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  1. You're completely taking that out of context. I have no problem with highlighting ZW's bad plays along with the good. It's just pointing out that White and Flacco surely are missing too - but they're simply not be tweeted because no one cares. We only see their positives because it's showcasing the WR's (that we do care about)
  2. Becton and Mims as two pretty good examples.
  3. If you go by tweets about White and Flacco they are literally perfect. I haven't seen a single tweet mentioning they missed anything. That's because they're irrelevant and any mention of them is to highlight the WR's. Every ZW miss is highlighted by tweets because it garners massive interest from miserable Jet fans.
  4. I don't know. Robert Saleh has clearly shown he has no problem with calling out players he's not happy with.
  5. No. Not even remotely true. In fact when he did come back he was still banged up - probably should have sat out an additional week. If anything they rushed him back.
  6. Andy you know this from Connor Hughes Tweets? Because it seems the entire coaching staff and his teamates are saying the exact opposite. That he has, in fact, improved greatly. His command of the offense, his decision making, his leadership skills - have all improved.
  7. Good - fair and accurate article. https://nypost.com/2022/08/02/jets-fans-need-to-be-patient-with-zach-wilson/?utm_source=twitter_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons Jets fans need to be patient with Zach Wilson By Steve Serby August 2, 2022 10:13pm The pass was over the middle and it fell at the feet of Garrett Wilson. “C’mon, Zach!” a fan shouted from the bleachers. That is Zach Wilson’s world — each and every pass examined and evaluated whether it is the second day of August or the first day of the start of his second season and beyond. The kid had a decent day Tuesday, following some “C’mon Zach” moments on preceding days, and understandably patience is less of a virtue for long-suffering Jets fans after their latest Chosen One endured his rookie growing pains. But, “C’mon, Jets fans! Just chill, baby.” You’re a masochist if you start pulling your hair out this long before the Sept. 11 regular-season opener. That’s when we’ll truly begin learning whether the progress the Jets insist Wilson is continuing to make is more than wishful thinking. I get it: When your franchise quarterback is drafted second overall, when your franchise won its only Super Bowl on Jan. 12. 1969, you have every right to expect Wilson to be special, and granted, there have only been flickers and flashes of special lighting up his second training camp. BREAKING: There exists film of a young Tom Brady being intercepted during training camp, and hearing a “C’mon, Tom!” from Patriots fans, and probably from Bill Belichick as well. Wilson came out of BYU with high expectations for himself, and nothing has changed. “Whether you hit them or not, I think you always gotta strive to be better and to challenge yourself and to always want to be the best,” Wilson said. “Practice has always been frustrating ’cause I feel like I can go out there and be perfect on every play which is unrealistic, nobody’s gonna do that. … I think that’s why football’s so exciting and so challenging is because you always have something you want to get better at.” A “C’mon, Zach!” moment surfaced when he threw wide on a gimme over the middle for C.J. Uzomah. And on the final play of practice, when he ate the ball in the face of a blitz fourth-and-5 from the 5 and never targeted his tight end. C’mon, Zach! “I want to be able to just to stick it on him there,” Wilson said. “Hopefully he falls in the end zone. But that’s why we ran the play, it was for that exact reason, so I’m excited to try and learn from that one.” So much still to learn. So little time. But still time. “I think every little bit of every area I gotta just improve at just being an NFL quarterback,” Wilson said. “Whether that’s being an accurate passer within the pocket, getting the ball out of my hands quickly to our playmakers, or improvising and going off schedule, and making an easy play, whether that’s running it for 5 or just dishing off to a checkdown for 5 yards.” A smiling Zach Wilson stretches during Jets practice. Bill Kostroun Everyone in Jets camp agrees that Wilson has greater command of the offense and the huddle, and is a more vocal leader. “You kind of look at it as, ‘How was that play in general? Did you make the right decision on each play?’ ” Wilson said. “That’s kind of how we judge it in the quarterback room, I think that’s the best way to do. We’re just trying to improve each and every play.” Keep up with the most important sports news Sign up for Starting Lineup for the biggest stories. Enter your email address By clicking above you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The arm talent and improvisational gifts have been on display from Day 1, but of course Raiders bust JaMarcus Russell had arm talent, too. “I’m just trying to improve each day and feel like every day I’ve learned a bunch,” Wilson said, “and I think we’re getting better as a unit, so I’m excited about it.” He burns to be great. The Jets believe he is made of the right stuff. New York doesn’t scare him. “I just don’t have the social media on my phone,” Wilson said. “I want to be locked into what’s going on in our field and in our meeting rooms. … Even parents sometimes can be a distraction.” He has a good head on his shoulders. Let him breathe. Let him grow. 5 What do you think? Post a comment. “He’s getting better,” head coach Robert Saleh said. In the heat of summer, “C’mon, Jets fans! Just chill, baby.”
