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  1. Hitting someone riding a bike, especially in a bike lane, isn't necessarily something that typically warrants empathy/sympathy for the person who struck the cyclists. But hey, who am I to give you guys a hard time about misplaced responsibility?\ "He did absolutely nothingness(sic) wrong." No, he did something very wrong. He failed to take the privilege of driving a car responsibly, and now a family is without a patriarch.
  2. I'm allowed to ride on the road, I follow the rules of the road. Same should be for cars. No one is saying that you are advocating for that, so you are projecting or some other sh*t there. And this haunting them for the rest of their life is good, it's called life experience and perspective. Whether or not I've been distracted while driving isn't the point here. It's being distracted to the point that you aren't recognizing what is going on around you enough to make up for your distracted state. Again, I am hyper-aware as to what is going on around me; doesn't mean I am perfect, bu
  3. I'm an avid cyclist. Obviously you are not. I am HYPER-aware of what is going on around me while I am cycling as I am a bag of flesh riding around on a piece of plastic or aluminum. I am being passed, on average, at 30+ MPH by people riding in multi-ton, steel/aluminum vehicles. The victim-blaming assigned to the former of us (it was just an accident, they were distracted, etc) really needs to stop. There is a huge responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehicle, not the least of which is to do so in a safe manner. Your last couple of posts do nothing to fix the problem and only
  4. Yea, I have photographic evidence, but it was shopped in a not so safe for JN fashion, so I won't post.
  5. I am pulling for the best for you guys, Max. Not a fan of MSK, prefer across the street. I am hopeful that their willingness to treat is a positive sign and wish only the best.
  6. Like @Jet_Engine1 said, I've seen people start them on alert patients, scary stuff.
  7. That's not true. Hopefully the player recovers. The player could've suffered an arrhythmia and chest compressions were started unnecessarily or out of an abundance of caution.
  8. I was referring to being familiar with the overall concept, not specifically directed at you. But thanks for proving yet again that you're the most defensive, argumentative poster on the board. Have a good day I guess.
  9. Those who can't, teach? Surely you're familiar with that concept?
  10. You're so frigging milquetoast.
  11. Hopefully Metlife will be in the rear-view mirror in a few years. I know it's an old article, but it makes a lot of sense, way more than Metlife did. 2026 New Jets Stadium Ira Hernowitz Jan 12, 2020· There is no franchise in sports like the New York Jets. Uniquely, they have NEVER had their own stadium, which is unprecedented in major US sports history (now that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas). From sharing Shea to renting at Giants Stadium to their current 50/50 split of MetLife Stadium, this is the start of an identity crisis this franchise has faced outside of Joe
  12. I heard it starts around the same time as "Big Brother: The '90s Bad Band Edition."
  13. In that vein, Washington Hundys. Also, Generals. Totally works, but I'm sure the USFL/Trump association is too much for some to handle (silly).
  14. Yup! Don Shula was a straight up slimeball before Belichick got all the credit for being a slimeball.
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