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  1. Shift the goalposts AND demean women. You're a peach!!! Fine, I'll bow out to your superior intellect.
  2. Throwing motion is irrelevant?!?! Just admit you're wrong and move on, this is a safe space.
  3. I didn't say anything about Darnold's mechanics; I especially didn't say his were better than Fields. I also likened Fields' throwing motion to Kerry Collins, which is better than saying it was as bad as say, Tebow's. Read what's there, not what you think is there
  4. Amazing. I should' not have used "bad mechanics" after mentioning his hitchy throwing motion, because somehow that's not mechanics to you guys. Good to know. 🙄 He has an elongated, hitchy throwing motion that is ill-suited to success in the NFL, historically. I'd rather not tie the franchise to that for 4-5 years and instead would like to see a 1 year tryout for a player whose skillset exceeds that of Fields, while surrounded by a better team and coach. If it doesn't work out, the team is still better moving forward. If you guys think that his throwing motion is ok in today's NFL, then I will just disagree and move on. But don't pretend that it doesn't exist, because it does.
  5. FFS, are any of you older than 30? If you are, and you are watching this all-22 stuff, how are you not instantly reminded of this middling journeyman? You can get away with bad mechanics in college, not so much in the NFL, especially with players being so much faster. Sorry, but Fields is a hard pass. Take the best offensive players available at OL/WR/TE/RB and give Darnold a shot while setting the stage for the next guy if he fails. Lawrence was the only one really worth tanking for. Since we sucked just bad enough to not get him doesn't mean we don't suck enough to address other positions of need.
  6. I heard Fields reached out to Tebow to get help in getting rid of the hitch he has in his throwing motion. This draft was about Lawrence. Since the Jets are unlikely to get him, the best course to take is to draft the best players you can around Darnold while he is under contract, and if he continues to fail like so many of you hope, you will still have what you need in place for a young QB to flourish, a solid core. That this is lost on so many is beyond frustrating.
  7. The still of the video literally shows that he doesn't have that. Actually is Kerry Collins-esque. I know I'm in the minority, but I'd like to see them draft for Darnold again this year, with a shot at having a good HC/OC for once. I truly believe it's too early to give up on him.
  8. Ctrl+Shift+V In the beginning, back in March, this was a genuine thing. March is often the cruelest time to be a college basketball coach, especially one who’s strung some losing seasons together. And yet, as the virus started striking down one sport after another, it felt inappropriate to even talk about something as crass as firing a coach. Some, truly, were spared. This was an athletic director talking to me in late March. He’d been expecting to spend his Final Four sifting through candidates for his plum opening. Instead, he had quietly assured his coach that he would not be going anywhere. “Time and place,” the AD told me. “This isn’t the time. And maybe there are other places where you can conduct business as usual, but our campus isn’t one of them.” It was a quaint and hard-to-argue point at the time. But, life being what it is, as the games returned, so did consequences. When the NBA and NHL finished, plenty of coaches got fired. In college football, it took Southern Mississippi one game to fire its coach, Jay Hopson. Baseball managers have been let go now. And in the last two weeks, both the Falcons and Texans have fired their coaches. Business as usual. Well … except somehow, Adam Gase is still the coach of the Jets. And it is impossible not to wonder about something when you consider that improbability: Somehow, the wicked new ways of the world, inspired by COVID-19, have spared him. This isn’t about appropriateness any longer — not one person would shed a tear about Gase being dismissed in the midst of a pandemic. He would earn his ax on merit. An abundance of it. Enlarge Image But it does seem that the Jets exist in a world right now where they are immune from consequence. This isn’t to say that public opinion should always — or ever — determine if a coach or a manager should be fired. But it’s one thing when an organization lends a deaf ear to its fans. And something else when it trolls them. So here is a question for you: The Jets have now played three home games in 2020, each more egregious than the one before: an absolute no-show against a 49ers team that just lost by 26 points to Miami, which is where the Jets will be spending their coming weekend. A hideous botch job against the Broncos, who were also winless, and just as depleted. And a grotesque 30-10 study in non-competitiveness against the Cardinals last Sunday. Now ask yourself thisimage.gif.ff75a4adfc177e18ecc0febbb98a03b5.gif What if this was a normal year, and the Jets would have done all of this in front of the weary eyes — and revved-up voiceboxes — of disgusted, disgruntled fans? What if there were 75,000 (or, more realistically given the Jets’ history with no-shows, even 50,000) oiled-up Jets fans directing all of their venom at the man in the hat with his head buried in his Denny’s menu of play-calls? What if this had come following week after week of meek Gase excuses like his old standby, “I wish you could see how good we look in practice!” As if the Jets offense beating up on the Jets’ horrific defense (courtesy of wildly overrated Gase sidekick Greg Williams) and the Jets’ defense looking like the ’85 Bears against Gase’s clueless offense on Wednesdays and Thursdays is some kind of consolation prize. How do you think MetLife would sound then? And more to the point: How would the Jets as an organization react if their business, if their bottom line, was about to be adversely affected because of Gase’s continued employment? Would it make a difference then? Maybe not: Christopher Johnson, a generally pleasant fellow, does seem to have a great deal of loyalty to Gase, for whatever reason. And the fact is, this is a season when everyone who fields a team, in any sport, realizes the bottom line is going to look like bath time. That’s just the reality of the time. Still, there was a time when Leon Hess swore he would not fire Rich Kotite, Gase’s spiritual antecedent, even as the team compiled a 1-15 record that, until now, stood as rock bottom in a Jets history littered with attempts at defining rock bottom. But even he finally reached an end: the verbal butcherings, followed by the silence of empty seats. He mercy-fired Kotite before he could reach the ’96 finish line. Maybe Gase will last until 0-11 or 0-12. Maybe he gets the whole year. And Jets fans have Lifeless team, voiceless fans. A perfectly matched set.
  9. The Johnsons are, and always have been, about the back page (see Tim Tebow). Since the major impetus for that drive (the Giants) are an equally unsightly dumpster fire, there is little in the way of motivation to change the current dynamic. Terrific letter, but it will largely fall on deaf ears.
  10. Nice post Sonny! I agree about #4 especially! It was bizarre how they acted like they have never seen such a thing. As for Darnold, he has regressed for sure, but I believe that's more a product of the badness around him, less of some sort of inability to be a good QB. No more was this apparent than on the very first play of the game, a run no less. The LT Edoga literally made like he was in a lineman drill and shuffled with jazz hands past a defender, making contact with no one. That's not just a bad player making a bad play, it's an indication of poor scheme and/or coaching, and that's systemic.
  11. Good point. No Kenmore appliances around either, so it can't be his.
  12. @SAR I is supremely better at this schtick™ compared to you. Step it up or try a different approach.
  13. He lost all credibility by saying "In fact, aside of the Quinnen Williams-led interior defensive line." There isn't one person who covers football professionally that thinks that DL was led by Quinnen Williams. Just more click-bait, ignore and move on folks.

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