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  1. This is about the only kind of thing that could get you banned at the Hampur. I really wonder what the hell goes through people's heads when they formulate(?) ideas like this. Is it just a random stream of consciousness or are there attempts to make a salient point?
  2. Jetworks

    Jets Announce Uniform Change in 2019

    When they switched to the current unis, I remember some pro or person on the team saying they stand out better on the field, much better compared to say, a green helmet.
  3. Jetworks

    KRL Camp Notes (7/30/18)

    Damn, he throws a pretty ball.
  4. Your observations wonderfully point out the problem with 'journalism' in this country. The writer disingenuously points out that McNeil "played 16 games in a season once. He ran for 1,000 yards twice. And he started more than nine games in a season four times in his 12-year career" while failing to note (as you did) that he participated in two strike-shortened seasons, one of which was only 9 games (the writer's threshold for games started) in which his season total easily eclipses the 1K benchmark. I hate having to 'research' and fact check such mundane stuff, especially when it' so obviously presented in a slanted manner. Kudos to you on calling it out.
  5. Jetworks

    Only two Jets picked in SI fantasy mock

    I'm devastated.
  6. Jetworks

    Episode 3

    I never noticed that he wore a brown tie to the draft. He had to feel a bit burned. I loved seeing his interaction with Allen, thought that really showed a side of him he doesn't let out very often.
  7. Jetworks

    Every NFL Logo Ranked: Jets 31st

    I suppose it's no coincidence that the bottom half is where all the "logos" that involved letters/words in them reside.
  8. And I'm sure you're equally affable to using any other minority epithet in your day to day life without fear of reprisal, amirite? Simple apology would've been the mature and respectful thing to do here, but hey, it's the Internet so low expectations. I reported your post, best I could do. Wish I could've done more.
  9. Love that you're taking someone to task for their perceived incompetence and poor decision making and you throw that out there. Ironic and classy all at once.
  10. Jetworks

    Sam Darnold, NFL draft diary

    Yup, I saw that too, No way he thought he was going later than #2. He said he had the green tie with him for the trip at his press conference, but I'm thinking someone made a quick run to Macy's for him, lol.
  11. My comments were centered on the segments of (favorable) instances in actual games. To say his technique is sloppy would be insulting to OL who actually have a semblance of technique. And I do not think the selection of the DL is a better risk, just that I was fully in favor of skipping over Brown. Thanks, I'll give that a whirl when the weather finally turns favorable.
  12. While I agree that Mac has been neglectful of the OL, passing on an out of shape, non-athletic OT with lazy technique is always a good decision.
  13. What about a current starter for a 3rd rounder? There has to be a solid OL guy out there who is a bit of a financial burden for a team out there that could fit under the Jets cap.
  14. I see your point. They're below average with or without him I guess.
  15. If they cut Winters it'll be average. With him, slightly below. He's incredibly unsound fundamentally, although he has improved since entering the league.