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  1. No offense....But Comparing Zach to Mills as prospects is all I need to know from you. We can end any discussion from now on referencing Zach. Just easier that way.
  2. So you're suggesting that it's just as easy to find a good QB in the 3rd round as the 1st?
  3. Don't listen to these guys. What you'll note is it's the same 5 or 6 guys that go to every thread and destroy them with the same non-sense over and over again. I'll take it a step further - go back pre-draft and every single one of those guys those ruin every thread with the same anti-Zach BS- were heavily against drafting Zach is the first place. They're dug in on their own ego is all. Surely Zach had a tough time early last year - but he settled in and showed real growth the last 5 weeks...and this off-season he was a far more mature QB. Additionally, anyone not dug in on his failure - noticed the elite traits. He needs to put it all together for sure - and has a lot to prove...but it's all there.
  4. Average by definition would be the 16th best QB in the NFL Not sure that would be a colossal failure. He should certainly be better than that, but colossal failure is a bit much. Would put him around Cousins and Carr. I expect much more from him - and you should expect that with #2.... The odds of finding the 16th best QB in the NFL in the 2nd round shrinks substantially. You take your best shot at the best QB you can find and do everything to support him.
  5. No need to go back and forth. Look, I agree that the the coach was oblivious to the clock and he surely shouldn't have been. That's a fundamental of the job. I'm not making excuses for him - because he didn't even contemplate the decision (and there's video evidence to prove it) But, IMO, had he simply wanted to give his RB the best chance to get a first down - he wouldn't also tell him to try and get to the two - and then stop. It would surely limit the chance of getting the 1stt. Now, based on how the ACTUAL play - played out - he probably could have gotten the 1st and stopped - but the coach couldn't know how easy that would have been - he needed his RB going full speed. It's fine, you think he could have easily stopped on the two after going full-speed, I won't argue with you. It's reasonable.... I just disagree, I think the better call was to get into the end-zone and not limit the chance of a 1st down. Just a difference of opinion.
  6. I really like these guys!!! This team can really be special. It has the mix of everything you need. Really comes down to Zach Wilson hitting. If ZW does, as I suspect, makes the jump to FQB... The next three or four years are going to be really fun!
  7. It's a binary choice because... Getting the first down has to be the priority there. and if you have to ALSO try and stop at the two - it can lessen the opportunity of getting the first down - because it would be close to impossible for a guy like Chubb to be going full speed, preparing to get passed the two - and then somehow also pull up and stop. So he would have to go, say 50%, which would mean it would be more likely to be stopped. So, therefor he would have to limit his chances of getting the first down. Reality is - if he gets the TD the chances of winning are 99.98% (as we've heard all week) I think if they haver to kick a FG there - a lot more can go wrong. Look, I'm not saying the coach was thinking this way - based on the video of him - he wasn't...but it would be a reasonable excuse had he were. What worries me more is why didn't Saleh tell the team to let him go? It seems clear right after the run he was happy...which means he understood the situation - yet didn't fill in his team.
  8. That's not it. We've seen Zach in practice, the media was at just about every practice. That's wasn't an issue. I'm really not concerned about the accuracy thing - he fixed that post injury. Here's the statement: “There’s definitely a difference,” he said. “It’s a lot of experience right there with Flacco. I feel like everything with him, he takes some pace off, puts some pace on the ball. He does a good job of making the passes receiver-friendly. That’s the best way I can put it into words. They’re pretty easy to catch. Takes some off the ball when you’re running a slant route versus an out route, put some zip on it because it’s gotta be. Things like that.” full story: https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2022/08/15/jets-garrett-wilson-zach-wilson-joe-flacco-difference-throws/
  9. The question I continue to have is... Is getting the first down more important than accidentally scoring a TD? I still think in a short yardage situation like that - it'll be tough for a guy like Chubb to go full steam ahead to make sure he got the first down and then stop within two yards. If he's told to go down at the two - after the 1st down - it's surely possible he hits the whole more softly and doesn't get the first. As a coach there - I would rather the RB get in the end zone than come up short of the 1st down. Jets have a better chance to win the game if they come up short of the 1st.
  10. I would love to see Zach playing... But the Jets have made it clear they're waiting until he's 100%.
  11. Two things here: 1) Zach does throw his WR's open. While does not throw balls that hurt his WR's. Just not a thing.... 2) The Flacco throw that he got GW hurt was a high ball - that floated and caused GW to have to go up to get it in traffic - and almost broke his back. When GW said Flacco throws a more receiver friendly ball - it was meant simply because it doesn't have as much heat on it. I got news for you - WR's have to catch balls that come with heat. That's part of the job. I suspect I would throw a more receiver friendly ball than Flacco. Doesn't mean it's better.
  12. The NY Jets should play the QB that gives them the best chance to win.. And the NY Jets believe that person to be Zach Wilson. So as soon as he's healthy he will be back in the line up.
  13. Good for Garret. He deserved it, but Jets Twitter is a machine for this Pepsi Rookie of the Week.
  14. I'm just not sure how easy it is to get a full head of steam to make sure you get the 1st at the two and then take a dive to go down. I know situational awareness but he also needs to make sure he gets the first.
  15. Yes, and that's sad too. I can tell you I was jumping around and screaming like an idiot when the Jets came back last week. I always want to see this team and all its players succeed.
  16. Well, sort of... I mean, I think rebuilding is a necessary evil, something most teams need to go through on occasion - and in the Jets case - post Mac- needed a massive overhaul. Sometimes that means not paying big $ to a QB as you clean sh*t up.. With that said, I think the Jets are past that point and should play the QB that gives them the past chance to win - I, also, happen to believe that player is Zach Wilson. If he plays, say his first 3 games or so, like he did the first half of last year - I'll be right there calling for Flacco to come back in.
  17. There's a difference between being pissed, voicing displeasure with sh*tty performance and actively rooting against any Jet player. Cheering for failure. I just think it's weak... Complain all you want - when dealing with Zach everyone has every right to say he had a bad year last year He did. I haven't found anyone (including me) even attempt to dispute that. Cheering for him to fail because you didn't want to draft him - is, IIMO, Weak.
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