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  1. If the Jets treated their interns better, maybe we wouldn't be talking about the Pats* and all their cheating.
  2. That's your sample size, a generational player playing for a notoriously bad franchise? and just how successful was Barry Sanders in overcoming bad coaching? Was he able to elevate his team to success? Not so much.
  3. "Good players can't overcome bad coaching." It's an axiom at this point.
  4. Because it's incredibly immature, passive-aggressive, and naive, despite his assertion that it's "a crazy business." If you recognize that enough to edit it into your original tweet (he did), then you should let the business side stay that way. My theory; Adams' agent put this battery in his back in the hopes that it would facilitate a trade. It didn't, it backfired, and this is their version of damage control.
  5. Well, someone obviously isn't telling the truth right now. Question is, who? Either way, the damage is done. Adams will not be on this team by the time the Jets first pick is in.
  6. Lol, ok preachy! You've literally done to me what Max just described in his first post; went through old posts of mine for the sole purpose of 'neg repping' me because I disagreed with one of your posts and buttfumbled it. Now, in the grand scheme of things I agree with you and feel the whole thing takes on a bit too much seriousness for some folks and winds up just getting silly. But I couldn't stand idly by here and let you proselytize like you're above the fray, because you're not.
  7. This seemingly is, but the OP couldn't be bothered including it in their copy & paste troll post: "Ninkovich laughs at the thought of Jets beating Patriots (2:37)"
  8. Too busy saving lives in the ER, sorry bud. Maybe next time
  9. I for one am shocked to not see @SAR I in here berating the season ticket holders who give up their tickets to rival fans.
  10. I bet you he's secretly in competition with Kel-bot. He just loves posting articles. All he needs now is an unhealthy obsession with a marginal sitcom.
  11. I would give Kalil another shot, but with Harrison next to him at guard in place of Winters. If memory serves, he was a swing player with the Colts before coming here? I say this because while I recognize that Kalil hasn't been particularly good, a significant reason for that (and any other C) is just how spectacularly bad Winters is; and it's not a physical thing, the guy has the tools. But he (and I've said this for years) struggles with some basic concept stuff that you shouldn't see at this level or time of service.

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