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  1. Based on the quotes in the article, I'd say he did in fact pull punches. Seems very even-handed and almost polite in his criticisms.
  2. Sorry you are sick @Warfish. I had Alpha back in March/April 2020, worst part were the intractable fevers. Someone mentioned getting an antiviral, but I strongly recommend against that. I've seen way too many bad outcomes from things like remdesivir, I'll leave it at that. Vitamin C, D, and zinc are very important day to day, and are still considered part of many hospital inpatient protocols. If you are currently on a PPI, I would recommend stopping it for the time being as they have a strong depletory effect on zinc. For respiratory issues, I would recommend regular breathing exercises; do NOT give in to being sick and riding it out. Be as active as you can, and at least 4-5 times a day do some sort of regimented breathing exercise (Wim Hof on YT has some good videos). For fevers, I am a fan of NSAIDs, not a fan of acetaminophen; my observation is that the former has a stronger effect on fevers, albeit for shorter periods, and with increased risk of GI issues. However, acetaminophen depletes glutathione, so I'll go with NSAIDs. I'd add in NAC to bolster glutathione production as well. Everything you may or may not have read about quercetin and bromelain is true too; they're terrific, but be careful with overlap with NSAIDs. Monoclonal infusions seem to work best early on from my observations. Anyone coming in for them at the ~7 day mark of symptoms who claim they helped were likely about to turn the corner anyway. We are using one now that is a 1 minute IV push followed by an observation period of ~1 hour, so that's a pretty good deal. Call a hospital or healthcare center that offers them and ask if you meet the criteria (knowing your body type, I'd say you do). Feel better soon, bud.
  3. The no-look juke on the guy upfield of him on the play that starts @2:41 is just mind-boggling. I don't know if I've ever seen someone do that before.
  4. None of this, even if partially true, is compatible with what we've been told about Douglas' philosophy.
  5. Positionally, and given his height and emphasis on technique (ala Mangold), his arm length works to his advantage in everything EXCEPT traditional pass pro, save helmet on helmet assignments. If there is an opportunity for the Jets to get this guy, they're crazy not to. Thibs at 4, trade down from 10 and grab Burks, then trade up from 2nd round to scoop up Linderbaum.
  6. I don't disagree at all, but the draftniks get hung up on 'value' a lot. I am hopeful that the lack of conversation around Burks is a good sign, but that's probably tinfoil hat thinking by me.
  7. I want to see KT @ 4, and then I want to see the Jets trade out of 10 to like the teens, and pick Burks. I think he's a perfect fit for this team, but I know some will have a problem picking him at 10.
  8. Good points. Personally, I would like to see them re-sign Fant and move Becton to RT. I really do believe Becton would flourish there.
  9. My dad told me a story once about seeing Namath arrive at the stadium before a Raiders(?) game. Said Namath was clearly hungover, had a scratch on his face. First pass of the game, he hit John Schmitt in the ass. Forget if he said he went on to have a good game. Take the story with a grain of salt...
  10. He reminds me of Enunwa, had Enunwa been able to remain healthy.
  11. The key about Linderbaum is the leverage/wrestling aspect. Carlton Haselrig was an excellent IOL tactician, despite having never played college football, all because of his excellent wrestling background. Burks and Linderbaum are going to be the steals of the draft for anyone who gets them after pick 28 or so.
  12. I'm a huge cycling guy, and I've used helmets equipped with MIPS technology for years. Basically, it helps to reduce the rotational forces thought to contribute to head injuries. Not sure why the NFL hasn't rolled this out, at least as a trial program. https://mipsprotection.com/
  13. I honestly think that, given the luxury we have with Fant, Becton should be RT. I think he has a bit more of that run blocking/steamroller mindset.
  14. Burks is the one guy I have hoped all along that they would draft; he's also the one I fully expect to watch go to another team.
  15. Sure did! Lycra cycling shorts. I'm a boss.
  16. Wore them for a donut ride out in Ohio
  17. This, especially his lower legs. You need that as part of your base as it helps to stabilize your stance. And no, I'm not posting pics my legs, especially my calves. @Maxman servers aren't ready for that bandwidth. Eh, **** it, I'll post a tame one:
  18. @FF2, AKA @PatsFanTX lite, has gone missing as of late over in the Hampur.
  19. For those of us who can't or don't listen to podcasts; what did Namath say about Wilson?
  20. What, pray tell, are these upgrades you speak of? Presumably the team will have some intriguing additions in the form of picks; they will (hopefully) be better than what's already here, but as they are rookies, they'll still be wet behind the ears. And who is to say they will be on the offensive side of the ball?
  21. Will any of them be appearing on the latest edition of Big Brother?
  22. Wilson clearly has the tools in toolbox, that's painfully obvious. It's a matter of having the materials for those tools, along with someone to teach him how to master using them. It's been done for Allen as we see, no reason it can't be done for Wilson, save ineptitude by those buying the materials and providing instruction, of course.
  23. If Hill is back there to return, you kick through the EZ and force the touchback. That wasn't the case. Kicking/squib kicking likely starts the Chiefs at something less than the 25, and also may burn some of the 13s if one of the upbacks bobbles the kick and can't kneel quickly enough to stop play. Catastrophic tactical error on the part of the Bills CS/STs
  24. Quite literally one of the biggest reasons we can't have nice things. Tort and lobby reform are desperately needed in this country. /quasi-political rant
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