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  1. That's highly unlikely as he would never get another job.
  2. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    I find the players more and more unlikable, for a variety of reasons, and it simply makes the game much less enjoyable for me. The increased and random nature of penalties (there seems to be no consistency on holding and PI) is exceptionally frustrating....but I do agree with protecting the players - I have no problem whatsoever with trying to take as much unnecessary violence out of the game.
  3. Right...If you're going to bench him then why not just cut him? What's the use of taking up a roster and having to answer questions about why he's not playing. Is there a downside to the contract for cutting him? If not, just cut the guy and move on.
  4. Marshawn Lynch Ejected for Pushing Ref

    Nothing to see there - No way he gets cut for that.
  5. Can we get back to Suck 4 Sam please?

    That shipped has sailed. We'll be picking between 7 and 15.
  6. they'll still be picking 5th with 3 wins....
  7. POLL: Number of Wins Remaining in 2017

    LOL - Good for you!
  8. Great post. Couldn't agree more. i
  9. McShay's Top 10 Prospects

    The 6 win Jets select, with the #8 pick select - Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan...
  10. Sheldon Richardson Trade after 3 games

    It's certainly possible Richardson was a big beneficiary of the attention Snacks got.
  11. I don't know how something like that doesn't get him suspended. Either by the Giants themselves or the NFL.
  12. I think this is where I am right now. Sundays used to be blocked out for me - no other plans and my wife, kids, friends understood I'm watching the NFL all day Sunday. At this point if I have nothing going on I'll watch but if I have just about anything else to do, I'll do it and not have a second thought about the NFL. I'll check the scores when I'm done.
  13. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    Whoever is in the top 2 are taking the QB, they will not trade out of the spot. There's is no team in the league that's capable of getting a top 2 pick that wouldn't take one of those two. As fans we should forget about Darnold and Rosen. The Jets are NOT finishing in the top 2 (or even top 3) - it's time to start looking at the 4th or 5th best QB and even then it's likely they're going to have to trade up to get him.
  14. For various reasons too many players are simply unlikeable. When you can't stand the players on the field it's not very fun watching a game.
  15. This is how far we are from the #1 Pick...

    Bears got a win.