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  1. Hopefully Metlife will be in the rear-view mirror in a few years. I know it's an old article, but it makes a lot of sense, way more than Metlife did. 2026 New Jets Stadium Ira Hernowitz Jan 12, 2020· There is no franchise in sports like the New York Jets. Uniquely, they have NEVER had their own stadium, which is unprecedented in major US sports history (now that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas). From sharing Shea to renting at Giants Stadium to their current 50/50 split of MetLife Stadium, this is the start of an identity crisis this franchise has faced outside of Joe
  2. I heard it starts around the same time as "Big Brother: The '90s Bad Band Edition."
  3. In that vein, Washington Hundys. Also, Generals. Totally works, but I'm sure the USFL/Trump association is too much for some to handle (silly).
  4. Yup! Don Shula was a straight up slimeball before Belichick got all the credit for being a slimeball.
  5. Look, I hope you're right here, I really do. I hope if the Jets do draft Wilson it leads to me actually seeing a SB (I'm 52 and missed being born for the last one by a week). That said, I feel that Darnold warrants another look with a better team and coaching staff. Would I be saying that if we had actually gotten the #1 pick? No, but that's not the case, and this team has more holes that need to be overcome past the skillset of a BYU late bloomer. JMO
  6. You cherrypicked some things he did badly (some of which is factually refuted in the breakdown), talk about viewing on a TV as opposed to watching game film, dismiss a professional-level breakdown, and end this rant with a childish parroting of my post. Thanks for making my point.
  7. How in the eff is that "anti-Wilson?" You literally said that it's all organizational criticism. EDIT- read some more of your posts, see that you are talking in generalities about Scott.
  8. This video has spoken more intelligently about football as a whole, and Darnold in particular, than pretty much any poster I have seen on here, self included. While the decision to keep Darnold can and will be up for debate, the argument for keeping him, from a football perspective, really shouldn't be. If you can't step away from this breakdown at least admitting that much, you're just an agenda-driven poster at this point.
  9. I think this is a fair take. I also think that viewed through that lens, it's probably closer to 70/30 for me to keep Darnold. Where he is in his contract coupled with this QB class certainly complicates things, but I still feel the best move is to keep him and build the team. From what I saw of Wilson's pro day, he and Darnold are very adept at making off-base, off-schedule throws. I admittedly haven't seen Wilson play much, so I gotta ask; how good is he in the pocket?
  10. All you have to do is use "Paste as plain text" instead of "Paste."
  11. Someone who was showing signs of being interesting in breaking down all-22s, but has become increasingly insufferable in his cherry-picking, obtuse trashing of Darnold in what is now an obvious attempt to influence management in moving on from him. POSSIBLY.
  12. I can guarantee you @SAR I will make outlandish demands to provide you with this jersey. PMs and pics may be involved, fair warning.
  13. I get your point, but as Jets fans it's not like we have a history of having anything approaching that.
  14. "There are a number of people in the league who feel it would be a mistake for the Jets to trade Darnold." But Jets are going to Jets, and the writers are going to encourage that behavior, because Woodrow. Got it.
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