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  1. T at 23, WR at 34 and C/G at 66 would be an amazing draft.
  2. Then go watch the full games. They're all there. You'll see a very good young QB will all of the skills necessary to be a top NFL QB.
  3. The idea here is you won't be down 14-0 because you have a good offense.
  4. First round is the easy part. Teams are built through the rest of the draft. If someone did a more comprehensive study including the entire draft the Jets would likely be last or very close.
  5. Two things: 1) If there's such a can't miss defensive player on the board when we're ready to pick, someone that dropped to us that has great value.....Then you know what, you trade down. If he's so good, teams should be lining up to get him. Takes those extra picks and draft more offense. 2) You build a draft board and stick with your draft board - there just shouldn't be defense on it (IMO, through pick 66) You'll have plenty of flexibility - there are a lot offensive players in this draft. If Fields goes 1 overall. Then you take whatever QB you have #1 on your board. My
  6. I agree, there's clearly some good but there's a lot of bad in there too. This is the year that will tell us a lot. I think the past two years was really just a tear down. The rebuild starts now.
  7. BOAP - through the first 3 rounds. You're making it sound like the only position on offense is guard. They'll be value at 23 for an offensive player.
  8. Everything you wrote makes complete sense - I understand what you're saying and I agree with you as to what JD's thought process is... With that said, I simply disagree. My point isn't even about offense over defense - it's about one thing and one thing only - Developing our QB! That's it, that's the only thing that should matter. Again, IMO, Over the next two years JD should ask himself one thing before making any move with premium resources - "Will this help Zach Wilson?" If the answer is no, then he shouldn't do it. Putting premium resources into defense right now, IMO, is
  9. The thing is we need so much on offense. The defense wasn’t awful and we’ve added two quality pieces and Mosley is coming back. The offense was literally one of the worst in this history of the league and we added a #2 WR. That’s it. We still have the worst OL I’ve ever seen. No upgrades at all. we’re going to ruin Wilson the way we did Darnold if we don’t make some serious upgrades. No quality FA’s left so it’s gotta come from the draft.
  10. Fair enough. I have to get my mind around it because I do think we’re going to take a corner at 23.
  11. I do really get it. CB is a gaping hole on this team. Second only to guard - it’s not that I don’t understand and maybe you’re right that I’m over compensating in my head because of what we did to Sam... But I just feel so strongly that I really don’t care about winning or losing right now. We’ve been so QB starved for so long - it’s just time to overcompensate. Develop a QB at all costs. There are still some quality CB’s on the FA market - go and sign a couple and go all in on offense in the draft.
  12. Yes, exactly, having a FQB makes sure you're competitive for 15 years....so yes, we need to do everything we can to turn him into one. Spare no expense and give hm every opportunity to become one. We need to go all in on ZW because if he fails we're sunk anyway.... I can honestly say I don't understand, after all these year- you don't get that.
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