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  1. I don't know if his arm isn't as strong as those guys...even if it's not it's quite strong - noticeably stronger than Sam's for instance. He has shown clear ability to throw the ball with substantial velocity and accurately off platform. Honestly, I don't want to be argumentative, but I think trying to judge the footwork from a QB that we know works very hard at his trade is probably an exercise in futility. He's probably doing exactly what he wants to be doing with his feet on most plays.
  2. Why? Release will be too slow? Arm strength won't be strong enough? Not accurate?
  3. They were on the 5 yard line. It gets packed in the back of the end zone. Austin is a good athlete that made a nice play. Nothing to worry about Wilson there.
  4. Not impressive at all, but it's not "Mostly Bad" though. That's all I was saying - just because it wasn't spectacular doesn't mean it was bad.
  5. Yes, he was drafted partly because of that skill-set. He has very good footwork when he needs to but also has the ability to throw the ball accurately from different arm angles and off-platform The only reason to be concerned about his footwork is because you're trying to find something wrong with him so you can be proven right.
  6. Not sure how a mixed day or how you put it "eh" then turns into Mostly Bad. Sounds like he made one bad read on the INT and then pretty much a flat day - nothing special but nothing bad either. He's going to have ups and downs and anyone expecting this kid to be an all-pro this year is going to completely wrong. He's going to struggle A LOT. It's the nature of rookie QB's in a new system with 7 new starters. But no reason to make what was a basic day and call is Mostly Bad. It wasn't Mostly Bad. 9 for 16, 2TD's and a Pick. Surely not a great day but not Bad.
  7. Not sure you can say "consistent" in only 3 days of practice
  8. Well, all I keep hearing around here is "Precedence" and how important that is. Could simply be a negotiation tactic or you could be right and it's the Johnsons.
  9. Soon Moore is going to be the story of this offense. Zach is going to be great but Moore has Tyreek Hill written all over him.
  10. Anything judging offensive line without pads is just stupid. Offensive line is about violence.....just doesn't work without pads. Moses will be fine.
  11. We have no idea if it was the Johnsons or JD. By all accounts they have handed over all operations to JD. I have to see the difference at this point. This organization is more professional than I can remember.
  12. Do they really never tackle in practice? Or did I misunderstand?
  13. It's bad because he didn't need to miss two days of camp for that. That was always going to be the outcome. It's what Sam got, it's what Lance got. It really isn't a big deal. Honestly missing two days isn't going to kill anyone and we shouldn't make it out to be a big deal - because it's not a big deal - but it was entirely unavoidable. That's all.
  14. They gave Zack the same thing they gave Sam. They proved nothing other than they're good at keeping their rookie FQB's out of camp for a few days.... It's over now and I'm done talking about it but it was just stupid. Glad he s in.
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