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  1. Can we come off the ledge now?

    Duplicate post fail
  2. Can we come off the ledge now?

    Auchentoshan Three Wood. You're welcome. Nothing stopping you from making a drive-by posting or two. Our Pol/Sci forum is the free-for-all antithesis of Max' 'nothing good can come of this post' editorial style.
  3. Can we come off the ledge now?

    Whatever happened to that weirdo?
  4. Modz, please change title from "Can you develop players with a bad QB?" to 'Can you develop players with a bad Coach?' to more accurately address Larz's(z?) reasons. Thankya.
  5. Jeremy Bates?

    As with all things, it's relative. In this case, who provided the statement?
  6. Lol, good to hear. Stop by the Hampur one day and say hi to Ragu and the rest of the losers
  7. Josh Allen Did Very Well

    Says the black guy from the Hampur?
  8. Baker Mayfield

    Am I the only one who thinks Mayfield is Philip Rivers with a stronger arm and better mobility?
  9. Soooo, the angle that shows Moore being lifted off his left foot, subsequently pressed by Wilfork to his right, and then into Sanchez, showing the exact moment of contact is no good for you. Instead you go with the angle that shows Moore being lifted off his left foot, completely obscures Wilfork doing what I originally pointed out, and relies on the viewer to infer the moment of impact. This is how you want to make your case? K.
  10. Wilfork may have not thrown him 5 yards, but he is clearly manipulating Moore, lifting and turning him directly into Sanchez. You can see Wilfork extending his arms in a press while doing it. Anyone that missed how this play unfolded is guilty of "follow the football" type of watching.
  11. Sure, why not. He is a coach, and he is coaching this year. There, it's been discussed. Next!
  12. For those of us who do not wish to hear this idiot speak, perhaps a synopsis? Thankee.
  13. Question For The Tank Crowd

    San Antonio Spurs say hi
  14. Sanchez was finished as a QB when Rex 1) brought in the Yankee guy to teach him how to slide, 2) made him follow that goofball red light green light strategy, and 3) had him keep tossing the ball around in Buffalo, in the rain, with all those INTs, while racking up franchise highs in rushing yardage. Everything that happened afterwards was just the sum of those "thought experiments" dreamed up by Rex. Undermine a naturally confident person's confidence you'll ruin the person. Not saying he would've been exceptional, but had the above not happened we would have wound up with a more than serviceable QB that plays better to your hypothetical scenario. As he ended up, no, we were better off cutting bait.