+ after reviewing your well appreciated efforts on the site.
  5. He deserves a look with at least the two's. Thanks and great work once again
  6. This effort is tremendous. Makes the site more pleasurable. No doubt that Hack has the arm strength. His mechanics have improved from last year. If the run game gets going he may be able to put points on the board. I think the Jets will be looking for RB in the next draft. Would be great if one is there
  7. That's funny. You start sh1t then find out how much more you have digested. Stop derailing the threads.
  8. Robby is tough. Don't let his slight build fool you.
  9. There are new Jets fans all the time. Some may have never heard or saw Hill play. You know everything though....smh
  10. This from Mr. Know it all...go figure
  11. He is better than Stephen Hill was at this point in Hill's career as a NYJ
  12. Hope he is the PR we need to increase the intensity of an already ferocious D
  13. As I stated in another thread, Robby Anderson is really, really good. The Jets look good at WR. This will be a stellar group going forward. Robby has been doing some work
  14. ST was up and down. Missed FG from 50+ and horrible punt. Good play by Peake as the gunner and Lac did hit some good ones. Good returns for a change also. Not Brad Smithesq, but an improvement. McD played well. I think that he is in his contract year. Skrine also played well. Good PD and nearly made an acrobatic interception. Also made some stops in the run game D. DD was fast and strong. Speaking of strong damn that Jordan Jenkins sack was a beauty. Ripped the QB down with a man draped on him with one arm. Lee could be better. Julian Stanford was unstoppable last night. Jets got beat deep a few times. It's going to happen in this league though. Still the D held it's ground then. overall the Pass Rush was real. In each quarter of the game, the Tenn QB's were under pressure. Leo is the Lion King, the New "El Rey" around here. No offense to Tito Puente. Run D was spotty. Saw Jenkins set the edge only to get no inside help a few times. 1st PS game though. Robby Anderson is really good. That was the Tenn number ones out there. Peake ran a nice route and was wide open on the TD. The run game needs some work. Holes were tough to see. Pass protection was excellent. overall I really like the D.
  15. I think he had one really ugly punt. 1st PS game.
  16. The lack of a consistent running game hurt him badly. The Jets could not sustain a drive while he was in there. He was OK which is a huge improvement
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