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  1. Tomlinson is a criminally underrated all-around back.
  2. I stopped reading at the byline "by Manish Mehta."
  3. If not mentioned already, you need decent players on STs, and it always helps to have one or two who are more than decent.
  4. Agreed. I've seen a few plays where he is so intent on dominating his opponent that he overblocks to the sideline, taking away a potential running lane. Of course, the RB and other OL share some responsibility there
  5. None of those are 'made', they actually were things that happened. But hey, I'm now on the NO EXCUSES bandwagon, because NO EXCUSES!!!! AMIRITE!?!?!?!?!?
  6. Got it. Some really keen insight there, thanks for setting me straight.
  7. But what if there are excuses? I'm only half-kidding here. What if players get hurt? What if there's another mono outbreak? Are those not legitimate excuses? Darnold will be fine as long as the coaching/playcalling is adequate and players who are relied upon to perform do so. Hopefully he will reach a point where he is good enough to mitigate some of those things should they fall short, but the guy is working with 1.5 seasons under his belt, under two different coaches, and a dearth of talent around him. Take a breath.
  8. If we are still going for need at WR, I'll settle for Claypool
  9. Pittman has a strong base and lean upper body, really like how he high-points the ball. I did the simulated draft thing twice and came away with him then Hennessy (who fits the OL scheme better than Cushenberry) in round 2.
  10. Lack of experience in pass sets, not a lot of classic technique on display, plays with short arms. I'm still optimistic as the above are teachable things, and the kid is a freak.
  11. First game I had attended in a VERY long time, but I insisted my partner from 9/11 and I go, glad we did. Amazing experience.
  12. Ooops, my bad. Must've blotted that from my memory along with all other things Kotite
  13. To be fair, he wasn't drafted by Parcells or similar "old school" type of coach.

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