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  1. I was at this last year. Great time, but I already have tickets for this game. There’s 4 of us, can we join the tailgate? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
  2. Can someone explain the point of the supplemental draft? Couldn't a team have just signed these guys as free agents after the draft? I'm sure I'm missing something, just don't know what it is.
  3. I think the biggest problem with this is going to the calls that are NOT overturned. There will be so many plays where PI happens and it won't be overturned - and that's ultimately going to cause more problems than the plays that actually do get overturned. It's just a stupid rule
  4. Agree.... Problem is every replay official, coach or fan will have a different definition of what "clear and obvious visual evidence" is - ultimately it's still a judgement call as it was in the initial call.
  5. Because what does "Obvious" mean? If you look at the rules - there's an awful lot of Holding and PI that's isn't currently being called. This rule will ultimately cause more problems than help. What's going to happen when the game is on the line and a letter of the law PI happens, yet isn't overturned? Still ultimately going to be judgement calls just now a lot more eyes will be on it. This is just a bad idea.
  6. Just going to make the officials job even harder and up to more scrutiny. These guys already have enough to worry about.
  7. Just not true - false starts, illegal motion, offsides, delay of game etc. PI and holding calls are the judgement calls Are you suggesting they should do this for Offensive Holding too?.
  8. This rule is terrible. These are judgement calls There's almost certainly PI on virtually every play if you look at the letter of the rule. Especially at the end of games. All it's doing is continuing to make it an offensive league and less defense allowed.
  9. I doubt they pay that kind of money to an inside LB (I agree with you as that being the most questionable signing) They almost certainly would have signed a center. And yes, I can't believe the Jets would have drafted another DT - and trade down would have been very likely.
  10. Yes, but we didn't have that problem with HC this time around either. Darnold is the reason why top candidates are willing to come here now - not because the hire was made in May.
  11. The answer is easy and it's the Jets - and it's the Jets solely because they have Sam Darnold. That gives them a pretty big leg up on the other three.
  12. You can’t possibly look at 2 minutes of video, before camp has even started and expect anything other than this. It’s nice to see, but when adversity inevitably hits and until then the only thing we have to go on is history. And history shows all of the things you mentioned. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
  13. You don't really have to officially "retire" to sit out. You can sit out as a free agent and sign a contract whenever you want. I think. I could be wrong though. With that said, the idea of having a deadline to sign players would make sense - if one doesn't already exist. Bottom line though - I'm sure there's a work around if you really wanted to let a guy sit out all year until the playoffs.
  14. I do get your passion and I'm right there with you on most fronts - I'm leaving the Gase stuff mostly alone at this point -but since the Douglas hiring the Gase love-fest has gotten out of control around here. I had to say something. Wanna take a wait and see approach...sure. Love the guy because he was a good OC with Peyton Manning...I guess. But he was not a successful HC - there's no way to argue that he was - and making it out like this hire was some type of Coup is just silly. That's all I'm saying.
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