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  1. I agree, no biggie about the argument... But QW was wrong - they weren't getting there with 4...and even when they did - Burrow simply rolled out and made a play then. I see no issue with blitzing there, in fact they probably need to blitz more - simply because the front 4 isn't getting it done.
  2. I think the second part of your statement is very fair. He needs to show he's FQB worthy. First part is where I'll disagree - the reality of what he was playing with was tough to truly gauge how far he really came. Watching the Bucs game, the Eagles game, even the Jags game... He was a different player - completely. If you have time go rewatch weeks 1-4 or so..watch the way he played, the way he moved, his accuracy etc... Then go back and watch the last 4 weeks - he was entirely different player...mostly from a composure stand point. And that translated to better decisions - better footwork (therefor better accuracy and just looking like an NFL QB. That is all I'm saying - it's more than the numbers - and it's why I'm so confident in what he's going to do with the talent around him right now.
  3. Zach Wilson is less than $8mm against the cap. It's not enough to just attack him on his play - now we're just making sh*t up about him. Wilson's base pay for 2022 will be 2,257,758 dollars, and he will have a cap hit of 7,988,791 dollars https://www.marca.com/en/lifestyle/celebrity-net-worth/2022/08/07/62ef74a3ca47416f7b8b4596.html
  4. I believe this to be incorrect. There are people seriously dug in on this one. I think you're right with most players.. But for some reason - that I really don't understand, there are people that never liked Zach and it will take a year maybe 2 of denying his quality play before they will have to reluctantly accept it. He's going to be good against the Steelers - but surely he'll make some mistakes - and those mistakes will be what many focus on. You'll see. Watch it.
  5. That is the way the dug in are going to see it. This will happen - I can assure you. Zach will play well - and instead of Jet Fans being excited about it, this board will be full of people finding reasons that he wasn't good. He clearly progressed in many ways over the last quarter of the season. He fixed many of his the reasons for his failures early. If you choose to look at the progress he made last year and put a negative spin on it - so be it. It just must be tough.
  6. I don't think most people disagree with others taking that position. It's that it takes over every thread and is relentless.
  7. To be fair. I'm being told if ZW isn't a top 10 QB - then it's a colossal failure...you're counting some guys in there that won't touch top 10 status.
  8. I agree. Completely. As an example: Lawrence looks like he's really progressing Fields looks like he's probably not the guy It's early still but that's surely the way it seems to be going. I think it's fair to hold Zach to a similar standard..
  9. Yes, we should. I'm not sure why this is so hard for y'all to just accept. Find me a fan of Zach on this board that hasn't said he was mostly bad last year. Find me one that has said they don't expect/require him to show real progress this year? It's just the incessant, repetitive - Zach sucks in literally every thread. I honestly can't think of a thread I've been in that didn't skew into Zach Sucks. If that's what you guys want this board to be - then I'll stop fighting it.
  10. And you guys act like QB's don't get better. A young QB, from a relatively small school, starts on a young team - has a tough first 7 of 8 games - shows real progress over the last quarter of the season... And it's impossible that progress continues. It's like he's wronged you guys in another life or something. Zach's coming back next week and he's going to play - we'll know more over the next couple of weeks. The animosity toward him at this point is really just strange....
  11. You guys are just too much. 4th string T about to start... And somehow this one turns into a bash ZW thread. Comical. The kid hasn't even played yet and he's being attacked.
  12. You're suggesting that this quote: "We talk about the coaching because no one wants to talk about Zach being the biggest bust since Ryan leaf" is discussing the coaching staff's objective to develop a QB? Just another thread derailing comment - which has nothing to do with the thread topic.
  13. Surely, don't disagree. But there are well over a dozen threads that already exist to continue to announce he sucks.....or even go start a new one Just not every thread (in this case about the coaching staff) doesn't need to attack Wilson.
  14. There's a JetNation rule - Every thread, regardless of topic, has to turn into a Zach Sucks thread.
  15. And the go and do that ridiculous research on J. Allen or Mahomes or Stafford or etc... They've all been injured. especially when you're talking about sprains. Zach is going to be fine. The NFL protects these guys - Just sit back. We have our future and it's going to be fun!
  16. I can appreciate this point. I really can. And I think, as a fan, it's justifiable.... I just don't think there's been enough to call him injury prone. But I get it.
  17. There is literally nothing to support this. It's one injury that ha held him back. I get the trepidation and it's understandable - but this is an exaggeration.
  18. I'm not sure Defense in the NFL matters a whole lot anymore. Not to win big. Saleh is going to have to figure this out, but playing from behind is tough for his defense. Bring on ZDubs...and we'll finally start having some leads...
  19. Guys, rough night tonight... But we have our QB going next week. What you're all going to see next week is our future... Just sit tight and y'all going to know we have our guy. Future is coming and it's going to be a lot fun!!!!!
  20. This offense is a good QB away...and Zach Wilson is that guy.
  21. Everyone relax. The ZDubs comes back next week and y'all going to see a different team. Just hold tight....
  22. if JFM plays another down this week I want to fire Saleh.
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