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  1. The relevancy of this thread is the same of the NE Patriots; it's denuded. With Brady no longer in NE, AND having won a SB with another team, coupled with high profile draws like Mahomes/Chiefs, Murray/Cardinals, and Allen/Bills, the NFL is no longer in the business of "looking out" for the Pats. They are yesterday's news, and will be treated as such.
  2. Fine, I'll play. You completely lost any credibility with this one bit. Wilson processes what he sees on the field quickly, mostly because he is prepared. As for having success when the play breaks down, you'd have to provide some proof of Smith having that ability to use it as an argument against Wilson. I've definitely never seen it. Little early in the game to be talking about accuracy, but Wilson definitely had some throws today that he wishes he could have back.
  3. Know when TE blocking doesn't matter? When the person over them is more concerned with them slipping by them downfield for a catch. Know when else? When you have the least dynamic RB group in the league. I'm with you, bring up Yeboah and see if he can't help. Development is key this year, so let's get these guys playing.
  4. Few basic points: Accidents happen, and even in cases of accidents there should be consequences, especially in instances where loss of life is involved. Most cyclists are not blissfully unaware; many bicyclists are. If you don't know the difference take the time to understand as it will make you a better driver. Cyclists in most states can "take the lane" in the interest of safety. Cyclists in most states cannot ride on the sidewalk. Sometimes it is advantageous (and safer) for both cyclists AND vehicles for cyclists to slow-roll stops/red lights/yields. Sometimes c
  5. Nope, the perma-banned DWC felt it was the cyclist's fault for riding his bike on the road where it's allowed. Shame, as this will continue ad nauseum as long as they are deemed "accidents."
  6. Sorry to hear of his passing. Always seemed like a good dude, and this thread is attesting to that. Condolences to all who knew him.
  7. Lots of folks are pointing to the go Mims had towards the end of the game. I ask that you roll back one play to the 4th down conversion to Berrios and watch just how soft Mims is in his route transition (0:08). This was the worry about him coming out of college; poor route running, blamed on route trees. Maybe the trees weren't the problem....
  8. Watch the play before the one where he caught the pass (the Berrios conversion). If you can't figure it out from that, I can't help you.
  9. Good here, bud!!! Stop by and chew the fat once and awhile. Well, at least he SHOULD be.
  10. Thankfully he didn't pop over to the Hampur like he did for the last ban. Dude is insufferable.
  11. Staten Island is a disaster area. Second flooding for me in a week. This is Costco, middle of the island. My guess is that the surrounding wetlands overflowed.
  12. Lawson reminds me of a smaller Hugh Douglas, very similar body type. He also seems like a fun player to root for. Mosley got VERY lean. Looks terrific, supposedly to fit in the scheme better. That scene in his basement was some real Rocky 3 sh*t. I'm really excited to see what he can do in this defense.
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