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  1. I for one am shocked to not see @SAR I in here berating the season ticket holders who give up their tickets to rival fans.
  2. I bet you he's secretly in competition with Kel-bot. He just loves posting articles. All he needs now is an unhealthy obsession with a marginal sitcom.
  3. I would give Kalil another shot, but with Harrison next to him at guard in place of Winters. If memory serves, he was a swing player with the Colts before coming here? I say this because while I recognize that Kalil hasn't been particularly good, a significant reason for that (and any other C) is just how spectacularly bad Winters is; and it's not a physical thing, the guy has the tools. But he (and I've said this for years) struggles with some basic concept stuff that you shouldn't see at this level or time of service.
  4. Wha? You just spelled it out. Darnold didn't have a whole lotta chances to set his feet and throw it downfield because he was getting flushed from the pocket too quickly.
  5. It was about the new Jets Anthem, but @FoxExperience stole his thunder.
  6. This +eleventy billion It's you. Definitely. I'm sure of it. You just said in your post what you prefer, so it's you. No charge, you're welcome
  7. I'd take him over Cannon or Mcguire tbh. He's more fluid than either of them (albeit not as fast as Cannon I think) and would probably beast on STs. Only thing I don't like is his upright running style ala (ironically given #39) Johnny Johnson.
  8. He's not even a good blocker. I don't get how he sticks, has to be some sort of blackmail scheme.
  9. Tweet should read "Chris Herndon received four games, not two, because a woman at the scene later claimed bodily harm due to the crash after she was informed Herndon was a professional football player." EDIT- @MichaelScott beat me to it
  10. Lol, how petty are you? Let me clue the rest of the folks in on what happened. I come back on here and got a notification and was like "I haven't posted in a bit, wonder what it is?" Earlier today I offered up a 'buttfunble' reaction to the above response, and good ol' JW12 was so butthurt, he went and hunted down my last(?) post on this site from 2 weeks ago just to do the same!!!! Can't make this stuff up, and quite frankly I'm shocked the mods are still willing to deal with it. So @joewilly12 please resort to your typical response now and place me on ignore, you immature twit. Thankya.
  11. Truth, brother War. Tired schtick is tired. A true artist creates outside the confines of predictability, all the while facing his critics with a strong jaw and wherewithal. Here? Safety abounds, and critiques are nuanced so as to not annoy the already overburdened mods. And Brian Costello is the second best Jets beat writer out there. Change my mind.

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