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  1. So you think Flacco has stayed 36?
  2. I recently watched both of them play. They were both bad last year... Zach has, by all accounts, looked better - is growing into the role Flacco - by all accounts, is now 37 instead of 36.
  3. I don't see anything in there at all that says the offense has looked the best with Flacco. It had one of its best days - based on the #'s I agree with that - but there were plenty of very strong offensive days with Zach and more importantly those days were coming in batches. The O was really starting to click. All I'm saying is - let's take it for what it is - the looked today with Flacco as the 1. but no reason to say it's looked "best" when he was running it. Just nothing to support that. That is all.
  4. And showing how proud of himself he was for it to come true. We have a strange fan base for sure.
  5. Zach Wilson, IMO, gives the Jets the best chance to do just that.
  6. There is not a bigger Zach Wilson hater on this board (and that's saying A LOT) than Bart Scott is. Any take coming from him with anything to do with Zach Wilson is, IMO, entirely pointless. Flacco looking really good, is a very good thing - I am, by no means against that - it's really nice to see. But so was this offense for the past week prior to Zach's injury. The O looked very good, Zach looked good, WR's looked good etc.. I find it hard to make a definitive statement that it looks the "best" with Flacco. When it's really unfounded.
  7. I don't disagree that's it's no big deal, what I don't agree with it - it's jut a theme on this board with no factual backing. I mean, go ahead and continue to say it - it's fine - good for you. I'll just point out, once in a while, that it's just not true - unless of course it gets to a point where it is.
  8. ONG you! Look I want Wilson to play as soon as possible, but if you want him to sit for precautionary reasons to sit a week or two more - I really don't have a problem with that. My only problem is with the statement that the offense has looked it's "best" under Flacco - we certainly don't know that to be the cause or have we heard anything to suggest.
  9. I would much rather see what Strevelar has than White. He looked great in a half of football - and is coming off a championship professional football season. Mike White has been in the league 5 years - multiple teams, multiple coaching staffs - countless practices and hasn't been able to pass #3 on the depth chart. I'll take 1/2 of a pre-season game and a CFL championship any day over 5 years of 3rd string practices, one good game and one all-time awful game. It's a no brainer Strevelear over White.
  10. No, I think Zach needs to play as much as possible. Flacco isn't the future - Zach needs as many reps as possible. When Zach is ready to play he should play. But that's not really the point - you stated the Offense looked the best it has since Flacco took over and all I'm saying is that's just not true. You might want it to be true - and I can understand that from Jet fans that don't like Wilson. Totally understand why you would want watch games and be happy when the offense succeeds...So I get it. But all I'm saying is - The offense has looked very good the past week - and it's nice to see that carry over.
  11. Landing spot is not even a little bit overrated, in fact it's still probably heavily underrated. Talent and coaching around a young QB is everything. You talk about processing as it's some tangible data point. There are multiple variables in every play that can make the QB's job much easier or harder. If you have WR's that can get open, know the system and coaches that can call the right plays - you have first reads or second reads that are open far more often - and always where they're supposed to be. Giving the QB a much simpler play to work though. When you have an OL that gives the QB more time that matters. We're talking about a second here or a second there that make all the difference in a plays success or failure. This processor as you call it - will continue to get better with reps - with every year, every game, every drop back - it becomes more natural - less thinking and more reacting.. The better place the QB goes will give your QB the time to get there? Making their life easier early, as they grow, means everything. Surely it comes more natural to some that others - or others might be more advanced due to their HS/college career. Agreed. But that doesn't change the fact that 1 - it can be learned and evolved over time and 2. having a strong supporting cast early will immensely help that learning curve and give said QB the time necessary to get to that next level.
  12. What makes you say that? Were you at camp today? If so I would love to hear why you believe that? Last I saw, Wilson was barely throwing incompletion for about a week leading up to the pre-season. Nice to see the offensive consistency continue - great news for our chances week 1 - but I don't know how you can make a statement like that - unless, as I stated you've been at to see the offense perform.
  13. strevelar is the best healthy QB we have.
