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  1. In the old days the Jets perfected that TE position with Caster, Barkum and then Shuler. It has slipped away since then. Even Pete Lammons could catch a few.
  2. I think that the GB Packers that year would disagree about Kaepernick being a difference maker that playoff game. IMO he made a huge difference.
  3. People change all the time. He paid his dues. If the Jets don't pay him another team will. The Jets will lose a unlit you player and may get a draft choice. The draft choice may not turn out to be anything either
  4. People in America today support Putin. Some think that the current POTUS does also. Where is the issue again?
  5. That does not mean he is not still committed. He has the right to alter at any time. You must have something against his freedom as an American
  6. Anti-American? Protest is how this nation became a union. Those protest helped bring about a war. A few wars for that matter.
  7. Futz never sniffed the playoffs more or less a SB. Get real with your argument bro.
  8. The Jets have been known to not being good businessmen. Look at the recent QB signings
  9. Americans who were against slavery were also against the government at that time. The government was wrong. Slavery was abolished after a brutal war. Kaepernick is against injustice and used this platform to display that. That is what patriots do. They sacrifice things up to and including their lives. You would think that the owners and GM's understand that. The silent majority may once again rule here in this case.
  10. I think that SR wants to win here with the Jets. He is absolutely the best 1st Rd pick from Idiotzik. Can't let him get away for nothing or trade him for cheap. If it comes to hi. Or Mo Wilk, I keep SR. He is also younger than Mo.
  11. Thanks KRL. Good to see Davis dong some work. Haven't heard much about Forte. Is he getting any reps?
  12. Won a SB with the Marcus Allen led Raiders
  13. Let's hope Claiborne is ok. Thanks KRL
  14. The NFL has an agenda. Can't say the same for you
  15. You must be an idiot. He is a SB QB. Got there in his 2nd season. Stop with the fake news already. JH taught him a lot.Basta
  16. Instant upgrade at the QB position. Could be late though as he would take many weeks to learn the O. Jets FO does too much stupid sh1t no matter who is in there
  17. Coples was selected over Jones. Then Rex moved Coples to OLB with his blazing 20.5 speed. One of the issues with BPA is it does not always allow for building a team. I think Macc did better this draft (slightly) in doing that. Those draft day trades could produce something yet. 17 drafts since Abe is just too long to not draft a real PR.
  18. With 15 at QB he needs to update his resume
  19. Thanks KRL. No news about Jordan Jenkins. I saw something about him not starting?
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