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  1. I think this is the most important aspect of having that elite QB. Which, of course, works well in the NFL narrative. Sure, you can have a great season with a strong defense but it's not sustainable, one maybe two years and you're back to drafting in the top 10... But if you have a top 5 QB you're winning 12,13 games a year and a top 10 QB and you're mostly going to the playoffs every year. All the other teams, like the Jets, have to try and scratch out a 10 win season and hope to snag a wild card every 3 or 4 years. But those 5-10 QB's will be the NFL brand and they want
  2. Yes, that's the creepy part. He can hire all sort of escorts. They're not hard to find and he has the money to afford the best in the world. He is a sexual predator, that was looking for easy targets on which to prey.......
  3. I agreed with you completely... But if feels like where there's smoke there's fire and the dolphins are about to give up real assets to trade for a sexual predator. So, the question is why do they think he'll play again...and I think the answer is the sheer arrogance of the NFL and its media partners. Watson will do an interview, apologize for something without accepting guilt - and they'll be a full court press from both the NFL and ESPN to glorify his redemption. They'll be a couple of weeks of protest and then it'll pass and he'll be anchoring NFL Today in 10 years.
  4. It is. Well, IMO it is. And, as mentioned, I think it's where you and I are so far apart that it really isn't even worth debating. I mean that sincerely and not meant to be argumentative at all - just the reality of the situation. I can list all of the things that make him an elite talent, but they've been discussed ad nauseam around here and with experts for the past 6 months. If you don't see or agree with them, that's fine...as mentioned, we're just too far apart. I suspect before the year is out we'll start to see more of who he his - one way or the other - we'll like
  5. Terrible analogy. The appropriate one would be is you consistently drive the ball 400 yards (which, of course, most humans can't) but you're playing on greens that are much faster than what you're used to - so your short game is a bit off.
  6. If you watch ZW and think the talent he hasn't "flashed - special" and hasn't shown anything that a $660,000 minimum salary rookie QB can do... Then I truly understand where our disconnect is. I think ZW has far more talent than an average prospect and has top QB potential. And you think he's shown nothing more than minimum contract rookie - I get if that's your view. If you see that, than you are 100% correct in your determination that he's likely to bust. I don't think we could be further apart. But at least know I do better understand your viewpoint and can now understan
  7. I very much agree with this sentiment. I get it. It's very frustrating to all of us and I have a short fuse when it comes to this team too...Expressing concern is very reasonable, but also accepting the positive. He has shown some good amongst a lot of bad. I think what's causing the problem on this site is the handful of people that disliked him the moment he was mentioned as a potential prospect for the Jets, they are married to his failure and take every opportunity (right or wrong) to attack him - even to the point of making up stuff (as if they needed it) and are already taking v
  8. Jets need to worry about themselves. If we don't build a talented roster and find our own QB - it doesn't matter anyway.
  9. Not really. It's pretty much the same people already calling Tua finished as questioning ZW through 5 games. Neither should be judged, even remotely yet.
  10. Yes, of course not - which is why I thought it was being handled properly. He's not playing but he's still on the team. The moment a team gives up assets for him is when it becomes problematic to me. Sure there is nothing actionable but there's almost certainly something ugly there. A team trading for him is essentially saying - we don't care that he's continually assaulted women - we want him anyway.
  11. Was a bit of a different time then though.. but I get it and agree...
  12. The hypocrisy of the league and country for that matter holds no bounds... #Metoo I must say, even still, knowing what I know, that this guy will actually be traded while being accused of being a serial sexual assault..That an NFL franchise is willing to give up assets to acquire him is just insane to me. Maybe it'll come out that the 20+ women are lying and the Dolphins know this...at that point I will apologize...but for now this sickens me.
  13. I don't think anyone is comparing his play to those players.. Just that his natural skill-set is unique and not easy to find...much like the players mentioned above. For them, they've reached that potential. That if, and it's a big if, Zach figures it out he can be truly special. You simply can't say that about most QBs in the NFL. Zach is very far from there and no one has said otherwise.
  14. Dude, you need to lighten up a bit. It's only a message board.
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