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  1. There is no rivalry. A rivalry requires two teams to be competitive. While Jet fans hope to beat the Patriots - the Pats don't view the Jets as a legitimate contender or rival - and nor should they. With a new QB in NE we might actually develop one - making this a actually rivalry and therefor more excitementl.
  2. I'm not even sure what that means... How is his overall record as a head coach not serious point of discussion? BB does, in fact, have a losing record as a HC without Brady. How is that not relevant point? I'm not saying BB is a bad coach, in fact I think he's a very good one - but he's winning all of these championships because of Brady and not the other way around.
  3. After all of that he has a long ding record as a HC without Brady. So yes, it’s about Brady. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. Brady is the reason they have won and continue to win....TBH he should have that type of clout. When he's gone they become just another team, BB becomes just another coach and Kraft becomes just another owner.
  5. As long as Brady is playing and healthy they'll continue to win 12-13 games a year.
  6. Really depends on how quickly they move to Darnold. If Sam starts from Day 1 - he'll struggle (as almost all rookies) and it's possible to be on the bottom... with that said, the defense should be good enough to win a few games with little help from the offense and Sam is sure to improve. Tough to see this team winning less than 6 games.
  7. FidelioJet

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Great article and great to see he's was truly at the top of their board.
  8. I haven't been nearly as tough on Bowles as most everyone - I like him.. With that said - he now has everything he's asked for...this is HIS defense now - they've spent the picks and FA money on his guys...no more excuses. I don't want to hear - well the offense stinks, defense is getting tired etc... His defense better be VERY good this year or I'll agree, he needs to go.
  9. Unless Brady gets hurt the Pats will win 13 games. If Brady gets hurt early the Jets are as good as any other team in the division and can certainly win the division.
  10. This is easily an 8 win team. Substantially upgraded from last year. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. This! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. What's more likely? 1) an NFL franchise (yes contrary to many around here - the Jets are an NFL franchise and not a terrible one - but rather a middle of the road) drafted a QB in the 2nd round, put him on the team and simply ignored him for 2 years? even though they actually have a QB coaches on staff or 2) They worked with him, tried hard to get to a level of competancy but he simply wasn't good enough?
  13. What makes you say they've done nothing to develop him? My understanding is they worked hard in develping him - but he's simply not an NFL caliber player. It happens.
  14. FidelioJet


    I will say this... The defense has everything it needs to be successful. I'm sorry, but no more excuses for Bowles on that side of the ball. His defense is predicated on tight man coverage - which gives defenders time to get to the QB. While have a strong outside rush is great - he wanted to corners and safeties and that's what he got.
  15. I don't think you could put a time table on it. You start him when he's ready to start. I think that's unlikely to be week one - just not enough time to get him there by then - especially under the current CBA - But I can't imagine he won't be ready at some point during the season. I hope earlier than week 9.