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  1. I think I'm about to join him. Be back when camp starts.
  2. Amazing how on a Jet forum some positive feedback on the team's QB simply launches into a hatefest of both the content producer and QB. God forbid someone, that's clearly knowledgeable, showed proof of the teams QB getting better. For JN fans that's a sign of propaganda and further reason to attack the QB - Anything positive must be destroyed. Would be comical if it wasn't just sad. This place is getting close to unbearable.
  3. 15 minutes later: 18 minutes later You don't like the guy...it's fine. You enjoy attacking him - good for you. But don't pretend like you're going to stop.
  4. I think the 60% completion rate is probably low - If the Jets play offensively like I think they will - he should be closer to 65%. I think ML is going to want to get the ball into all of those sub 4.4 playmakers and let them go. 3,500 yards should be a minimum expectation (that's about 205 yards a game) 2:1 TD/INT ratio seems fair
  5. Yes. In fact I think it's probably closer to the opposite where maybe 85% of this board understood JD's plan - and were patient with it. Some more grudgingly than others - yet still accepting. Many of us have been calling for a GM to finally do what JD has done. To me, his plan was clear from the moment he demanded a 6 year contract. Thankfully the clean up part is over - now we'll see if JD can build a winner - looks good so far but we'll know soon enough.
  6. Eh.... Every year - there are teams that are good one year that aren't the next year and teams that were bad that are good the next year. The Jets have as good a chance as any team to be one of the bad to good stories. This is a VERY common occurrence in the NFL. Just look how bad the Jets were last year, I mean awful. Yet they still managed to beat 4 NFL teams, 2 of which went to the playoffs - one went to the Super Bowl and the Jets should have beaten the defending super bowl champions. To be clear - I'm not saying the Jets were good last year - what I'm saying is the line from good to bad is a fine one. Adding a few good players, and the young players maturing - can the difference between wins and losses. There's every reason to be optimistic about the Jets being MUCH better this year and competing for a playoff spot.
  7. FidelioJet


    I would like to have seen the Jets take him at 4. I think he's going to be a very good pro. But we are here and I'm overall happy with what the Jets did.
  8. Completely agree. Look, barring any serious injuries - we're going to be coming-out of camp/pre-season super amped up as fans. It'll be all about how good Zach looks, how much Moore has grown into the role, G. Wilson looks beyond his years - MC and Hall look unstoppable... etc...it's going to be all of that positive hyperbole - but we also know the reality - it means nothing until the real games start... Coming out of week 1 with a win would be huge - coming out of week 1, on a Sunday night - and beating the Pats would be the biggest Jet win since the playoffs 12 years ago.
  9. The last thing the Jets want is to open against BB and a national game. This team is still super young and added a lot of new pieces. Would much rather see them open without any more fanfare than necessary. Ease into the season.
  10. I think Mims biggest problems were mental. Mostly his inability to learn the offense. ML likes to move his WR’s around. To me it seemed as if Mims was thinking far too much, which caused bad routes, dropped passes and an excessive amount of penalties. If he can learn the offense he can stick and make an impact.
  11. I completely agree with that position. Wanting them to succeed and acknowledging the likely reality are two different things.
  12. Surely, and I appreciated the answer - even if I disagree. I just meant it was pointless to go back and forth. You have your position and I have mine - doesn't seem like either of those positions are going to change Any further debate on this subject would be pointless is all I meant.
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