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  1. FidelioJet

    OTA Day 2 Pictures

    Yeah, I agree. At the time I was furious with him. But you're right - Fitz was the best he ever played with and thought they could make a legitimate run with him. Really hard to blame him I guess. He did hold out though (at least for a few days)
  2. FidelioJet

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    Jeff Lageman for sure. He gets a bad rap for where he was drafted but he was the best player on some really bad teams.
  3. FidelioJet

    OTA Day 2 Pictures

    Eh... He also held out to get Ryan Fitzpatrick more money. I lost a lot of respect for him after that....
  4. I'm not sure a lot of Jet fans really understand how good this guy is. If he can play to his old form all of his teammates and this fan base will have no problem with this choice.
  5. While the team is better...they still... Gave an $85 Million contract to a middle linebacker Drafted defense with their first two pick, including another DL at #3 overall It just seemed to me that they still don't understand that it's about the QB. Sam should be the only thing that matters right now. Hopefully the new GM gets it.
  6. They didn't even come close to overpaying for that trade up. Those charts aren't scripture. This was a draft that we had to get up to 3. I'm not Mac fan but that was the best move he made as GM - even if we didn't end up the Sam it was still a great trade.
  7. FidelioJet

    Tony Pauline Tidbits

    Yes the statement was big money only for offensive skill positions and defense. Meaning everyone except O-line and TE. Based on what we've seen this is accurate.
  8. FidelioJet

    New Video on Macc; Don't Panic

    Problem is we just saw what Gase could do over the past three years, in our division, and it wasn't pretty.
  9. FidelioJet

    Your vote for the new GM!

    whoever will come in and fire Gase.... Just rip off the whole bandaid here - take the heat but start over and give Darnold the proper organizational structure to succeed.
  10. Good post. You don't compound bad decisions with worse ones - fix the franchise, first thing you need to do is bring in the possible GM you can find....and yes, you can't dictate to him who his coach should be. As far as I'm concerned the sooner we get rid of Gase the better off this franchise will be - but that's not even the point.
  11. FidelioJet

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Why not Manning? What makes anyone think any one of these other knuckleheads we would hire would be any better? At least it'll add some legitimacy to the organization.
  12. I think you're giving CJ way too much credit. As far as I'm concerned there's no rationalizing this. He hired a failure head coach that alienated his players and owner....then allowed a GM to spend $100mm and run the draft..then decided to fire the guy. Just can't look at this and say the guy is anything but a buffoon.
  13. FidelioJet

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    We have a terribly incompetent owner and a nut job head coach. They could certainly fill the job but anyone that has other options will stay away.
  14. FidelioJet

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    Seriously, you guys are all mocking this ... But would anyone be truly shocked if they woke up tomorrow morning and read Bell was traded? Maybe I would be a little surprised but not shocked in the least. This Gase seems like the kind of guy that would trade him out of spite.
  15. Good post OP. While I'm still excited for the season, anyone that doesn't think this will affect the team, players and coaches is wrong. This whole thing is and will be a massive distraction.
  16. FidelioJet

    Tannenbaum on Michael Kay about Gase

    Who was picking the player on those bad fish teams?
  17. FidelioJet

    Tannenbaum on Michael Kay about Gase

    So, I guess we should assume the words of Tannenbaum and Kay are more valuable than the actual facts of his performance as a head coach. I could find countless articles of people praising Mac and Bowles, heck Mac won Executive of the Year. Performance is what matters, not words. Gase's performance as a HC has proven to be bad..
  18. No, I think the concern is that the Jets seemed to have made they fired Mac with a clear plan. On the surface it made this move more palatable to me - They had JD basically locked up. But if it turns the guy they thought they had locked up as part of this plan - stays in Philly. It just shows the further disfunction of this organization.
  19. FidelioJet

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    We actually care about him as a HC - not an OC with possibly the best QB to ever play the game.
  20. FidelioJet

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    Problem is it didn't work out well with this guy last time. Doesn't mean it can't hear but he certainly doesn't seem to have learned any lessons.
  21. What else changed between the periods of allowing Mac to spend $100mm and draft the 3rd pick overall and yesterday? Especially when CJ said he approved every signing and draft pick.
  22. You'd like to think this was already a done deal before Mac was fired.
  23. Agree with everything there - except bolded. IMO Gase was a horrible choice but he's our coach now.
  24. FidelioJet

    Mac fired!

    I didn't really look at it this way - but it does make me feel better. As crazy as Gase might be it's better having him in charge than Chris.
  25. Agreed. Gase was going to pick his guy and by virtually all accounts Joe Douglas is well respected. All we can do now is hope.

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