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  1. There's a JetNation rule - Every thread, regardless of topic, has to turn into a Zach Sucks thread.
  2. And the go and do that ridiculous research on J. Allen or Mahomes or Stafford or etc... They've all been injured. especially when you're talking about sprains. Zach is going to be fine. The NFL protects these guys - Just sit back. We have our future and it's going to be fun!
  3. I can appreciate this point. I really can. And I think, as a fan, it's justifiable.... I just don't think there's been enough to call him injury prone. But I get it.
  4. There is literally nothing to support this. It's one injury that ha held him back. I get the trepidation and it's understandable - but this is an exaggeration.
  5. I'm not sure Defense in the NFL matters a whole lot anymore. Not to win big. Saleh is going to have to figure this out, but playing from behind is tough for his defense. Bring on ZDubs...and we'll finally start having some leads...
  6. Guys, rough night tonight... But we have our QB going next week. What you're all going to see next week is our future... Just sit tight and y'all going to know we have our guy. Future is coming and it's going to be a lot fun!!!!!
  7. This offense is a good QB away...and Zach Wilson is that guy.
  8. Everyone relax. The ZDubs comes back next week and y'all going to see a different team. Just hold tight....
  9. if JFM plays another down this week I want to fire Saleh.
  10. This D doesn't even really put up a fight on most drives. Saleh has the horses now - no excuse for a drive like that - not consistently anyway.
  11. I don’t disagree with any of this. I’m Just arguing that it would t be a “colossal failure.” Goff almost won a super bowl. I’ve said we want a lot more and should expect it. I just don’t see it as it would have a colossal failure If he ends up being In the middle third of the league of QB’s.
  12. Very fair. He surely should have to prove to be the QB that gives them the best chance to win. And he shouldn’t need the whole season to prove it.
  13. Disagree. Disappointment for sure, no doubt. but if we have a a Derek cart or Kirk cousins for five years on a rookie contract it’s not a disaster. No. I don’t think it is.
  14. Probably be 1 and 1 on our way to a 7 and 10 season. And having to draft a QB in the first this off season.
  15. The college game is so different - just the speed of the NFL can’t be duplicated. Which is why teams draft traits. Skills. And hope he can handle it. Guys with elite traits will always go high. They’re not over drafted, just where the demand is.
  16. Finding a top 15 QB isn’t a colossal failure in my opinion. Not ideal but it’s a QB you can win with. When was the last time the Jets had a QB finish in the top 15 or so? It’s been a long time. I think ultimately you can continue to try and hit on a top 5 guy. But you’re competitive and capable of winning every week. Agin, not great - it a colossal failure.
  17. No offense....But Comparing Zach to Mills as prospects is all I need to know from you. We can end any discussion from now on referencing Zach. Just easier that way.
  18. So you're suggesting that it's just as easy to find a good QB in the 3rd round as the 1st?
  19. Don't listen to these guys. What you'll note is it's the same 5 or 6 guys that go to every thread and destroy them with the same non-sense over and over again. I'll take it a step further - go back pre-draft and every single one of those guys those ruin every thread with the same anti-Zach BS- were heavily against drafting Zach is the first place. They're dug in on their own ego is all. Surely Zach had a tough time early last year - but he settled in and showed real growth the last 5 weeks...and this off-season he was a far more mature QB. Additionally, anyone not dug in on his failure - noticed the elite traits. He needs to put it all together for sure - and has a lot to prove...but it's all there.
  20. Average by definition would be the 16th best QB in the NFL Not sure that would be a colossal failure. He should certainly be better than that, but colossal failure is a bit much. Would put him around Cousins and Carr. I expect much more from him - and you should expect that with #2.... The odds of finding the 16th best QB in the NFL in the 2nd round shrinks substantially. You take your best shot at the best QB you can find and do everything to support him.
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