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  1. Both Rex and Idzik are gone. Woody cares about thing and one thing only....That is PR. Fans and media want both of them gone..so they're gone. Last year the fans wanted to keep Rex so Rex stayed. Winning and building a quality franchise is an afterthought to WJ. It's short term PR that drives this awful franchise. It's so sad.
  2. Yes, any new GM coming will need to get a established QB...They'll know they'll have to win immediately or the fans will be irrational and buy billboards and throw flags to get him fired. So they'll bring in and overpay a lot of free agents and hope for a 9 win season in perpetuity. It seems Jet fans are happy with 9 win season and are unwilling to rebuild..
  3. trading for him would be ridiculous. If they're willing to trade they are going to fire him....
  4. I'll make a list for you ... 1) He got a pretty good deal for Revis 2) He cleaned up the cap mess (don't say anyone would have done that because it's simply not true. Not everyone would have) 3) He drafted a DROY 4) He put the Jets in VERY good position for next year and saved money in a year (this year) that the team wasn't going anywhere anyway. Sure he's made some mistakes but I think a lot has been amplified due to two factors - devastating injuries to the CB position (yes he came in light but the level of injuries/insanity really hurt) and he missed on the QB (it happens - not many argued with taking Geno in the 2nd) He was straddled with a lot coming in and really hasn't had a chance to fix the mess he was given.
  5. You know as well I do the Seahawks D has really stepped it up the past few weeks. They are playing at a much higher level than they were early on. In addition Sanchez has only been playing a few weeks. I'm not saying he's Peyton Manning but he's hasn't been pretty good as the QB of the Eagles.
  6. Sure, it's possible. Maybe a better coach finds a way to run an offense that is better suited for his skill set. Maybe a better coach develops Sanchez better. Uses Sanchez in a way more suited to his talents. \. Maybe a better coach doesn't put Sanchez in the 4th quarter of a pre season game. Maybe a better coach doesn't tout Ground and Pound and finds a better veteran QB - or helps recruit a better veteran by enticing him with NOT ground and pound.
  7. Agreed on most of this...Rex was just as much an architect of this team and talent as Idzik. Rex was in love with McDoogle and Milner (do you really think Rex didn't have a say in drafting those two) I will also add in addition to Idzik being saddled with a HC not fit for modern day football he was also stuck with a 10 year + proven loser as head of scouting. If there's one person that needs to go first it's Bradway. I'm one of the very, very, very few that believe Idzik hasn't done that poor a job and should retain his job. I like a lot of things Idzik as done.
  8. I hope you're right. That team looks to have given up. Hopefully Locker gives them a boost.
  9. I actually do understand what a cap is..Are you honestly saying the Jets couldn't spend $51mm wisely? That money will be spent more quickly than you think ..(plus the CBA isn't over next year) With that said - we're going to NEED to overpay to attempt to fix this team ... 1) The amount of holes we have to fill, the team is going to need to start over. We'll need a large quantity of new players 2) The talent gap is huge - we're going to need to add quality 3) Legitimacy gap - In order to recruit to players who are willing to play for the NYJ's - we're going to have to overpay 4) The few talented people we have are going to need to be paid in order to keep them If you don't think they can wisely spent $51mm (if managed properly) well, you're wrong...What you're all missing is how much $7mm is....as an example - let's say Dez Bryant...if we offered him $7mm more than what any other team did - do we sign him? I don't know but it'll help...I would rather overpay Dez Bryant $7mm at the beginning of a season then waste $7mm on Percy Harvin is an already lost year. All I'm saying is the $7mm spent on Harvin served absolutely no benefit other than PR...
  10. As bad as we've been the Titans are worse. I don't see how the Jets lose next week.
  11. There are a number of ways this deal could have made sense but none of them happened. It was an illogical move made by a poorly run franchise. No other way to see... Deal could have made sense, if... They believed he was worth $10mm and were prepared to pay him (not saying he is but if they believed that then at least there's logic behind it) They were able to do sign and trade (or be VERY, VERY confident they could renegotiate) They did it a month earlier If they end up NOT resigning him there would be no way possible you could look at this move in any positive light....they simply threw away $7mm in cap money...
  12. No one is saying it's a conspiracy....Just that it was made primarily for PR. I think that's almost indisputable. no matter what anyone says here - ask any GM in the NFL if $7mm (no matter how much you have) isn't a lot of cap money. It is! To waste $7mm on a guy that was about to cut - especially when the next year there will be multiple quality FA WR's available.
  13. Yes...Without question and I wouldn't even have to think about it.
  14. QB's are at such a premium in the NFL there is simply no way the 49ers give him up....If they are willing to trade him we should put up a huge package and go after him...first round this year and next year - I would do that without blinking an eye.
  15. What would you want to pay him? I would say you pay a guy like him $4mm to $5mm a year...with incentives...I wouldn't go much higher than that though.
  16. Give the guy a break. He's been a good guy He happens to not be a very good NFL QB but by most accounts it's not from lack of effort.
  17. I gotcha...And maybe I'm a little more salary cap conscience than most but $7mm goes a long way in cap dollars - having $51mm in cap space is still much better than having $44mm. Just seemed to me no good reason to bring him on...If it was done a month prior I would have loved the move, if he was under a reasonable long term contract I would have loved the move...I like Harvin as a player and don't even care about the character issue... From a straight positives and negatives - the negative of losing $7mm in cap space FAR outweighs the positives of bringing him in after the season was already lost.
  18. I'm not saying Luck is of equal value as Kaepernick (Luck is clearly better) but what I am saying and seriously ask yourself this questions and try to give an honest answer. If you're the GM of the SF 49ers what would you have to get in return to trade Kaepernick? What I'm saying is, it would have to be an awful lot.
  19. If this is the case then the Jets are in worse shape than I thought. All teams must ALWAYS be concerned with the cap.
  20. I'm dead serious....What do you think the 49ers would want for Kaepernick? If you're the 49ers, would you take 2 first rounders for him? Any time you have a legit franchise QB and Kaepernick is one of them - you hold onto them like gold.
  21. What conspiracy theory? There's no conspiracy theory here. Teams do it all the time (it's not a good football move but teams do it) They make moves for short term PR gains and not necessarily what's best to help the team win in the long run... This is a case where the Jets made a move to bring in a good player at the wrong time - spent precious cap money on a wasted year. PR move, not a football move.
  22. Kapernick is going to be a very, very good if not great QB in this league for years to come. There probably isn't a trade in the world the 49ers would make to give him up (maybe for Luck straight up) We could offer them our entire draft in this upcoming year and next years one and they wouldn't do it. Heck, I would make that move.
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