  14. I would much rather see Srteveler play. He had a great half of football and deserves the chance.
  15. He has more natural talent than any QB we've had around here in a VERY long time. For that reason alone there should be optimism. He had some real issue last year - but it certainly seemed like the largest concerns, he made big strides in fixing . We seem to want to forget about that around here. If we acknowledge he had a very rough start to his career but showed progress against his most major issues - yet he still has a LONG way to go - I think then we have common ground. But if we're just going to say he suckee last year - so he's a long shot to be good and that just be repeated over and over again then we don't. The optimism lies in the upside. He has a top 5 QB skill-set if he can figure this out.
  16. I think "violently" is a bit of overkill - but I get your point.. I react regularly to non-sense/beating-a-dead-drum arguments - the people here that seem to simply dislike this kid and look for any and every reason to attack him - with, quite often, nonsense. Let's talk about his play on the field in a fair debate and you'll find me quite rationale.
  17. Except it's just not true. Not even a little really. Go and look at my posts... I accept the negative and reference it quite often. Surely I look for the positive because I like the kid and even agree I'm a bit biased when discussing ZW. I happen to have really liked Wilson coming out of college and there were just so many here that took a disliking to him long before he made his first throw. It was pretty ugly around here last pre-season. I found myself defending him over utter nonsense like he's going to suck because he was mormon, a blonde has a rich uncle, homophobic slurs, or people telling me he's under 6ft etc...far more than I wanted to - but when we can actually point to numbers I'm all for it - just it's also okay to see the positive too. Note: I'm also not overtly "positive" to all things Jets. If anything I probably skew toward negative - but the ZW hate at this place was out of control before he had a tough rookie year - now, after throwing a stupid pick in pre-seaon - and even though he's shown clear improvement in camp (plenty of data to support that) it's like open season on him all over again..
  18. You love this betting point - but it's not as cute as you think. The shot of ANY QB becoming top QB is miniscule. It's ridiculous to point to Zach and say - I'll bet you he doesn't become a good QB. It's not exactly a good bet on any QB. It's a long shot kinda game. Zach's talent is there and has just as good a shot as any of these guy - but surely still a long way - if you're looking strictly statistically.
  19. Why do you care what I said to Tom? Tom posts a lot of negative material - and I don't think he would argue with that. - that's his schtick - and good for him. I've supported the positive of ZW with plenty of data. The growth he showed was also clear and obvious to anyone that wasn't blinded by their dislike for the kid.
  20. It's an interesting video. Ultimately it comes down to what they're calling processing speed - or from what I can tell - it's more about learning and most importantly trusting the offense. Just do what you're supposed to do and trust it. From many of those clips he was just hesitant to let it go. It was there, he saw it and he held the ball a beat too long. That's not processing speed as much as it is trusting himself, his reads and the offense. Whether he can figure that out or not is a legitimate question. While these guys are more negative than most of these I've seen of him - I get what they're saying and mostly agree.
  21. Surely and completely agree. But it needs to go both ways. If you're consistently just pointing to the negative and refusing to acknowledge the positive that's where my argument is. I think without that chart it was pretty clear to me anyway. He was, far too often, making it hard on his WR's. His placement never seemed to be "perfect" and quite often would require a very good catch on a simple play. But he did seem to solve those big issues after his injury. Not just the yips but the 10 yard ins that seemed to be behind the receivers more than in their hands. He seemed to be putting the ball on target later in the season. He worked through something, got the timing of the offense on track. Showed growth. He's not going to go from what he was last year to a top 5 QB this year - doesn't work that way. It's going to be a process with him. The game will slow down but it's going to take time.
  22. Fair enough - first half Eagles game was, IMO, might have even been better - I think he got the ball two, maybe three times in that second half though. Look, he has a very long way to go to becoming a FQB. But I believer there are reasons to be optimistic that he can turn the corner. First, play smart, controlled football - then evolve and be able to leverage all if his natural tools. Won't happen over night though. Yes, if he's making terrible reads - and putting the ball on WR's back hips or in the helmet ear slots - it will be a real problem. If he comes out doing that early I will be very concerned - and the first here to acknowledge it. And because he's not doing it in practice it would be extra concerning because he just might not be a gamer....just might not be the guy capable of handling the pressure.
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