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  1. If he's leaving it's part of a bigger NFL play - where he and the NFL already know where he's going. Likely going to Vegas, help Kick that team off...
  2. The way to build a team is not to trade away your good, young players.
  3. Lost is the right word. That's 100% on the coach. All the other games they came and looked lost, non-competitive we heard a lot about the QB - even though other back-ups keep their team in games. This is the NFL, these are all professionals, they shouldn't be embarrassed like this pretty much weekly. Gase is a very bad HC.
  4. The Pats kept sending the house - a well timed screen to Bell could easily be a TD - hit on something like that early and the game changes completely. Unprepared, no adjustments and no creativity. Gase has to go.
  5. This wasn't just a performance that didn't go the way we thought - this was an unmitigated disaster. As bad as a team can perform is what we saw last night.
  6. Gase has to go. Should have never been hired. This team is woefully unprepared week after week.
  7. well, game 16 was literally one of the, if not the, worst QB performance I've ever seen. and I LOVE Sam....but it was F-in ugly.
  8. I'll always be an optimist at the start of the season - but I must say I am very quick to give up on them though. I honestly thought they were going to win last night - and make a playoff run! Thought it was going to be Sam's coming out party. Instead the Jets and Sam got embarrassed on national television. So F-in Sad.
  9. Late in games when the Pats have already locked up the wins that's when calls start going against them. So when you look at overall penalties called against teams it's not skewed as badly as some might think - to give it some cover. But it's a sh--ty league. It really is just not an enjoyable league when you believe it's honest to goodness fixed. I'm a rational person most of the time not one for conspiracy theories - but I HONESTLY believe it's fixed.
  10. No excuses for Sam. But Gase was schooled. Sam looked lost because Gase didn’t have him prepared. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
  11. I love Sam but that was awful. One of the worst QB performances I've ever seen. HIs O-line and more importantly HC didn't do him any favors but it's on him to do better than that.
  12. It's not just underperforming it's looking entirely unprepared and incompetent. He's a very bad coach - hiring him to bring up Sam might be the worst thing this franchise has ever done....and that's saying a lot.
  13. It’s a good thing we keep drafting DT’s. All of you guys that loved the pic - I hope you get it. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
  14. Please. Everyone. Stop the myth that Gase can coach with BB. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
  15. Now you’re getting it! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31
  16. The NFL can afford to pay these guys whatever NBA Refs or MLB Umpires make. Sure, it's a great gig for the best in the business to earn - but they'll be the best in the business.
  17. Tennis does such a good job with that. I know Tennis is MUCH simpler to do and kinda built for that sport... but Football also has A LOT more money and can def. make that happen if they wanted to.
  18. If we win tonight - we are going to the playoffs - I truly believe that. with the schedule they have 8-2, 7-3 isn't at all out of the question. Plus I like beating the Pats and most importantly Darnold would have had to had a big game - it'll mean the kid's really growing up...
  19. Mosely HAS to have a BIG game. Stop all the Brady underneath garbage and the Jets win this game handily.
  20. I'll go but didn't schedule any meetings until 11:00 - and blocked out my calendar - so I can sit around a deal with the win or loss. If they win I'll be on here, likely a bit hungover and enjoying the day! I can't remember ever caring about a 1-4 game ever...
  21. Completely disagree here. Sanchez and the Jets were the aberration. Jets had the best defense and running game in the NFL. Those two things together are rare and that's why the Jets were good. In almost every other case the QB is more or less the sole reason why a team wins or loses.
  22. Mike’s an interesting listen. He has a perspective that’s sometimes interesting - something to when I’m stuck in the car or slow in the office. I find it funny when he rants on a team. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app 24:25:31

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