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  1. Oh the knots we're tying ourselves into right now....
  2. I am sorry. But this is almost entirely wrong. I’m in my phone so I really can easily go back and pull up posts. But I’m pretty sure after the Pitt game you acknowledge he played well (amongst many others) But needs to do it again to prove he doesn’t suck. The literal information is there from you guys - go look at what you said then. And compare that to what you’re saying now - which is that he actually sucked in Pitt So what’s been happening since the second half of last year - it’s been “okay he played well, it’s the first time he’s done that - now let’s see him do it again) There’s about 5 times that’s been said It’s actually gotten comical at this point. When you go and see - what you actually said post Pitt and compare it to what you’re saying now - then you might start to recognize that the Psycosis just might be real. You’re twisting things so tightly to hold an almost religious belief that Zach Wilson sucks at all costs - that you’re missing the fun of a young team growing.
  3. So is your argument that because Sam Darnold hit a wall all QB's will? Is that honestly what you're saying? I think now we have three examples in Allen, Hurts and Tua - all playing borderline top 10 level QB in the NFL that all struggled mightily their rookie years...showed growth but still a lot of work to do in their second - and hit their stride in year 3..... The reality is Sam was getting better. Until he stopped. That's how it works. QB's start of place A.....and progress....Where that progression stops (or slows to an unnoticeable level) is who the QB is. As of now Zach is continuing to get better and showing clear growth as an NFL QB. Your inability to see that is precisely my point.
  4. We finally agree on something. The hate for this kid was born pre-draft and has become a borderline religion. Nothing positive from him can be tolerated. Anything positive must be immediately explained away or called an aberration. Anything negative is really who he and should screamed and repeated over and over again. Whereas, Jet fans that like their QB - take a reasonable position where they understand he has a long way to go - and still a lot to learn - but see legitimate positive growth and real reasons for optimism.
  5. You're stating that an NFL Punter is as important as an NFL QB...People actually agree with this view. And you're acting like you're not living in some type of eco-chamber of hate. I would ask you guys to really start checking yourselves. But I know you're incapable of it.
  6. My favorite part.. around 11:58 mark. Discussing players pre-draft "If Josh Allen runs out of the pocket, this mother ****er can catch him" Prophetic!
  7. Yes, it would be hard to imagine missing the playoffs with a win here.
  8. It's because he held out 4 out of 5 years on the team. Bringing him back the second time was Woody's big mistake. When he stole the Jets money for two years. Took Woody's money and came back showing little to no effort. Revis showed no respect, whatsoever, to the team and its fan base.
  9. Sorry, still can't stand Revis and it sickens me we're putting him in the Ring of Honor. There is, literally, nothing honorable about that man (from a Football standpoint) that I can tell. How any of your can consider him a "Jet" is truly beyond my understanding..
  10. You've been somewhat fair, but the bolded is now the 3rd time we've heard that same statement. People just can't keep saying - well, he was good last week but we need to see it again - When saying something like that every other week it starts to lose credibility. It just proves my Psychosis thesis. Look, I'm not saying he's been great. He hasn't. I'm not he's anywhere near where he needs to be to be the franchise QB we need. He still has a long way to go - but we're seeing steady growth. It's not going to be exactly linear. Struggling against the best DC in the history of the NFL - who's notorious for giving young QB's trouble shouldn't really surprise anyone. Two steps forward - one step back....It always what should be expected. But he's been solid, done what's being asked of him to win football games and has shown vast improvement. It's the sh*t I've read for two weeks telling me he's regressed, he's the worst QB in football...and somehow a 3-7 QB with worse throwing numbers is now a top a 10 QB. It's absurd on its face and I will continue to call it out.
  11. Honestly, I haven't seen Washington play so it's tough to say and don't really know how they're winning. I try not to pretend I know something by simply looking a few numbers on a page. With that said he's a 5th year vet - doing enough to win so I surely wouldn't be calling him a bum. Looks to be playing solid football. Let him win 2 more in a row and that will start to be truly impressive.
  12. Do you really believe that? I think that's incredibly naive. The kid is 5-1 and still a bum by most.
  13. Good one! Had to look that one up I do believe the latter has some merit. I must readily admit I may simply be much smarter than most and not recognizing that many of you simply lack the mental capacity to appreciate how the Jets are trying to win. The Dunning-Kruger effect occurs when a person's lack of knowledge and skills in a certain area cause them to overestimate their own competence. By contrast, this effect also causes those who excel in a given area to think the task is simple for everyone, and underestimate their relative abilities as well.
  14. He's mostly referencing Jet fans and I completely agree. Some of us get what they're trying to do - to some of us it's rather obvious. While others are simply incapable of seeing it.
  15. He's not a cheap one - and seems willing to spend. So, when he has a good GM and stays out of his way - then sure, he's a good owner. But this is the first time he's ever done that.
  16. Dude, your psychosis runs so deep you're making a complete non sequitur to support your hate of Zach Wilson. How does the Kelce Bothers liking Sauce Gardner having ANYTHING to do with Jet fans hating Zach Wilson?
  17. Psychosis. Y'all are incapable of seeing it - so it's pointless for me to continue to try.
  18. Yes, but for a QB wins and losses don't matter. From what I understand from the Jet fan base - losses but throwing for a lot of yards is better than going 5-1. Seems strange that the one game Jet fans are really killing Zach for is the one he three for 355 yards. Just wonder if the Jet DIDN'T have a good running and DIDN'T have a good defense...what type of stats Zach would be putting up. I suspect he would be throwing for a heck of a lot more yards. BUT...the Psychosis around doesn't allow Jet fans to see the reality of the situation.
  19. It was always going to get worse before it got better. Think of it as an NFL rebuild. For your sake I would love to see it happen as I agree you'll pull a lot of Jets Twitter here - but... Twitter is a monster and isn't going anywhere.
  20. This might literally be the worst post of the year!
  21. There's the Pyscosis. Now, I no you (like most others here) are incapable of seeing it (due to the Psycosis) but what is the single most important stat for QB's in the NFL? What is their actual goal? Then ask yourself why you believe Zach has been the worst at it. I know the math will be tough to penetrate your blockage but I'll try and help with this on.
  22. The Psychosis is too strong around here. It doesn't matter how well he plays. He won't be able to do enough to be deemed a good QB by Jet fans... Sad and unfortunate.
  23. I thought I explained that at the beginning of this thread. All part of Jet Fan Anti-Zach Psychosis.
  24. Nah... What I call it is the Jet fan "Anti-Zach Psychosis" How do you reconcile: I hate Zach Wilson and he sucks with He's 5-1 as a starter - and the Jets are a good team right now The only way to do that is to continue to convince yourself that somehow the most important position in all of sports actually really sucks and it's only because the team around is why they're winning. It's utter non-sense. And all y'all just can't see through your own hatred of the kid (yes, I'm using the word hatred) I believe you and many others are so self-righteous about your position - because you actually believe it. So this obnoxious, sanctimonious attitude is, I guess, okay. Because you truly do believe it. You're literally incapable of seeing the positive. You dug in so deep long before the draft - That Zach's a bust. That it's become clear to me that removing this psychosis might be near impossible.
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