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  1. Would love it... but it's not even like this is an underperforming team. They're doing about as good as can be expected with the level of talent and coaching.
  2. Interesting. This guy nailed it. I think the Jets underestimated the totality of this rebuild and have been trying to microwave certain parts of the changeover to avoid public scrutiny (which they would have inevitably received anyway). I believe this is exactly what happened to JD - he passed on, traded away or let go the good players and signed a bunch of back-up level talent on short deals - in the hopes that no one would notice he was rebuilding. Most fans fell for it throughout the entire off-season. New must be better! They are learning the reality now. I just think he underestimated how sh--ty of a team he was really putting out there.
  3. The problem with that is the GM didn't manage to or seem to even attempt to build a competitive roster. From what I can see there are only three reasons for signing Flacco and none of them are good: 1) He thinks Flacco can be a future QB for the Jets beyond this year, maybe next year when Sam is gone and the rookie gets redshirted.. Thinking that of a 35 year old QB isn't particularly bright. 2) If he changed his mind half way through the off-season - was trying to build a winner then changed course - that's even more concerning. 3) If he actually thought the garbage team he put together was capable of winning, that's the most worrisome of all! Help me out here guys, what other reasoning can their be?
  4. Fair enough. What I've seen from Sam in the first two weeks is regression but you're correct, two weeks - under these circumstances - is unfair. They've been entirely uncompetitive - pretty much out of the game after the first quarter. The other teams had injuries too, but I will agree two weeks - with this revamped roster - and the whole Covid thing makes it tough for a new roster to gel. Both the Bills and Niners were bringing back a lot of their roster - so who knows..
  5. Fair enough. I've loved Sam the past two seasons. No doubt, he's been horrid this year and has clearly regressed. But I just don't know how any young QB could have handled what this franchise did to Sam.
  6. Here's where I'll agree with you. I've been one of the biggest detractors of Gase on this site. Hated it at first and still believe it to be a terrible choice (for many reasons) But yes, this roster is disgusting and no coach could win with it...I've gone as far as to say if Gase goes .500 it would be a "masterful" job and he should be extended. I stand by that. It's when you have a bottom 5 roster and bottom 3 coach - that's when you get what we have...not just a team that won't win, but a team that's not even competitive. QB is regressing, team's already quit...those are on the coach.
  7. Not being literal, a bit of sarcasm maybe You made a claim that seemed like it was a no brainer and all the GM's would agree with that point. It's not a no brainer - if you want to say you would rather than Watson than Sam and three first round picks that's fine.. but it's not a no brainer, not even close.
  8. We lose some too. On a number of occasion in the past three years we've lost out on top FA's who took less money to go somewhere else. Those are facts. It's not something we just hear - it's something we've seen proven out. You'll always get the guys that are going to go to the highest bidder but you're also going to get the guys that choose $15mm over three years instead of $16mm over three years and be in an organization that isn't entirely incompetent.
  9. I tend to agree with this. I'm still high on Sam, although he's looked worse these past two games than just about any other game he's played in the previous two season (there are a couple of exceptions). But this roster is so bad it really is hard to hold him accountbale. Two things.. 1) The roster focus and premium picks should ALL be on offense 2) If you don't get the #1 we're pretty much certain to be top 5. Trade down for the best package you can get.
  10. So, to be clear... You took a poll of 33 GM's in a 32 team league and asked them if they would rather have Sam Darnold AND three first round picks or Deshaun Watson and all 33 of the GM's in a 32 team league chose Watson? Now, just two short years ago all 33 of those GM's in a 32 team league (and virtually every "expert" and pundit) would have chosen SD over DW straight up. So what exactly does that tell you about those 33 GM's?
  11. I know, but I was responding to another post. He called Watson not elite talent. Only point I was making was that if you believed that’s who he was - then I would rather have 3 extra 1st...(which is likely what the haul would be - or close) And Sam. I mean, if Watson and Sam switched places - Watson would already be called a bust. Sam would be prospering. There is no doubt in my mind about that.
  12. I get the sense JD understands that winning meaningless games would harm the team. He wouldn’t have fielded such an awful roster if he thought winning was at all important this year. If it comes down to it, I think he’ll do everything he can to assure that top spot.
  13. This fan base does not like its good players and can’t wait to get rid of them. There was glee around this place when he wasn’t resigned. It’s pathetic!

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