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  1. Brown is a VERY good run blocker. We won't miss a beat with him
  2. Some of you guys put far too much weight into the salary cap. Yes, it's important for sure. But we still have no superstar that's going to require $30mm a year any time soon. Cap can be manipulated year in and year out ----- we've led the league in cap space for like the past 5 years. It's time to win games and deal with the cap when you have to - be smart but don't build scared!
  3. Yeah, Connor Hughes is a very negative beat writer. The Jets are absolutely a playoff contender. With Brown being here - it'll really come down to two things - Health and ZW. But if they stay healthy and ZW takes a solid step (not massive) the Jets will absolutely be in the playoff mix in Dec.
  4. I do, although, think for that money he moves to RT. Might have had to pay a bit more for that reason alone. I would be surprised if he doesn't.
  5. So next year we're not faced with the same dilemma trying to find a back up T. If Mitchell grows - he can start. If not they can draft another T or sign a high ticket FA - or if they let Fant walk etc.. Ultimately having Brown next year gives the Jet far more options. if JD gave Moses a bit more money and got a two year deal he would be in better shape right now.
  6. There is a close to zero chance JD gets fired after this year - regardless of the record. He is the first GM this team has had that has shown even a basic level of competence in over a decade. JD isn't going anywhere for quite some time and nor should he.
  7. Well, he really did have, essentially, a 3 year plan. Year's 1 and 2 were just cleaning up Mac's mess - And it was necessary if you wanted to finally do this right - It seemed pretty clear W's and L's weren't important the past years. This was always going to be the year it was time to starting building and winning.
  8. You don't develop 5th year back up QB's. If they had faith in him to be a capable back up Flacco wouldn't be here. If he's not capable by his 5th year - he's never going to be.
  9. He'll still be such an unknown that you can't take that chance when you're trying to develop a QB and need to start winning games. Mitchell doing well is great but he's not the answer this year.
  10. I think there's a handful here I would argue with - many mentioned. 1) I think's it's unlikely Mike White makes the 53 - he'll make it to the practice squad 2) Mims will make the team - he's working hard and his upside is big - not worth trading for anything less than a 3rd and they won't get that 3) It's possible Zuniga makes the team, another guy with explosiveness and just maybe has started to put it together (tricky one here because can't see who else you can cut) 4) Possibility Bam Knight over Coleman. 5) No way Wesco makes this roster.
  11. White has been in the league 5 years - he's not some rookie we're developing. They know what he is and he's a 3rd string practice squad QB.
  12. Let Connor host the thing - and bring back Ray Lucas and Coach Westhoff. The three of them in plenty.
  13. yes. This was FA miss - not a draft miss. JD should have had a competent back up in house for Becton - that’s on him for sure and a pretty big miss if he doesn’t come up with a good fix now.
  14. Players change, coaches change, management changes - even owners change. WE the fans are always there.
  15. I wasn't really pointing to you, just referencing the posted concerns with Zach. And a bunch of people in the media and handful on this board.
  16. I stopped watching after the Tenn. game where Wilson put the team on his back to win the game. While he wasn't great - he found a way to make big plays and win. Cut to SNY post game, all excited for some post game win hyped (wins were few and far between so wanted to enjoy a post game) - and there was Bart Scott just bouncing on Zach for getting lucky and really sucking and being selfish etc. He started the show with a 10 minute rant on why Wilson sucks. It was really sad, haven't watched a Jet pre-post game show on the channel since. Won't until Bart Scott is gone.
  17. I wouldn't call the Becton situation a training camp injury in the traditional sense. He was never making past a couple of games, at best, anyway.
  18. of course. Especially in this offense. Go look at Aaron Rodgers numbers - Throw the ball short and let your playmakers do the work. Obviously you have to throw the ball downfield as part of it - but you are correct it is a bullsh*t comment.
  19. Stacking practices is what we've been asking for - he's giving it to you now.
  20. This actually couldn't be further from the truth. Jones is having a very bad camp... In fact most are saying Bailey Zappe has been the best QB in camp.
  21. This is almost certainly what's happening. Mitchell is not the answer this year. Is Brown willing to play RT? Have the Jets offered Brown enough money? I suspect the money is there. My guess is the RT/LT is the issue.
  22. Sure, but don't compound one mistake with another. Seriously, what is one drive going to do for him? If there's a real concern with the OL not being able to protect him then there's no reason to play one series.
  23. Honestly, if those accuracy issues are fixed I think we have our QB. The game was clearly too fast for him last year and offense too complicated. It seems to be slowing down and continue to improve week in and week out. He's not going to be a superstar this year - just still pretty far behind and will have to take some lumps when the bullets are flying, but we'll know we have our guy by the end of this season. Progression is what we want to see. If and only if he can fix the accuracy issues - if when things start to get rough and he throws an INT or two does he fall back into the shell and start short arming the ball and putting it in the dirt. That is really what we won't know until things go bad - and they will, at some point, go bad.
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