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  1. Baker Mayfield

    Am I the only one who thinks Mayfield is Philip Rivers with a stronger arm and better mobility?
  2. Soooo, the angle that shows Moore being lifted off his left foot, subsequently pressed by Wilfork to his right, and then into Sanchez, showing the exact moment of contact is no good for you. Instead you go with the angle that shows Moore being lifted off his left foot, completely obscures Wilfork doing what I originally pointed out, and relies on the viewer to infer the moment of impact. This is how you want to make your case? K.
  3. Wilfork may have not thrown him 5 yards, but he is clearly manipulating Moore, lifting and turning him directly into Sanchez. You can see Wilfork extending his arms in a press while doing it. Anyone that missed how this play unfolded is guilty of "follow the football" type of watching.
  4. Sure, why not. He is a coach, and he is coaching this year. There, it's been discussed. Next!
  5. For those of us who do not wish to hear this idiot speak, perhaps a synopsis? Thankee.
  6. Question For The Tank Crowd

    San Antonio Spurs say hi
  7. Sanchez was finished as a QB when Rex 1) brought in the Yankee guy to teach him how to slide, 2) made him follow that goofball red light green light strategy, and 3) had him keep tossing the ball around in Buffalo, in the rain, with all those INTs, while racking up franchise highs in rushing yardage. Everything that happened afterwards was just the sum of those "thought experiments" dreamed up by Rex. Undermine a naturally confident person's confidence you'll ruin the person. Not saying he would've been exceptional, but had the above not happened we would have wound up with a more than serviceable QB that plays better to your hypothetical scenario. As he ended up, no, we were better off cutting bait.
  8. Left-handed no less. I credit Rex for a lot of the team's success during that run, but I fault him more for the failures, which were more than able to be overcome by a better coach.
  9. Happy birthday, Maxman

    Happy Birthday, Maxman!! Have a terrific day!
  10. Namath used to fly in by helicopter to Quinnipiac from Broadway where he was performing to visit the campers at his and Dockery's football camp. I know, because I was there. Not sure why this is even a story?
  11. Powell Rasmussen Mawae Moore Hill Mangold was brilliant with his ability to almost always be in perfect position while utilizing excellent tactics early in his career, but was ruined when he went the 'bigger is better' route. Mawae was the premier pulling C of his generation, and it's not even close. Along with suspect draft picks, it's the main reason I'm so hard-pressed to name another OG to the list; the Jets didn't need one, their C got to the second level or outside the OT better than any of them. Please stop placing Brick ahead of Powell or Hill. The latter two are dominant HoF players who are guilty of having played for the Jets.
  12. Big Mac is a stand up guy

    Pffft, worse is getting cut whilst on family vacation. And on a log flume to boot!!! Hate the offseason, etc and so forth.
  13. That makes two of you then. Me? It's precisely for that reason that I think he is a greedy fool attempting to return to the well, and I expect it will fail in equally spectacular fashion.
  14. I don't get all the hoopla about including Toradol. It's an NSAID with the biggest advantage being it bypasses first pass since it's an intramuscular injection, thereby making it that much more effective.