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  1. I'd go so far to say that Cro is so athletic, he might just put Deion Sanders to shame in terms of athleticism. Now, hear me out. Sure, Deion played both sides of the ball, but he only played O when his team's O was on the field. Now, Cro, once or twice during each game, Cro actually plays both sides of the ball ON THE SAME PLAY. He lines up as a CB, but then after the snap he gets this nasty separation from the receiver on the long ball as if he were himself an elite WR!!! It's such a beautiful thing to watch - right up until the actual WR makes the long catch and my Jets-Turrets kicks in. ****
  2. I think the improbability of this premise places it square in Max's crazy predictions thread:) "If develop a habit of routinely kicking Chuck Norris' ass, how many games will the Jets win?"
  3. I saw an Amerikanitz attempt at "not very good football"
  4. Be nice! (I read barely enough to get by if not dealing with words meant for anyone over the age of 3. )
  5. The program is absolutely an enhancement of the whole seat licensing system. What is a PSL but the right and requirement to let the New York Jets line you up 10 times per year and have them kick you square in the nuts? Giving you rewards points that add extra perceived requirements with no actual value is a completely logical extension to that program. I would like to see a program instituted where they deduct rewards points from any PSL holder who speaks out loud of the upper bowl scalping program that the Jets run - you know, the one that makes the perceived resale value of game tickets essentially zero as well. For me, this would really make whole rewards points idea a much more efficient program at reaching out to PSL holders.
  6. How's that management style working out with the Sabres? Just sayin....
  7. Any reason I can think of to have this guy as a high priority just seems to be based in stupidity... like, maybe the Bills are signing him so they can just immediately suspend him, so Rex can look like a disciplinarian. I agree with Max that this is good news for us, except for the risk of injury to our guys twice a year as he tries to pry the "NFL's Dirtiest Player" title back from Suh.
  8. My biggest take from this thread is that there are now actually "professional mock drafters" (sportswriters, whatever) who think the Jets CAN develop a young QB. I had to pinch myself when I read that.
  9. What's the over/under on how many minutes before that link points to a WNBA article from espn? A Geico bodyboulder wouldn't direct traffic to that site.
  10. Is that the alternate name for the Puke Grape flavored Gatorade or is that a whole different drink company?
  11. I agree - I have come into contact with "the program" at different levels several times throughout my life. I vary between being a hard ass and an understanding confidant with my family members who have been through it, so I do feel a little bad about my initial post. I hope Manziel does get the help he needs. Chris Carter was on Mike and Mike this morning and he is keeping Manziel and Gordon in his prayers. I think that is awesome. He seems like a sort of "internal sponsor" among NFL athletes and I respect the sincerity with which he seems to live the program. Why I don't feel totally bad about my post is that Manziel's personality is not, as I see it, a reflection of his need for sobriety. His need for sobriety is a reflection of his personality. He's still probably going to be a ****head when he exits rehab, just a sober one. It will take him years and years in the program, and working it well, to mature to the point where I would say he'd be an ok guy to have around in the NFL locker room or in any other discipline. I hope that it happens for him as a human first. His football career will hopefully take care of itself once he handles that.
  12. There's a 12 step program for being a ****head?
  13. This is the NFL, how dare you praise wrapping and driving? Everyone knows that diving at a guys feet looks so much cooler and can actually result in a tackle almost 43% of the time. :/ Congrats TX.
  14. "A mess" is a good start to describe it. I have been saying that the game ended like a Tarantino movie...stupidity just flying all over the place, and nothing made any sense. Back to the original post...during the drive when the Pats scored their third TD, either just before or just after the 3rd & 3 neutral zone infraction, there was a flagrant trip on a short pass play to Edelman with a big gain as a result. Michaels and Collins worth didn't mention it, but I think the director saw it, because they cut short a replay just before they showed it. But they let the teams play after the snap, which I prefer. Go at each other, and except for the stupidity that rivals stuff the Jets might have pulled off over the last few years to finish the game, it was really a fun game to watch for the first 59 minutes and 39 seconds...
  15. Hawks 27 Pats 16 (love the subtleties in the thread title)
  16. This team is learning to walk again. Going to be 2 years before we can even see if there's actual growth/development/cohesion with any sense of accuracy. So OVER.
  17. We will simply never understand Rex's genius. That's the only answer I can give to stories about him anymore. Those who do see his genius are obviously gifted souls, and we Jets fans who don't understand him deserve it that we no longer have him around - we just don't know it. in other words - he can run his D line in his O drills if he wants, it's no longer our problem!!!
  18. first answer? Because I am a Jets fan and they're our rivals. Of course I can't root for them. Would a Pats fan not root against teh Jets if we ever get to a SB in my lifetime? second answer? Because entitlement is not equal to the "Eye of the Tiger," and the Patriots organization and many of its fans have shown me a sense of entitlement about this SB. The Seahawks might be whiny pricks about how nobody believed in them, but they feel as if they have something to prove, they have an edge to them. How can I not root for that?
  19. Any division winner with a below .500 record forfeits its right to compete in the playoffs. I don't care if there have been cool upsets. If you can't win more than you lose, you are not a playoff team. Period.
  20. You keep saying that. The girl in the opening scene of Silence of the Lambs got into the back of that van with an open mind, too. How'd that work out for her? (I am assuming they also had an open case of LaBatt's Blue and an open box of pinochle cards during the interview, too, and they found how much they like Rex the Guy. Rex the Head Coach is also likeable, but he's an incompetent boob. They should have learned that during the pinochle game when he was hoarding queens.)
  21. That's part of it. he's a sociopath, plain and simple. The rules don't apply to him when they stand in the way of getting what he wants. They WILL apply when they are to his advantage. I don't know how the league can continue to accept his behavior when they're trying to show that they want to clean up other areas. (Yes, DV is a whole different level of crime than breaking rules of sporting competition, but the underlying condition is a disregard for "the system" - a true effort to clean the league up will cover all areas of infraction.)
  22. Dear David, GFY. Sincerely, Vinny, Drew, Chad, Chad, Ryan, Mark, Michael, and Geno,
  23. Wow, Maccagnan looks a good deal like Stephen Root in that video. I'm sure his management style is different form Jimmy James'. It's nice to hear a calm voice that seems to know what it's talking about from a Jets FO guy.
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