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  1. This is almost certain to be the case. There's very little chance a 25 year old, top 5 NFL QB ends up on the Jets - things like that just don't happen here. With that said, it's still fun to talk about. This was going to be a very slow month around here. Not the case now. I"m trying not to get excited about the thought of it, but it's hard to do...
  2. Exactly. They might not even be sure about it yet...They may be sincere when they talk about possibly keeping Sam (although I tend to agree it's s smokescreen) With that said, when push comes to shove this is really the only decision they can make. (obvious Watson's a different story but that's a super long shot)
  3. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here. Is it that 12 QB's have gone to the Super Bowl that didn't start on their original teams and shows it's not all that difficult to do. Or Only 12 QB's have done it, therefor it would be crazy to make this trade. Which one?
  4. This seems to be the ongoing myth Jet fans live under. Our players are really great but the players around them stink - therefor they can't show how great they really are. Bottom line, Becton was good...Very good in the run game, truly dominant at times. But, as in college, showed substantial flaws in the passing game.
  5. Sam Darnold will be traded and the Jets will take a QB at 2.
  6. Not speaking for anyone. Just stating a fact. Mac was, in fact, the GM of the year his first year. You just don't know JD is competent. We know he's capable of tearing down a team. He's been very good at that - we know NOTHING of his ability to build one. Again, not an opinion - fact.
  7. That's the thing. If we only have to give up 3 first rounders over the next 3 years (which I don't think will be enough) That still leaves us with 2 first rounders over the next 3 years...and a QB...For which we would have had to have used one of those. It really isn't bad. Getting into 4 firsts or 3 first and a second --- gets tougher to swallow.
  8. Both Seattle picks and #2 overall. That's Jamal and Fields for Watson....
  9. Yes. That's exactly what he's doing even before the trade. The motivation to trade him at all is the same thing. They don't have to trade him... "Is he going to hold out and cost himself a massive amount of money if they don't trade me" Simply swap out "send him where he is asking" for "trade me" and it's the same thing.
  10. I do think Adam Gase was a disaster, that was never in question. The day he was hired it was a disaster. It really doesn't change the fact that the Jets really have close to no talent on this team. Easily the worst roster in the NFL. Could some players look a little better with a better coach for sure.. But it really doesn't change the fact that JD has yet to bring in any talent. You can be all flowery about him because of potential - which I can understand. But, other than the Adams trade (for which he traded away one of the leagues best pass rushers and the only talent this team had) he's done very little to warrant such praise. Let's all keep in mind - Mac was GM of the year his first year. I'm not saying he won't be a good GM I'm just saying we have no idea and the results so far are mixed at best.
  11. Much easier to trade away good players and sign sh*tty players to short term deals... Eventually you need to find good players. So far, other than at #11 overall, JD has done none of that. Not saying he can't but let's not crown the guy quite yet.
  12. Watson is a no brainer for that. it’ll cost more though That still gives us a 1st rounder this year, a first rounder next year and simply missing out on one in 2023.
  13. Yes, it will cost more than 3 first. I mean not sure any other team can offer more than that though. We can offer both 1's this year and both 1's next yea. Really wouldn't be the end of the world...

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