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  1. Honestly, if those accuracy issues are fixed I think we have our QB. The game was clearly too fast for him last year and offense too complicated. It seems to be slowing down and continue to improve week in and week out. He's not going to be a superstar this year - just still pretty far behind and will have to take some lumps when the bullets are flying, but we'll know we have our guy by the end of this season. Progression is what we want to see. If and only if he can fix the accuracy issues - if when things start to get rough and he throws an INT or two does he fall back into the shell and start short arming the ball and putting it in the dirt. That is really what we won't know until things go bad - and they will, at some point, go bad.
  2. What's so interesting about this...two things are happenings: 1) Last year - Zach sucks - because against pressure he was trying to do too much 2) Camp this year - Zach sucks because he went 7-11 under immense pressure - didn't do enough to make plays. Comical the extent to which "Jet Fans" will go to hold onto their Zach Wilson hate.
  3. By ALL accounts this was the OL looking pitiful yesterday. Sacks became primarily the fault of QB's last year for some reason. Strange occurrence. If Zach was holding the ball too long we would know about it - it drives clicks more than anything else on these twitter accounts. Zach did everything he could yesterday - and is showing immense progress. You can live your world of trying to find ways Zach played poorly. I'll never understand this - but I guess good for you if this makes you happy.
  4. Are you suggesting the sacks were Wilson's fault - even though there is only one mention on one play that Zach held the ball too long? Do you have inside information? Or Are you acknowledging how impressive it was to go 7-11 in the face of such a rush? To me, that's very impressive growth from Zach Wilson - not trying to do too much, take what's there and move the ball where you can. I thought that's what everyone was screaming for?
  5. His knees were never going to hold up. Maybe he doesn't get rolled up on makes it through year 2 - but it was just a matter of time. @SAR Iused to call him a meetball on toothpicks. I hate to say it but it sure does seem like he was correct - and his concerns were 100% valid.
  6. Sure, I don't think there's any question about it - much worse than pretty bad. So was his first year of free agency. But you have to look at how work in the aggregate to make a determination about him as a GM. All of the variables have been mentioned in this thread already - but ultimately, to me, if feels like growing pains. With that said - that's all in the pats - going forward I feel very confident in him as the GM - and I think that's really what matters.
  7. They'll be a T available in the first round next year if he really wants one.
  8. Sure, but the Jets now have a LT that was fine last year in protecting the QB - and even better if they bring in Brown who was an all-pro last year. The Jets OL will be fine - and now we have a potential superstar CB.
  9. Not really the point - anyone can just throw out some random numbers to prove some random point.
  10. If Saleh gets to 12 wins this year he would have the most wins by any HC in over 20 years. What's your point?
  11. There is literally nothing to point to Zach holding the ball too long - one play in 8 sacks today was highlighted as such.
  12. Sure we can. It means a lot. Completing passes in the face of a very good pash rush is a big step forward for Zach. Getting rid of the ball - moving it forward (there were certainly reports of first downs and getting into positive territory) So going 7-11 and not looking particularly impressive is still a major step forward. A year ago he doesn't go 7-11 under that kind of pressure...He goes 3 for 11 and people like me are defending him because there was too much pressure to be effective. In a game where the OL has really bad moments - being able to move the ball - even to midfield and punt it deep is a big deal for QB's to be able to do.
  13. That's where we are now... Zach going 7-11 isn't a good day for him anymore. Big steps forward.
  14. Well, one of his starting T's went down for the season yesterday - with no viable back-up. He better be on the phone all day today.
  15. because he got sacked so many times in the scrimmage? I certainly didn't hear of any - nor did I see any in those where he would have been sacked. It's okay, I promise - people won't think any less of you if you acknowledge Zach has been better this year and looking better than good the past week or so.
  16. The way that kid looks right now - anyone saying otherwise isn't paying attention. We don't need a 1st round RT.
  17. This is 100% correct. Last year we heard that all the time - how he was holding the ball too long. It's not like the media would be protecting him. That doesn't seem to be the case year..and in this scenario it was the last of the 5th sack in a row. Can't really even blame the kid for wanting to make something happen. Good for Zach - bad for the OL
  18. Because the Jets needed a lot of other things too. There's nothing in the rule book that says you need your Tackles to be first round picks. Duane Brown will be fine and give the Jets plenty of time to figure out what to do next year.
  19. I'm pretty sure he's done for the season. I imagine he'll have a shot again next year - but will come in as a back-up.
  20. Well, Fant was good at LT last year - but he's played RT and Brown was a pro-bowl LT last year. They move Fant to RT, who will be fine there - and allow Brown to play the position he has for the past 14 years.
  21. Yes, this is step 1 as it locks in a 2021 pro-bowl LT. You can move Fant back to RT... and now we need to make a trade for a NFL caliber swing T/back up.
  22. Blaming the GM before you see what the roster looks like to start the season is flawed logic. While I agree, I had little faith Becton would play this year (I hoped he would) I'm not going to judge JD until I see what he does now. You really don't know if he has trades in place for this contingent (which is certainly possible) and he's about to sign a 2021 pro-bowl LT to the roster. Let's see what he does before we judge him.
  23. Jsut another camp body. We're still getting two tackles.
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