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  1. FidelioJet

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    He should be forced to sell the team.
  2. FidelioJet

    Would you make this trade with Washington?

    Yes. Absolutely. It’s a no brainer. Jets don’t need 3 overall this year. We need offense. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
  3. I didn't explain my point - Let me try and do so without the snarkyness. I can list off the names of top offensive prospects - to say I couldn't go copy a list is silly - The point is the NY Jets are incredibly devoid of talent on the offensive side of the ball. There are a number of tackles and a WR or two I would happily take at 3 if we can't trade down. This idea that there's no offensive player worth taking at 3 is just simplistic and shortsighted. What are the odds that a player taken at 10 ends up being better than the player taken at 3? My guess is it's pretty close - the draft is a crapshoot How many players have the Jets passed on through the years that end up being studs vs. our bust? It's certainly possible the guy we pass on at 3 ends up being a superstar, but so might the guy taken 10 that we pass on at 3. You build the team around Sam - take the best offensive player on the board and don't look back.
  4. Whoever is their top rated offensive player is...
  5. FidelioJet

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    Jet fans hate talented players. Amazing.
  6. FidelioJet

    In a Jetsy move NYJ hire Joe Vitt

    I'm not saying who's wrong or who's right, frankly I don't care what he did - I'm not defending Williams or Vitt - just that there's contention there and an unhealthy situation that good organizations would avoid. The history is one of failure for our acting owner, GM and new HC. You can't simply ignore that - well I guess you can - but I won't.
  7. FidelioJet

    In a Jetsy move NYJ hire Joe Vitt

    Has Mac, CJ or Gase given you any reason to believe they know what they're doing? We know Gase hired Vitt (that is not a media fabrication) and we know what Vitt did to Williams, again, fact. (not a media fabrication) We know Gase hired his son (fact) the only thing that could possibly be a media fabrication in this entire thing is that Gase and CJ initially didn't want William's son. But no one denied it. IMIO, it's way more likely than not that it's true. Either way this is a volatile situation - if you want to stick your head in the sand and believe all of a sudden Mac, CJ and Gase have become competent at their jobs - then so be it. I'll go by history, until proven otherwise. I certainly hope I'm wrong.
  8. FidelioJet

    In a Jetsy move NYJ hire Joe Vitt

    Sorry, I simply can’t agree. Good organizations have foresight. Gase should not have pushed back on William’s son. Williams should have been expected to bring in his son and that shouldn’t have come as a surprise. It did. And that’s the problem. With Williams being hired as the HC - hiring Vitt should have been taken off the table. You have to understand that. If you like Williams that’s something that comes with his hire. If you love Vitt then Williams shouldn’t have been hired. These are very basic questions any competent management team - in any industry- would ask themselves. What really bothers me isn’t so much the coaching staff as assembled - but the level of incompetence this organization continues to show. I see no reason to think they can turn this team around. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
  9. FidelioJet

    In a Jetsy move NYJ hire Joe Vitt

    When this thing blows up - and it will - they’ll be a lot of people saying we should have seen this coming. Team finally lands a legitimate QB and goes with a highly volatile, unpredictable coaching staff. This was the time to bring in a consistent, safe coaching staff to ensure we bring Darnold along. Instead we went with a dysfunctional group that is sure to implode. Yes. Very Jetsy. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
  10. FidelioJet

    Macc's biggest flub

    Yes, but that's the Job of a GM.
  11. All the way down, Sir.
  12. FidelioJet

    PFF’s Top 101 Players from 2018

    The kid is a good player - everyone else other than Jet fans recognize it.
  13. FidelioJet

    Macc's biggest flub

    No starting the rebuild immediately. The "Competitive Rebuild" was ridiculous.
  14. Here's the thing with that - I do get what you're saying...And understand that is the standard thinking but I simply don't buy it. I imagine if you look at the #3 overall pick vs. the #11 overall picks over the years - I imagine you'll see similar career performances. I don't know that for a fact and I don't have time to do the research, just an educated guess. When we are so desperate for offensive talent, and if you can't trade down, you have to take a bit of a chance here and take a position of need.

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