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  1. I don't buy it. Far too much. Not even really close to proper value. I would really lose a bit of respect I have for JD if this was the actual trade.
  2. He literally and I mean this literally - that said that he has a plan. And is happy with his plan. With respect, did you listen to it? I got the sense, surely they're all in on Rodgers but that he does, in fact, have a plan if this falls through. The reality is - he knows it, GB knows it and Rodgers knows it - that Rodgers will be a Jet it's just a matter of when GB is going to suck it up and take what's on the table. They don't have a choice.
  3. I think it's a 4th rounder with a conditional 4th rounder next year if Rodgers plays And GB is taking on half the money. I know that sounds really one-sided, but at this point it really is a one-sided trade. GB is stuck.
  4. I think what is "fair" is irrelevant. It's what can you get. The Jets can wait until GB has to move him. The only question for the Jets is how long are they willing to wait to not have Rodgers in house? If it's until August - the Jets offer a 4 and wait until GB has not choice but to take it. If they want him officially in house sooner they may have to give up more. By GB holding out that long though - they give up draft capital this year. Now maybe, GB would rather spite the Jets than care about a 4th this year vs. next year. But I think they take what the Jets have on the table just before the draft.
  5. No way they're giving up 2 2nd round picks. At this point I would be shocked if it was even 1 2nd. - A 4th rounder is more likely than 2 2nds.
  6. Yeah, that's all true. But it doesn't change the fact that the Packers have to move Rodgers - and the Jets are the only game in town. Trading him to another team isn't a realistic option. Staying in GB isn't a realistic option. Look, I'm sure the Jets want this done sooner than later - but they can sit on the offer they made and wait until GB takes it. Because they eventually have to.
  7. Again, no team is trading for a Rodgers that doesn't want to be there. No team is giving up draft assets and paying $60mm to an already mercurial HOF'er that doesn't want to play for that team.
  8. Two things here: 1) No team - is going to trade for Rodgers if Rodgers doesn't want to play there. At this point Rodgers is committed to playing for the Jets and seems to the PO'd at the Packers. He's not going to be doing them any favors. 2) Even if 1 wasn't a reality - Giving Rodgers away for less is just being spiteful - and does nothing but hurt their team and franchise. The Green Bay Packers will ultimately do what's best for the Green Bay Packers - and won't make decisions just to spite the Jets. This will all resolve itself before the draft. GB giving up whatever draft capital they're going to get for this year's draft is the first time they'll actually be harming their franchise. So it will get done before then.
  9. The Packers ultimately will settle. They have to. Really have no choice. It's not really complicated. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if JD has only the the 4th rounder on the table (with some conditional - based on if he's playing) The longer this goes the more leverage Joe has.
  10. It wasn’t during a 5 games winning streak.
  11. Who cares? Rodgers will be a Jet. and if the Jets had Gardener Misdscrew or Mike White on the roster - it would not change one single thing as to what the GB. compensation will ultimately be. Who will be the Jets back up QB next year is a worthy conversation but has zero influence on the trade value for Rodgers.
  12. I can assure you, JD’s leverage in not in any way shape or form effected by the back up QB.
  13. Take the best players on your board at 13. Don’t try and be cute.
  14. JD’s leverage is bigger because they’re off the board. Well, more to the point - every team now has their preemptive starting QB (unless the ones that are drafting ones) in other words. Those QB’s are off the board because a potential Rodgers suitor paid them. The Jets are the only game in town now. That wasn’t the case when Carr, Jimmy and even Tua not yet committed to. Every time one of those guys signed it was one less team to outbid. Until now there is no one else to out bid.
  15. He sure is. Still doesn't make him a legit #2 WR - if you're serous about trying to win a championship.
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