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  1. So you don't think Carr is a possibility? I mean, I don't think he's particularly "questionable" he's a top NFL QB. But yes, he'll probably cost at least 1 and huge contract. But he's also the kind of guy that win a Super Bowl. I get the sense from Joe that he doesn't have a specific mentality but rather does what's right in the moment.
  2. Uzomah has been the leader of this offense. Doesn't show up on the stat sheet, but he's been a very good signing for a young team.
  3. I bring up Zach's record because he was the worst QB in football and the "team" still managed to go 5-2. If you upgrade at QB - why should we expect anything less? This is about the team - not Mike White or Zach Wilson - this is about the New York Jets franchise. I'm not making an attempt to pit Mike White against Zach Wilson. Mike White can play well and the team still lose - no question...but that would be a disappointment to me. I want the team to win... I'm a fan of the NY Jets - and I see a team with an elite defense, OL help coming back, top WR coming back.. That team should surely match its record it had with a net negative at QB. I mean, maybe Mike White isn't very good, Maybe Zach Wilson had some key moments that helped the team, maybe the defense isn't as good as we think? There could be a lot of reasons why they don't go 5-2.. But for me, I believe Mike White is an upgrade, the defense is as good as advertised...so 5-2 is my expectation.
  4. Fant is coming back, Mitchell is coming back, Herbig is coming back... Corey Davis is coming back....Mike White is now starting. The defense has only been getting better. It's okay to start have real expectations for this team.
  5. if you want to think a 5-2 team, with the worst QB in the NFL shouldn't be expected to do at least that with a major upgrade at QB - then I think that's battered Jet Fan Syndrome. Especially considering we already beat two of those teams and have the Jags, Lions and Bears to play. I'm regularly told this is a Super Bowl level defense, Zach was a net negative...So give me competent QB play, with all of these weapons on offense, an OL getting healthy, top WR coming back and a top 5 defense. If you want to be a playoff team you should be able to win a couple games on the road against other playoff caliber teams. Why should we expect less than that?
  6. I said if feels like a lock for me - in other words it's my expectation. Anything less would be a disappointment for me. The team went 5-2 with the worst QB in football. Why shouldn't we expect to at least match that with an upgrade over that?
  7. Yes. I agree with this. Mike White can perform well and the team still lose. No question. I'm just saying if this team went 5-2 with the worst QB in football going 5-2 down the stretch is a reasonable expectation...
  8. Def. possible. I don't know him or the way he goes about learning. I really don't know his personality. But the team absolutely turned on him. gotta be something wrong there.
  9. IMO - This is very wrong. Mike White's job isn't to do better than Zach Wilson. It's to help the Jets win games. That's it. This is fan non-sense - trying to pit them against each other. Who cares if he beats his stats of the worst QB in football and the Jets lose. What purpose does that serve? Win football games - that, for me, is what's important.
  10. You keep wanting to make this about Zach v. Mike White. I'm not doing that - this isn't about how good Mike White is - this is about expectations of the Jets - not the QB. I would think if the Jets went 5-2 with the worst QB in football...they should be able to, at a minimum, accomplish that with a major upgrade at QB. NFL isn't out puffing your chest out for the QB you like. It's about winning games. We have a Super Bowl defense and with that D - they went 5-2 with the worst QB in the league - how/why should we expect less over the next 7 games?
  11. Zach was the worst QB in football. I'm tired of the low expectations. This team should be 5-2 down the stretch with Mike White. Jags, Lions and Bears - should easily win those ---- The Jets with the worst QB in football beat Buffalo and Miami. Sure they're on the road instead of home - but the Mike White upgrade should be (not for sure) but should be enough to push us over that hump.
  12. Look, I get it. All the variables aren't the same. But, as you stated Zach was the worst QB in all of football (except Pickett) I'm making an assumption and maybe it's presumptuous but I am going to make it - that Mike White won't be the 2nd worst QB in all of football...and assuming that's true... The only way I see it is anything less than a 5-2 record would be a disappointment, at least to me it would be. That's all I'm saying. Now, I'm not suggesting it's a failure of a season if we don't, but my expectation is to at least match the W/L record of the 2nd worst QB in the league. The Jets should win 11 game this year. And surely be a threat in the playoffs.
  13. Sounds a lot like Matt Stafford. Good, super talented player - that puts up big numbers every year - but stuck in a sh*tty organization that can't get out of their own way.
  14. nah. I'm a Jet fan - and want the team to win. I don't hate players or feel the need to pile on them when they underperform. This isn't personal for me - right now, I want to see Mike White play good football and will support him. Many here had and seemingly still do have a personal agenda against Zach Wilson. I do not. I've accepted he just can't cut - I gave him every benefit of the doubt for sure. But he's just not ready. and I'm ready to watch the team with a new QB.
  15. Another question... Will Justin Fields beat his season high of 208 passing yards against the Jets?
  16. As it should. There is no way this team should lose to the Bears. It would mean a total collapse of the defense. Hard to believe that will happen.
  17. I think the better question is will Mike White match Zach's W/L record? Zach played 7 games - there are 7 games left. I'm pretty confident he will. 5-2 down the stretch seems like a lock. Anything less would be a massive disappointed.
  18. Zach is history now. We know ZW was 5-2 as a starter - and we know he was a net negative to the team. We know Mike White is an upgrade, at worst he's competent - with all other things being equal, including our dominant defense. How could we see it any other way? 5-2 down the stretch or something went terribly wrong.
  19. Yup. Piling on Zach Wilson has become a trend started by Jet fans. I mean he's not even the starter anymore and there are still at least 3 threads at the top of this board attacking him. He's done, it's over - we should move on.
  20. With Mike White being such a big upgrade over Zach Wilson - we really should expect, at a minimum, to be 5-2. Anything less would surely be a let down.
  21. Yeah. Very happy with the first half. Didn’t look outmanned at all. Felt like YS was a little sloppy. But still solid.
  22. I think the point is I'm done taking about Zach Wilson until/if/when he's the starter again. It's not about him anymore.
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