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  1. Should the Jets sign Le'Veon Bell

    absolutely not.
  2. Colin Cowherd: Cousins should avoid Jets

    Outside of the dumb Favre comparision - which doesn't take the actuall situation into account - The Jets and Favre were having a great season - best in years - then Favre got hurt and it all fell apart. But otherwise very tough to argue.
  3. Kiper's Mock 2.0 (2/21)

    I honestly think this board has mostly rational fans - peoples opinions differ, so yes, there will be some people that hate it and some that love -- there will be intense arguments - and agreed, some will complain no matter what they do, but I think that's a smaller % than most people think. Mostly people will take a position (positive or negative) and stand by it. I personally want no part of Cousins or Allen..would LOVE Mayfield...Happy with Darnold or Rosen. I do think it's almost a certainty to be one of those 5 though. I'm pretty sure it's Cousins though - and I'm going to pissed and vocal about it!
  4. Wait, are you saying we haven't brought in veterans - that their own team didn't want - and hope they pan out? This Cousins signing - and the Jets will sign him - will make the Jets the best mediocre team in the NFL for the next 5 years. Yay!
  5. The Jets are all in on Cousins - I honeslty believe they will do WHATEVER it takes. Unfortunately I also think they'll start HUGE - and not play the negotiation game - essentially bidding against themselves. The numbers will be so big that no other team will be willing to go that high.
  6. This couldn’t have been said better. There is a large body of work showing BB to be a losing HC - as stated, well below .500 - He’s certainly done a nice job with the team and Brady - but Tom Brady made B.B. not the other way around. Without Brady, BB is likely not in the league right now. He was on his way to getting fired in NE and HC don’t get 3 chances. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. People keep saying this but the reason people are getting worked up is because it's likely true. I personally beleive the Jets are all-in on Cousins and are prepared to win a bidding war regarldless of the price.
  8. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    If feels like this has been in the works for quite some time - Yes, the tank was in place last year - but it wasn't about wins and losses - it was about clearing cap space for Cousins. My guess is the Jets are going to do whatever it takes to get him.
  9. Yup - well sort of... People keep saying you'll have to give up three years drafts...it'll cost us, at most - our 2 2nd's - Look at what our 2nd rounders produced over the past decade - Draft your choice at 3 - spend the $100 on a one WR and then all OL...draft a RB in the 3rd.
  10. And what? We need 8-10 games a year for the next 5 years - go to the playoffs once - and lose in the first round? That seems to be what many fans here are happy with - you role the dice - and draft a franchise QB, and you have 15 years to build a team around him.
  11. I don't disagree with this - but i am a frim beliver in wins and losses - and this isn't a roll-the-dice kinda signing. This is locking the franchise up for the next 5 years if he isn't a winner deal. It'll be 2024 before we can move on from this contract. Scarty to put all those eggs into a guy that hasn't shown he could win a big game. For that type of risk I would want as close to a sure thing as I can find. My point is, I would much, much rather roll the dice on one of the rookies QB and build a team around him
  12. If your aspiration for our organization is the Raiders and Lions then you're 100% correct o want to give a losing QB $150mm
  13. Come on, you're better than that. a sixth year player who has just started the past three years is NOT comparable to third year players - and you know that.
  14. Do you really beleive the "responsible" thing to do is guarantee $150mm to a losing QB? It might actually be the single most irresponsible thing any team could do.
  15. It's absoltely going to be close to that. Right now the Jets organization - owners, GM, HC - already know what their line is...and it's my guess that $150 for 5 isn't it. Cousins will be a Jet and the contract will look very similar to that.