  8. I mean if he can still make $5mm or so a year for the next 5 years - to just practice football I think he would be crazy not to do that... but I hear ya.
  9. Sadly, there are a few here rejoicing in it too.
  10. This is correct. People continue to just paint narratives that really don't exist - or ones they want to see. Moreover, they're almost entirely based on tweets from reporters - with very little video evidence. In fact, with all the videos I've seen here or on twitter - not a single one shows ZW missing a receiver (a couple on incompletions on covered guys - but no "misses") Now I'm sure there are misses but little reason to believe he's regularly inaccurate with no pressure. Now, I must admit the thought it worries me - as he did do a lot of that early last year, it was ugly for a while - but he did seem to fix it late in the season. Who the F knows!!!! But let's at least try and not make stuff up.
  11. FidelioJet


    Very good post. Mac was completely lost - with no coherent plan at all - but to your point - he drafted scared. He always seemed to take the safe consensus pick. JD is far more of a home run swinger - JD seems to understand to win a championship you need impact players. They may be riskier picks (or he seems eager to trade up to get his guy) - but if they hit - you can build a team that can be special. We really don't know if this overall team will grow together but surely JD is drafting to win.
  12. Yes, I agree - I think things are being a bit overblown because of last year. QB's miss throws - that's the nature of the NFL - even 65% completion rate means 35% of them are incomplete. By all accounts he's playing faster and been mostly good during practice. I would be willing to wager - at least from the tweets we've seen - that during these live team drills he's near 65% throughout camp. With that said, when we hear he missed an open TE in the flat for no reason it scares me...
  13. Huff was in the backfield a lot last year when he was healthy - put sacks aside he impressed me.. Surely I'm not seeing what the coaches are - so we'll see. Just my take from what I can tell.
  14. This is it. And it really is the accuracy on the routine stuff that really seem to be the issue. The good news is - that was never a problem with him before. The Bad news is - he was never asked to play at this speed before. When all is said and done -IMO - it's going to be about the ice in the veins things -- The throws I'm referencing are ones that most high school QB's should make - but when Zach feels pressure (I'm talking mental and well as psychical) can he get past that? Can he step up and trust himself to put the ball where it needs to be? He was terrible with it early, seemed to have cleared it up later in the year.
  15. Nah. Same sh*t over and over again by the same handful of people. Go to the Zach Wilson sucks threads and continue to post about how he'll never be consistent - and he's a bust and how great Mike White is - it's fine, we just don't need any more threads on the same topic. If there's some new reason to bash Zach Wilson please then create a new thread....but until then just take to the dozens that already exist.
  16. I can't imagine Zuniga making the roster. There's just too much talent at edge right now. I'm one of the few around here that really liked the pick - but I just don't see how he doesn't get cut.
  17. The point is - this story and subsequent article has been posted on this site times already. It's only purpose to start another thread on it are two fold. 1) The thread starter wants to be cool too 2) The thread starter is a troll Simply address the issues concerned in one of the many, many, many threads here attacking Zach Wilson. They're not hard to find.
  18. Ah and there's that Brady again. Might be a great QB - but NOT a good person.
  19. What confuses me here is "both of his passes" Why the hell is he only getting two passes? Is he in a QB competition we don't know about?
  20. I wish I was as confident as I should be. These short passing game misses are really starting to worry me.
  21. I really do think ultimately, from everything we've seen of him, Zach being a bust or an NFL star is going to come down to his ability to consistently make routine throws. I know it's strange saying that - but that what I think we have right now.
  22. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the following happened over the coming days... 1) Roger turned this into a full-season suspension 2) Watson doesn't appeal and 3) That the NFL and Watson knew this was exactly how this would play out. think about it... Watson already protected himself economically for a full-year suspension (6 games vs. full year has a relatively small impact on his guaranteed income) No matter what the suspension there would be people that would be pissed. This allows the NFL to make a statement that we didn't let him off easy. He got six weeks, we made it a year - tough on sexual predators. This would allow Watson to take the season - and not object - showing some level of contrition
  23. I'm not a big fan of him - as I find him to be a bit of a troll. But this is a nice move for him for sure. Covering the Jets and Giants, on TV. Hopefully SNY starts to produce some better NYJ content. Maybe they can start with fixing the Jets post game show - I used to love it but the past couple of years it has become unwatchable.
  24. I honestly doubt it. If Watson was a 28 year old RB and not a 26 year old QB - he would be Ray Riced out of the league too. This is simply shameless by the NFL, ESPN, The Cleveland Browns and seemingly a large portion of the overall fan base.
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