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  1. Jetworks

    NFL Expands Rooney Rule Requirements

    The majority? I'd beg to differ, unless of course you are talking about having played football like, ever.
  2. First thing I thought of when I saw it was that it was payback for that classy kicker's slide/kick/trip attempt on Roberts during his return. So, well-played Harry!
  3. Are you actually blocked by him? Because if so, that's gold.
  4. Jetworks

    jetsrule128 Watch

    @jetsrule128 is making a watch? What's it gonna do, have an alarm function for Big Brother airings paired to Creed songs?
  5. Jetworks

    Should they just IR Darnold?

    Stating people ignore someone isn't a personal attack, it's an observation. Sorry that triggered you, but keep on proselytizing, yo. As for the foot; keep him playing, let him get reps. It's the 'nuke it from orbit' strategy of seeing what he's made of.
  6. Jetworks

    Should they just IR Darnold?

    Nah, I just admire his post count.
  7. Jetworks

    Jets Downward Spiral Ends With Bills

    Yup. I didn't watch last season at all as I was totally fed up with committing my Sundays to something that no longer seemed worth my allegiance, and I've been watching since the mid 70s (I'm 50). My dad tuned in as he loves them that much more, but even he has begun to become indifferent. It's sad. Such a passionate fan base, largely tied to one magical season so long ago, now reduced to apathy. Hopefully the right decisions are made going forward and serve to rejuvenate the fan base, because an entire off-season of goodwill has been largely undone due to the status quo being held in the interest of 'professionalism.'
  8. “Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.” ― Aaron Levenstein
  9. Jets mortgaged a lot of their draft future to address a decades-old problem, QB. With that done, the opportunity to address their second-longest problem, a game-changing pass rusher in the form of Mack, is tantalizing, but it's still (potentially) taking from Peter to pay Paul, and right now the proverbial Peter (Darnold) is waaaayyyy more important to support via the next few drafts.
  10. It's the guy's frigging birthday, what's with the insults doofus? Happy Birthday Max!!!

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