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  1. yes, I get it. If we had Cousins this is a super bowl caliber team. Still...old habits die hard.
  2. Should Cousins be benched? He doesn't look good against a BB defense...I say yet. Sick his ass.
  3. Daniel Jones is not a good NFL QB. That's all I'm saying. Don't tell me the Jets would be better with Jones, because they wouldn't 't be.
  4. So, with Jones as the Jets QB - Jets are better than 5-2?
  5. He might be better than ZW - but the Jets are not better than 5-2 with Danny than they are ZW. He's not a good NFL QB. This isn't protection of Zach - it's just Danny Dimes is bad.
  6. Honestly, is this serious? They are protecting Danny almost as the Jet have protected ZW. He's awful and this O is all about SB.
  7. Buffalo is not the same as last year’s team. Jets messed them up This division is wide open.
  8. You can run on this BIll's D. Hopefully the rest of the league catches up to this.
  9. He is probably very helpful on the scout team this week. Doing his best Justin Fields impersonation. Dude is fast and should be active if for no other reason than a spark if nothing else is working.
  10. I don't think Strev will be active. Flacco will be the back up.
  11. It all comes down to his inability to handle pressure. All of it. I believe his problems begin and end there. He looks at the rush, takes his eyes off of the routes, screws up the timing and his feet. So he's behind on his reads, loses sight of the coverage, and his feet or off enough that his accuracy pays a big price. If he can somehow learn to trust his OL, be willing to take big hits and get a feel for the rush from the outside - he can be a very good NFL QB. I just don't see this type of thing as fixable. I surely hope I'm wrong.
  12. Would love to see a package with him. Jets just don't seem interested in doing that though.
  13. The Darnold trade was a great move. Don't like the Zach pick, fine...But keeping Sam made no sense. Getting a 2 for him was a coup.
  14. Or.... Conspiracy answer: They love Mike White and want him to be the future...but had to get Zach out of the way. Let Zach play through the Murderer's Row of defenses he just had to deal with, including the greatest defensive mind in history of the game -twice in 3 games...knowing after this gauntlet Zach would do enough poorly to be able to pull him... Just in time to bring Mike White to play out the season against mostly the garbage of NFL defense.
  15. Tough take here. What do you want the kid to do? I mean he can't win with some of you. I'm sure he didn't want to have this press conference, so with that - he said the only things he could say. He accepted responsibility and apologized. What happened is over and he's saying the only things he could say. No need to pile on here..
  16. I didn't get contempt at all. From everything I can tell he likes Zach and appreciates him as a competitor. With that said your third point is really worrisome. I think just about all of his problems come down to his inability to stand in the pocket, keep his eyes downfield and step into his throws without fear of taking the hit. I believe it all stems from that - the footwork, the lack of accuracy and even his ability to read defenses. Honestly, that can't be taught either - I don't even think it's a toughness issue, at least not a conscious one. You're either built to stand in the pocket and take that hit or you're not. It's very well possibly he's just not. Surely I can be wrong and certainly hope I am - but this is a serious concern.
  17. I mean imagine if Becton comes back too. Think about Breece Hall behind AVT and Becton - holy sh*t
  18. Hopefully we can start having fun around here.. With Zach out - there should't be a whole lot of controversy around here - bur rather just this whole board pulling in one direction.
  19. Yeah, 1+ is probably right and I would have zero problem giving up two 1's for him. The Jets have a young, super talented roster - that can afford Carr and all the young guys, while they're on rookie contracts. Now is the time to go all-in on winning a Super Bowl. You'll have a 4 window to get it done before all the big contracts come up and Carr gets old. This is what all the rebuilds are for - when the time is right to make a run you go for it. It's time to go for it!
  20. Like it or not. It starts Sunday. How long it lasts is a big question. But Mike White is now the starter for the NY Jets.
  21. I think, for the right team, he waves the no trade clause. 1, I'm not really sure the Raiders will ultimately trade him - he's a very good QB. They don't grow on trees, but recent trades suggest it's surely doable. 2. Will the Jets be a team for which he's willing to waive the NTC? I think this is the more challenging variable.
  22. This might be true... But if he's available he would be an amazing get. Jets woluld be insane not to make every effort to get him. Put him with a good running game and a top 10 D... And the Jets would be legit Super Bowl contenders.
  23. I'll disagree. I think it is strange that an NFL QB required a Time Out.
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