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  1. It's like the Schrodinger's Cat of uniform reveals!!!
  2. Outside of going after Paradis and maybe an above average edge rusher, where else would the naysayers like to spend all of Mr. Johnson's money? The cap space is there, the core that needs to be built will come from the next two drafts by and large, so bring in Bell. It's a no-brainer.
  3. Jetworks

    Game Show: Name this Jet

    Are you drunk right now?
  4. Jetworks

    Game Show: Name this Jet

    Great! Aside from your adulation, what do I win?
  5. Jetworks

    Why did bill leave the jets

    Seems like a good topic. Subscribed.
  6. Jetworks

    Game Show: Name this Jet

    Lamont Jordan?
  7. I would so get a custom #75 with 'Adama.'
  8. Logo is excellent conceptually. I would've liked to seen it incorporated onto the helmet instead of the phail 80s logo
  9. Many speculated the cleats were for the Pro Bowl. I was not one of them. Green (and white, like the cleats) was worn with red jerseys in the form of a Jets helmet.
  10. The video from 1 Jets Drive shows a design board of past Jets logos and artwork; interestingly, also included are representations of the Knicks, Mets, and Yankees. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/one-jets-drive-creating-the-new-jets-uniforms Another thing I noticed was that Adams wasn't wearing the cleats he showed off prior to the Pro Bowl when playing today. So maybe they really were a hint of the upcoming color scheme?
  11. Jetworks

    Super Bowl III DVD??

    I have the Daily News LP of the game. Maybe ask @SAR I, he might have a DVD of it laying around, but you may not want to agree to his terms.
  12. Mawae was fantastic at pulling and getting to the second level, especially against 4-3 alignments. Mangold was a brilliant tactician and terrific at the point of attack. Both belong in the HoF, but since this is about Mawae, let's keep it that. Hopefully the voters don't slight him for having played for the Jets.
  13. Love the concept, would like it even more if it didn't remind me of the Eagles helmet though. Still, would not hate

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