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  1. Good point. No Kenmore appliances around either, so it can't be his.
  2. @SAR I is supremely better at this schtick™ compared to you. Step it up or try a different approach.
  3. He lost all credibility by saying "In fact, aside of the Quinnen Williams-led interior defensive line." There isn't one person who covers football professionally that thinks that DL was led by Quinnen Williams. Just more click-bait, ignore and move on folks.
  4. Not sure your math is even close here, but I'm not a stats guy, so I'll defer to someone who knows better. There are some things about what you're putting forth that I could speak to, but I already feel that doing so would be a waste of keystrokes as your mind is strongly made up. Precisely. I care a great deal about helping people, fixing what's broken, and figuring out what's wrong; it's why I became a RN and continue to love working in an ER setting. Based on what I wrote previously, I'm not sure why someone would insinuate otherwise. However, at some point pragmatism and utility have to take precedence.
  5. It's amazing, but when I try to talk to people at work about stuff like this I'm met with rebukes or worse. This is basic immunology stuff, so it's confusing as hell to me why people in the medical field just parrot stuff from media sources. Thanks for what you mentioned in your previous post, you hit on quite a few good points. My experience is that no one really knew what was going on early in the pandemic. A few of us were in contact with people in similar or higher credentialed disciplines spitballing the hell out of Covid, and some of what we touched on is now coming to be accepted as courses for treatment modalities. The most recent of these is the confirmation of micro-clots within the vasculature and organs. I pushed for quite awhile early on for the use of anticoagulants and diuretics, arguing that the severe patients were experiencing mini PEs (pulmonary embolii) and pulmonary edema secondary to this (heart failure was also confirmed last week IIRC). Another was the use of HCQ for low-symptomatic patients who did not meet admission criteria. Withholding that, along with testing contingent on admission, were huge missteps IMO. As as RN I am more comfortable than most in operating vents, but even I wasn't super-aggressive in trying different settings. Many HCPs were, and the amount of barotrauma was tragic. Mistakes were made, and continue to be made. Hopefully there will come some mitigation in policy as well as treatment, because what we are doing now is not at all sustainable. EDIT- As for the OP, if we continue with the approaches in place, along with the reactions/responses to new infections, I don't see how the NFL or any other season can go ahead with a start.
  6. Not to be callous, but define massive? As far as mortality in NY, anecdotally I am seeing fewer severe cases when compared to March or April. Additionally, I am of the mindset that a reason for this, as well as an increase in positive cases, is partially due to the virus becoming a better virus. The goal of any living organism is to propagate, and good viruses do this with aplomb via rapid mutation and adaptation. A bad virus has a high mortality rate, resulting in a smaller spread. Same is the case here, IMO.
  7. I don't see that happening. As for the "proven vaccine", that's not going to happen either. There's never been a successful CV vaccine, and most respiratory virus vaccines have an abysmally low success rate. I had C19, tested positive, and subsequently tested positive for antibodies. My innate immune system is better equipped to deal with a resurgence (unlikely) or mutation better than any vaccine currently being trialed. Oh, and it has zero adverse effects, too. Herd immunity still remains our best chance, but hyper-reactive pols who are now more concerned about preventing infections (impossible) as opposed to flattening the curve (you should see how empty my ER is) are preventing that. Just like you have to break some eggs via vaccine injuries to ensure herd immunity, same too is the approach needed here. Unfortunately that won't happen.
  8. Sloppy, and unfortunately likely to be injury-riddled.
  9. NY and NJ handled things horrendously and is the primary reason why things got as bad as they did. The NYC health commissioner and Mayor were both insisting all was well up until early March. As a RN in the ED I was infuriated by this.
  10. This right here is what is commonly called a shutdown post, boys and girls. Well done, well done.
  11. You say your lungs are fine but you have pneumonia (PNA)? Are they saying it's Covid PNA or is it something else? Have they proned you at all? Evidence shows that even non-intubated people can benefit from spending time prone. Like I said, any questions you'd like to ask, feel free to send them via PM. I am an ER RN, saw plenty of this sh*t, even fought off a moderate case myself. Best thoughts coming your way.
  12. Are they maintaining your dialysis in a hospital or OP setting? Also, are you on blood thinners regularly or when you receive dialysis? If you need to bounce some medical stuff off of me, feel free to PM.
  13. http://newyorkjetshampur.com/board/10/all-politics-religion
  14. Not at all looking to steer traffic away from here or towards the Hampur, but if you're really interested in unfettered political discourse with little in the way of moderation with a bunch of loser Jets fans, feel free to jump in: http://newyorkjetshampur.com/board/10/all-politics-religion
  15. Tomlinson is a criminally underrated all-around back.

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