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  1. I still say if this was an away game Zach probably starts.
  2. Since before he was drafted I loved Zach Wilson as a player. HIs potential was so intoxicating. Having one of those elite level QB on the NY Jets was just such exciting thought. I went all in! I was wrong. While I still say many of you knuckleheads never gave the kid a shot -but not only did I defend him, quite often I wasn't nice about it. For that I apologize to my fellow JetNationers. As a vocal fan of his and this teams' I must accept the reality of the situation - His benching this week, to me, signals the beginning of the end of his time as a NY Jet. Sad day in Jet land....But let the Mike White era begin!
  3. I love this place and most of the posters. I enjoy my time here very much. Frustrated with the group isn't so much what it was as much as it was defending Zach Wilson. For better or worse I, sincerely, took on the role of "protector" Fighting on his behalf was NOT an easy chore - In order to do that I had to push back pretty hard on many and it surely could have come across as me not enjoying being here or disliking the users. Absolutely frustrated on occasion with a refusal by many to see any good from him - but it's become more apparent of late that they were right. If I offended, I apologize...surely was not the intention.
  4. The've been winning with him this year. Gave him a lot of leeway. Tough to crucify a guy who's 5-1 as a starter.. This last week though was very tough to watch.
  5. Yes, there's something to be said for the defenses being played. Jets play a bend don't break style, so they give the short sh*t. Pats D was attacking - making Zach beat them with bigger plays - he couldn't. Agree, not excuse making for Zach - he was bad, no argument can be made otherwise. But if Mac Jones was a Jet (and he lost) Mac would be getting destroyed by Jet fans...absolutely murdered. Taking bad sacks, refusing to push the ball downfield - etc. They put up 3 points too.... Pats fans aren't sitting there talking about how good the jets D is - they're talking about bad their O is... Just like Jet fans aren't talking about how good the Pats D (and it is very good) they're talking about how bad Wilson is. We keep wanting to say the Jets D was great but the Pats D wasn't. It's kinda silly really.
  6. Very good watch. And agree with just about everything he said. I just can't imagine Zach starting this week.
  7. I think the difference in Buffalo was they were mostly quick three steps drops - and for the most part - GW was beating press coverage - so ZW was able to get the ball to his first read quickly, before fear of the rush getting to him. Point is, I really don't think it's the ability to read defenses past his first option - but the willingness to stand in the pocket beyond the first read. Keep eyes downfield and not worry about taking the hit. I believe @Sonny Werblinis correct.
  8. Unfortunately I think this is correct. I think many of the clips show this is exactly what's going on. In fact, you see him go through his reads - see an open WR (so he's reading the defense just fine) but before he throws he looks down at the rush coming and then, instead of throwing, seems to pull it down if someone's coming through the line. He just doesn't want to take the hit with his exposed body. I'll also add - when he looks down at the line before he throws, for that split second,- and there isn't a rush coming - this is what's causing the inaccuracy and bad footwork. It completely throws off all the timing. I'm not sure that can be taught - you're either built mentally to take that hit or you're not.
  9. You're then comedy police now too?
  10. Strange response. Having a little bit of fun in a tumultuous time around seemed rather reasonable.
  11. It's not a negative just an observation. I'm a big Saleh fan always have been. These guys aren't going to be perfect. It's okay to question something - I mean that's why we're here. I know me and others here were shocked he wasn't on the active roster here - He was the best pass rusher on the team before he got hurt last year. I questioned the thought process then and will still question it now.
  12. He was playing at this level last year before he got hurt. He shouldn't have come out of nowhere.
  13. It is things like this that worry me about Saleh and Ulbrich. I mean they had this kid inactive for the first few weeks. What did they see that they decided this guy should't even be active?
  14. Would love to see Strev on the active roster. Hell, he should have been last week. Had he been on the roster with a package or two, they could have pulled Zach without actually "pulling" him. Give him a break - let Strev try and spark something - heck one - break the pocket scramble might have been enough to get into FG range. With White or Flacco - not having Stev on the active roster just feels like we're missing an opportunity.
  15. I can't image how they can play him. If they were on the road I could see one chance against a less impressive defense. He's really been up against a murderer's row of defenses lately...but If he plays - first incompletion and the boo birds will be out. It will be really ugly, really fast. No way he can start Sunday.
  16. ML is fine. He's far from the problem. He's shown the ability to be creative and take advantage of weaknesses. We don't know if he's capable of developing a QB - but can't blame him for Zach either. Get him David Carr and you might see 5,000 yards passing.
  17. Yes, the NFL is a season of attrition and depth as much as it is anything else. The Jets, once again, particularly on offense - have been decimated. We get in the playoffs and you have Fant, Herbig, Mitchell, C. Davis back the team is just that much better. I never want to see anyone get hurt - will never root for an injury... But I'm def. not going to complain if guys on other teams are out...
  18. Plan was to wait for the official announcement that he's not starting.... It's coming!
  19. Sorry, just don't buy it. Go back to last pre-season even....literally before the kid took an NFL snap and he was being absolutely lambasted for throwing INT's in practice. It was insane what this kid had to deal with. Look I'm not making excuses for him at this point - He's done here - that ship has sailed, but if I were a young QB it would be insane to agree to come to the Jets and no agent should ever allow a top 10 QB prospect to come to the NY Jets.
  20. This team is on target to make the playoffs with the worst QB of all times... but a perennial 4k yards 25/5, 63% - 92 rating QB - is WC hell? All I keep hearing is with below average QB play this team would be in first place in the most competitive division in all of football. How would Carr keep us WC hell. We can't it both ways here. If we can land a 31 year old, top 10 QB - the Jets would be insane not to go all in on that - especially with this young, cheap roster right now.
  21. Zach has been the biggest problem with the offense. tough to argue against that anymore. The OL hasn't been good against the Pats, the run game hasn't been good against the Pats - but Zach is done here.
  22. NY is going to be a very tough place for a young QB to learn on the job. You either have to hit on one of those guys that come in strong...or stop drafting them and just play the vet route. QB's seem to move around more than they used to. Just go all-in and get yourselves a vet you can win with and build a kick ass team around him. Go get F-ing Carr.
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