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  1. Me? When have I accused Saleh of not speaking the truth? I'm not a conspiracy theorist. Unless I see something to have me believe otherwise, I have no reason to think he's lying.
  2. This really is just crazy. #3 overall pick, who's one of the top players at his position in the league is sitting 38% of the snaps. It hard to really understand what's going on in their minds.
  3. A full season of talent that he has now with then play from the last quarter of the season last year - and we're in business. With this talent, if he played like he did in Tampa every week (with close to no NFL caliber talent) We are a Super Bowl contender.
  4. I believe we've had a lead for :21 all year.
  5. I tend to agree. I think they're over thinking this. In theory it's a nice idea - but the reality is, sports is a momentum thing. It's hard to get into a groove if you're only playing half the downs. I get they need a break, but come on - the 5th best ranked DT in football is sitting over 35% of the downs. That's insane.
  6. JFM only inside. Clemmons can play inside too if needed. Huff should play - that is all. We need someone that can get around a T.
  7. Make Huff active, Shepherd inactive.. give the remaining IDL an extra 10% more snaps - taking all of Nate's... Solves three problems there.. 1) More speed on the edge 2) No Nate Shepard 3) Better players getting more reps
  8. Is that really what you took from that :19 sound bite. That Robert Saleh isn't confident in Zach Wilson? But it's people that want to see Zach do well are the ones twisting themselves into knots... Very strange....
  9. He can return from IR next week. I expect he'll be back next week.
  10. Because it is full steam ahead... It's JetNation conspiracy theorist that turn nothings into somethings. Saleh's not that smart - he's not manipulating anything or anyone - he's just talking like a person.
  11. Yes, the OL is a mess right now. It would be juvenile to not expect this to hurt the offense. When you're down to a 4th string LT and a 4th round rookie starting at RT - there's reason for concern. And there should be... But - it shouldn't be a reason Zach doesn't play well. He'll have a harder time - but he has the tools to succeed with this OL. A strong OL would clearly help - I think everyone will acknowledge that... But Zach has the WR/RB's to move the ball...
  12. In fairness, Darnold actually makes an impact on the game. Q does not. I mean sure, he's a little better than the other guys - but QW is not an impact player.
  13. Eh.,.. It's a dumb article. I don't think any fans are buying into it. Moreover if you actually read the article, the headline isn't really what he's saying. Zach has to play well. McDermott or not.
  14. I don't agree. Admitting one's mistakes and moving on from them is admirable. Becton wasn't playing this year - and anyone paying attention knew that.
  15. This is the big question. Was Zach's progress a function of having no chance to go downfield - so he played conservative and din't throw int's... Or Did Zach evolve and would have been far more productive had he had NFL caliber talent around him? I think it's the latter for sure - reason is - even if you look at the Eagles game or the Bucs game - he kept the team in the games - each of those games he kept the team within a score in the 4th quarter. Played smart football. Zach is going to shock a lot of people around here next week. It won't be mistake free but he's going to be good.
  16. And he back up plan was a 37 year old.
  17. yes. The Fant we were seeing wasn't very good. McDermott was kinda okay at the end of last year. He'll be fine.
  18. I guess we're just going to have to disagree on this one. I simply see no evidence that Zach doesn't want to play - in fact all of the evidence is to the contrary. Players, Gm's, coaches, inside sources and Zach himself (who week one said he would play if the team allowed it) If this was Zach simply refusing to play we would know it - people in the locker room would talk - it would leak. The team wants him 100% (well they said 110%) and they've said over and over again. I'm not sure why that is so hard for people to believe - why does there have to be a conspiracy?
  19. This is probably right and probably what happened in week 1... And it's just downright silly. At this point don't over think this - just announce he's starting and get ready. He's not fooling anyone. Kinda like this DL rotation thing - Does Saleh have to be the smartest guy in the room?
  20. This is beyond incorrect. And literally just making sh*t up...It is actually @TomShane level stuff. Wilson was NEVER benched. I'm curious - maybe you can point it out - what game did he miss because he was benched? Zach Wilson wasn't drafted because of who he played or on what team he played. Zach Wilson was drafted because of his skill-set. He has elite traits required to be a top 10 NFL QB. Those guys are hard to find and when one is found - they're drafted early. Lastly, I can assure you - Steve Young's advice to Zach Wilson isn't that he probably sucks so just save your money and retire. That entire post is beyond nonsense, one of the worst takes I've seen and there have been some doozy's around here.
  21. Breece Hall, to me has been a disappointment. I loved the pick and was begging for it - but so far I've seen nothing "special" about him. He looks good out of the backfield..But, to your point, doesn't seem strong enough between the tackles - and not showing the burst I expected to see. Seems like he'll be a quality back - but you don't trade up high into the second round for a quality back. You're looking for Special. Not saying he can't be more than what he's been in the first three weeks, but so far I'm not impressed.
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