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  1. Because if you're going to take a DT that high he needs to be next level type talent. you can find solid DT's all over the draft and in FA's. It's very hard to find even "solid" OL, WR's, CB's and and Edge guys in FA's or late in the draft. I like Q, in fact I think he's going to be a very good player but Q, even during the draft process, was/is never expected to be a difference maker type talent. Again, it's not him, it's Mac's lack of the basic understanding of how the NFL works.
  2. I'm with you all the way except we need OL before Edge. I would rather lose 42-40 than 17-10. let's give Sam time and watch the team flourish...
  3. Romo loves Sam and is, IMHO, the best in the business.
  4. It's precisely why I don't watch the pre-game or post game shows. I'll watch the SNY post game and watch Lucas and Scott destroy or love the Jets - which always aligns with my emotional state. I'm weak minded - Self gratification makes me happy!
  5. I get it...I really do... And it's more about Mac than anything else. The team needs to be about Sam...building around him...The idea of drafting QW is still mind boggling to me. He does nothing to help this team become more of a contender. Not his fault, just a bad choice of a draft pick for this team in this timing of the franchise. A transitional talent at that position I can maybe - just maybe - understand drafting a DT but he was never that type of prospect.
  6. Seeing the field and making an impact on the game are two very different things. Does anyone that watched that game today think we won because QW was any better than any JAG DT we could have plugged in there? Look, I have nothing against the kid, seems to be very nice, hard worker and it's not his fault that a team bereft of offense talent decided to drafted, yet another, DT in the first round - but he was a bad pick. and unless he can consistently drive pressure up the middle he will remain a bad pick.
  7. Disagree. Unless you become Aaron Donald or Warren Sappen (maybe a couple of others) a DT is a miss in the top 5. QW is not one of those...
  8. Are you suggesting he was more impressive than that? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
  9. He looked like most 3rd or 4th round DT’s Good at stopping the run but incapable of generating consistent pressure up the middle. It’s exactly why you don’t draft a DT in the top 5. Let alone 4 times is 6 years. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
  10. I like Adams, glad he's a Jet, very good player, solid this week... But make no mistake about it...the Jets won this week because of Sam Darnold! That's it.
  11. Darnold is that type of player...too many fans don't want to understand or are afraid to recognize we have a legitimate NFL franchise QB that will make the worst team in the NFL look like a team that can beat anyone. Get used to it Jet fans. If we give this kid time and protect him - we can beat anyone on any given Sunday. He's that good.

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