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  1. Fight the fight, we’re going to shock the world and win the Super Bowl this year.... You need to be here to watch it!
  2. Wait, so he said "will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country" And you guys think he’ll be cut from his team for that? No way. A lesser player for sure, but not him.
  3. You know, that’s a really good question. I haven’t thought about it much and there are so many variables. With that said, I think we’re going to have a top 10 defense, possibly even top 5. Offense, while I expect Sam to step up and Mims to have a solid rookie season. I’m still concerned about the OLine and Gase will certainly hold them back. So, with all of that said, probably 6 wins.
  4. He's a bad coach and his history as a HC proves that beyond a reasonable doubt.
  5. Simply not true. I Just don’t put my head in the sand. Gase is bad coach. It’s clear. And not everything our new GM does Is genius but... I think Sam’s going to be a top 5 QB in this league. (Assuming Gase doesn’t ruin him and we build an Oline that can protect him) I think Mims will easily be the best WR from this draft class. I think Zuniga is going to be 10+ sack guy. I think our DC is one of the better DC’s in the league. I think we can have a top 5 defense this year I think we’ll have a tough time getting to the playoffs - mostly due to the limited ability of our head coach
  6. OMG - the excuses for this guy are overwhelming. Every year over his 4 years as a HC his offenses have gotten worse - until this year when he finished dead last. Good coaches find a way to stay out of the basement. I have nothing against Gase and wish I was wrong about him, unfortunately I’m not and you know it...I get holding on to hope - I’m just too much of a realist I guess. The only hope I have for him is I hope he doesn’t ruin Sam.
  7. Well, they were ranked 28th in 2018. I could be wrong but I think 28 is better than 32. Moreover, in 2018 the Dolphins offense (which was Gase’s team at the time) finished 31st, 2nd to last. The Dolphins this year finished 27th... So to recap ... the team he took over went from 28th to 32nd the team he left went from 31st to 27th Look, he’s a bad coach, it was a bad choice, people make mistakes - not the end of the world. We all know this, my guess is CJ knows it too but has to keep him around another year to save a little face - Woody’s back next year and he’ll make the change.
  8. Only a Jet fan can celebrate a 7 win season as a “Great job” with an OC/ HC that produced the worst offense in the entire league.
  9. I think they’ll be better than 28 but it’s quite reasonable to have them listed there. Just about every team thinks they got better, every team had a draft they loved. The Jets had the worst offense in entire league last year. We can all think they’ll be better than this prediction, I do too...but to act indignant that they were listed there and this is some type of troll job, couldn’t be more wrong. It’s reasonable to think the Jets will be a bad team again - and until they prove it otherwise they will continue to be listed as such.
  10. Come on... Work out speed and in game speed are two VERY different things. You know that yet you used a silly argument. I thought you were better than that.
  11. Would be, easily, the best FA signing this team has made in years.
  12. The big problem is that simply isn’t true. Ranked 45th in college doesn’t bode well for taking on NFL pass rushers. Pro Football Focus: Becton’s production isn’t great. He struggled flipping sides at Louisville in 2018 and didn’t’ fare much better in true pass-set situations in 2019. He was largely protected by the Cardinals’ play-action and screen-heavy offense and allowed eight total pressures across his 73 true pass sets this past season. His 79.2 PFF pass-blocking grade in 2019 ranked 45th among FBS offensive tackles with 250 or more pass-blocking snaps on the year.
  13. All of those guys were bad - then had 4 good games at the end of their 4th season and then became good? Bottom line it’s incredibly rare for this to happen. You can take those 4 guys over a span of 50 years (as you listed) - against every other player that’s played 4 years and then never became good.
  14. Sorry, I’ll try and simplify it for you. I think the overall offense is better, thanks to Mims and Perine - major upgrades at both positions. I thought in Free Agency we were flat to slightly downgraded in offensive talent. I also loved the Zuniga and Davis picks - so the defense was upgraded too, certainly arguable the defense has been upgraded more than the offense this off season. Other than Becton I really liked the draft (offense and defense)

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