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  1. It's transformative because they have, at worst, competence at every position. Sadly we haven't been able to say that in a very long time. Competence as the floor with A LOT of upside with the highly drafted youth at key positions across the roster. If some of those young guys turn into impact players and they stay healthy this can become a championship caliber team..... - With all of that said - it will still come down to Zach Wilson - he is easily the biggest question mark (can be the one non-competent on the roster) This is a huge year for the Jets. ZW becomes the guy, we'll see what the young WR's are. what the young RB's are, what the young CB's and Edges are... Just so much to learn this year.
  2. The Browns went into this with their eyes wide open. There were two other teams aggressively competing with them for the right to do the same. Both the Browns and team Watson knew he was going to be suspended for a year. Browns calculation is still pretty simple.....Deal with this first year and then have a top 5 QB for the next decade. Point I'm making is the Browns calculus hasn't changed between then and now. This is what they wanted and expected.
  3. While I agree, I'm just saying that's what Connor said on his podcast - just that he explained to Zach, that he doesn't need to know as much as he's trying to learn - and just focus on the one read the coach is telling him. I think he saw Mike White do that too - and realized to not try and be superman. It's clear there was a difference in his game post injury. We'll see when the season starts.
  4. On Connor Hughes's podcast last week he said something very similar. This offense is designed to offer the QB as much help as possible (but it still very nuanced and complicated) and there's basically one defensive player he needs to reads to make decisions (something like that) But Zach was watching hours of film of Brady and Brees and trying to read safeties, LB's (basically the entire defense) and it was just too much to take on. He should have been focused simply on the one read. He wants to be those guys and good for him - but that can take years to get to that point. Simplify, take what the D gives through the system and progress as a player. When he has the basics down without thinking - then move to phase 2...but he has a long way to go to just have those basics down. He also said it seems Flacco helped him understand this as well as when they brought in Beck. Which I think is why we saw progress when he got back. Note: They did also say - no QB has been younger than Zach in this system - typically a system with more experienced QB's (except RGIII and he was a different kind of player)
  5. Thanks for sharing. Good read. I have to ask - if he really was trying to do too much too fast - isn't that really on the coaching to stop that? I mean isn't that their job? Just feels like this rookie HC and OC thing probably let Zach down a bit. Not taking blame from ZW - but the coaches could have been better too.
  6. Not sure what you see there that seems forced. This is a kid that seems to be with one hot blonde after another. I honestly don't think it's a show - but rather a kid that's enjoying being the QB of the NY Jets.
  7. Two things: 1) I'm not sure Mac Jones will put up Mac Jones numbers in year two. In fact, I would be surprised if he did. The league figures out guys like him and ultimately makes them do things they're not comfortable doing. 2) Zach will certainly be better this year - but I really do feel like year 3 is when Zach should be expected to enter the elite in the league. Showing real progress as this year goes on. I suspect ZW and MJ's numbers to be very close this year.
  8. listening to every one of those - Woody Johnson is so cringe worthy.
  9. Have you seen the Women Zach keeps showing up with? I think his hair is doing him just fine.
  10. I think, of anyone, Ulbrich came out looking the best. I didn't know a lot about him - but I liked him a lot in this.
  11. Baker was my #1 coming out that year. I really liked him and still do like him. But $18mm is $18mm, I don't care how much money you have - while I agree the Browns should suck it up - they chose to pay an unrepentant sexual predator $230mm - but should and could are two different things. I do think they will eventually end up trading him (for close to nothing) and eat most of his salary - but if I'm Baker and forced to do so - I play.
  12. I would welcome him back. When all's said and done - drama is good.
  13. I fell for it (as I admitted to you)...I'm going to wait for own eyes from now on. I have faith in the kid. He's still going to struggle - it's a tough job. But I want to see real progress and I expect to.
  14. I don't know. ZW has that Namath womanizer in him. Kinda guy that can be the King of NY - if he can play. We don't know that yet. But this kid will be a legit NFL type figure if he can figure it out.
  15. Great question. If you're Baker - $18mm dollars or pride? If you're the Browns: Do you really want a QB starting that doesn't want to be there? Tricky, I think when all's said and done - Baker doesn't play another down for the Browns and they get the #1 pick next year.
  16. I don't think anyone has said Mac sucks - just that he has a low ceiling. And I believe that to be true. The reality is he was coming from a far more advanced system in college and a far better situation in his rookie year. Look, I am, by no means, saying ZW is going to be better than him - but Zach's NFL starting point was far behind Mac's....Mac's rookie situation was better than Zac's and Zac's upside is far better than Mac's. Zach has a long way to go - but if he figures it out he will, without question, be a better QB than Mac. I think all of those points are pretty much indisputable.
  17. Yup. ftom what I’ve heard, beside one day from Connor, he’s pretty much been lights out with the exception of some redzone reps when the D knows they can’t run.
  18. Just finished all 5. Very much enjoyed all of it. I like the make up of this team.
  19. This is a strange take. At least from my perspective. I saw a confident kid that was showing how early in the season the WR's and him had communication problems and how at the end of the season they figured it out - He showed one specific "play" where early in the year the receivers were in the wrong spot and he made the wrong read - then immediately showed how the same play at the end of the season it went for a long TD against the leagues best D. Just strange in that it feels like we were watching a completely different show. I saw a confident kid that is excited how he progressed and excited to get more reps to continue to progress.
  20. Look. While I'm sure this is true. He was bad last year. I think it would be tough to argue otherwise. Surely, he wasn't getting a whole lot of help and when he finally starting to get it - just about the entire starting offense got hurt. But still, we always talk about the eye-test and he didn't pass it. I think mostly due to serious accuracy issues - particularly on the shorter throws. he NEEDS to fix that. If he can start hitting the short throws with much more consistency (hitting guys in stride) I believe we have our FQB - but we really don't know if he's capable of that yet.
  21. Thanks for sharing. While I didn't finish, he's pretty positive on what he's seeing. I think Dirting the ball and short hopping are two different things - but I get his point.
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