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  1. I think it'll wind up being Cardinals taking Murray, 49ers take Bosa and we'll pick Quinnen Williams.
  2. If Bosa or Quinnen Williams are there at 3 we have to take either one of them
  3. They reversed both of those calls- it simply never would've been reversed if the penalties were against the Jets.
  4. They made the helmet to helmet call on the field on Robbie Anderson. The call was Austin Sefarian-Jenkins scored a touchdown on the field. Why in the hell were both reversed ? What in the actual F*** ?
  5. Somewhere Tom Coughlin remembering what he said last year 'you're going to make who the head coach?'
  6. I wouldn't be shocked if they pick Joshua Rosen, he would fit in with Tisch and the Giants culture for obvious reasons
  7. Joshua Rosen would fit in better with Tisch and the culture of the Giants organization for obvious reasons
  8. And that idiotic commercial is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen
  9. What are the midget fans going to do now that they can't worship Odell anymore ?
  10. Are they going to stop playing that stupid Odell beckham commercial now that he's out for the season ?
  11. I'm fine with any QB other than Josh Rosen. If I had a choice Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield..
  12. Also- why haven't we signed Dorial Green-Beckham
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