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  1. The problem with giving him one more year is exactly the problem with this organization. What coach wants to come to a team that knows the GM is going to be fired next year? Then we have to hire a new GM and allow him to hire his coach, or force a coach down the GM’s throat. Rinse and repeat. Do it right for once. They both need to go, hire Mackenzie and let him pick his coach. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Also keep in mind, drafting a QB was plan B. He tried, Desperately, to give a JAG QB without a playoff win, $90 million. It’s one thing to have a young QB to build around the current talentless roster. Another entirely to give $90mm for 3 years to a QB on a team that will require 3 years to build a contending roster. His inability to do what he wanted (his own incompetence) is the reason we have Darnold. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. FidelioJet

    McCarthy and Rodgers development

    The Jets are in a pretty good situation for a potential coach (even better for a GM) 21 year old Franchise QB in place, massive cap space, top 3 pick and an aging Brady. He can build the team in his own image with relatively low early expectations. Honestly, Mac is really the major issue. he’s a disaster and can keep coaches like McCarthy away.
  4. FidelioJet

    McCarthy and Rodgers development

    The more I read the more I want this guy. Go get him. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  5. FidelioJet

    Sunday NFL Games thread.

    That's the problem with the rule and many in the NFL - I don't necessarily care how they call it as long as it's consistent. And it's not even remotely consistent.
  6. FidelioJet

    Darnold With An Amazing PFF Grade

    Not true...Not this year. I think most of came into this season understanding wins and losses wasn't going to be the metric on which to judge Darnold this year. We wanted to see progress and potential. I think this score shows both.
  7. The non-PI call against Robby was bad too. Probably the worst.. On the replay is shows the defender literally held both of Robby's arms down before the ball was even close.
  8. It wasn't a half a foot..that's what I'm saying - it was probably two yards. The refs placed the ball where they thought he was down but the replay CLEARLY shows he wasn't down, just on the backs of other players (no where close to actually touching the ground) he then pushed for an additional two yards without hitting the ground. there is zero chance this doesn't get overturned on replay. It's why i ask the question --- was he told the whistle blew, because they thought he was down - that would be the only reasonable explanation for not challenging.
  9. FidelioJet

    Realistic trading down scenerios?

    I get it but this teams past failures have put us in a position that we have to reach. Not ideal but they do. But sure, if someone is willing to give up picks and we have to move down 4 or 5 spots - then sure. But I still lean toward taking the best offensive player we can find.
  10. FidelioJet

    Realistic trading down scenerios?

    You take the top offensive weapon available. Keep your pick.
  11. FidelioJet

    Who should be the new General Manager?

    I think he sticks with one exception - they manage to land a top tier HC candidate that will require full control. Not sure who that would be but it's my only hope.
  12. Pass catchers - WR's, TE's, RB's...I don't care which but we need guys that can get open and fight for the ball...
  13. Yes, but at least he had a strategy - it was a flawed strategy... A bad spot, that would clearly give the team a first down, with plenty of time to review the play...it's just unacceptable. Makes no sense.
  14. I don't mean to harp on this ---- but to me it's one of the most egregious things I've ever seen a coach do - that's not hyperbole. I am honestly finding it hard to believe that he simply chose not to challenge that - there has never been a more clear cut case of a play that will be overturned and at such a pivotal moment. And, as you stated, the Texans called a TO giving him even more time to review it. I really just want to hear his answer as to why....
  15. This is why I asked the question. It seems inexplicable that you don't challenge that - even for Bowles...at that point in the game and that is was incredibly CLEAR that it was a first down (wasn't even a question.) I was just wondering if there was some legitimate reason like the whistle had blown therefor the challenge wouldn't work - or something like that. if not, honestly you can't have a coach like that on the sideline - he should not be back If he really could have challenged that and made the decision not to..

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