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  1. Just a thought...what if we put him outside. he's fast enough...With Mo, Snacks and Williams inside...have Sheldon coming from the end? He's gotta be better than Coples.
  2. How does a guy with those numbers go undrafted? From what I've seen he has #1 talent. Anyone know is deal?
  3. This I completely agree with...Any discipline problems they have this early can certainly be attributed to the Frat House Rex was running.. But I don't buy the idea that they're disciplined because they say the right things in a post game locker room celebration (especially when they know the cameras are on) I think he's certainly proved himself to be a good X's and O's guy...making very good halftime adjustments (we have proof of that) But I simply don't know enough to see"discipline" That's all I'm saying.
  4. Get the Marcus Williams jersey before anyone else. He might be the 2nd best corner on the team.
  5. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Again and I want to be clear about this...I'm not saying they're an undisciplined team or that Bowles isn't a disciplinarian coach..but just that we have no grounds to say either. He may very be just that...But I've seen little to say he is or isn't. Under Rex the team didn't give each other "props" and talk about team effort? (that's a stretch to say that's a sign of discipline) every team in the league does that. Disciplined teams don't complain to the media about playing time and don't come out publicly against their QB. Both of which happened to the Jets this year. If you're going to compare him to Rex then I certainly agree. This team is more disciplined than Rex's Jets.
  6. No doubt we're most disciplined than a Rex team - but that really isn't saying much...
  7. Completely agree on the defensive side of the ball...Still feels like they're learning the system...not entirely in sync. And there still, more or less, dominant. Add in Sheldon and some time and this defense could be scary.
  8. He's gonna be beast when he comes back. something to prove....He's the second best player on that team - adding dominant all pro D-linemen to an already impressive defense is going to be fun to watch.
  9. I'm sure they gave him another pot test - and it likely came up negative... The resisting arrest is the one problem - but my guess is they'll plea that down to some type of reckless driving. He'll get his license suspended for a couple of months... But with that dropped - the commissioner is not suspending a guy for speeding, no matter how fast. My guess is no further suspension (funny, when this first happened I thought he was out for the year - and even going to do time)
  10. Yup...a lot of people keep saying there's confusion between him and Fitz...and that may very well be the case - but the guy has been open a lot...confusion or not - he's getting open, that says something... The idea that he's "lost" is another over exaggeration of this board. Yes, he's played two games without much of a camp...As a rookie you wouldn't expect much more than looking lost- but a few good throws on deep balls and he could have a TD or two. He's shown good hands, quickness and speed. Yes, he's been pushed around a bit (he has to toughen up) and likely ran a route or two wrong...but hopefully those will come with experience and confidence.
  11. What's the precedent for traffic violation suspensions? Has anyone ever been suspended for a traffic violation? I feel like the precedent has been set, that if no one has previously been suspended and if there's not a rule in place as to suspension length - then he can't be suspended. I realize this sounds sarcastic but I'm being serious...it's ridiculous, but how am I wrong?
  12. 1) What proof outside of that do we have to say it's a disciplined team? I'm not saying it's not a disciplined team - just that we have little to no proof otherwise. I see players lying to the coach (Sheldon about the driving thing), punching others in the face, complaining to the media about playing time (Kerley), speaking negatively to the media about their QB (leaders of the team speaking badly about Geno after the punch) 2) Not drawing any conclusions. Just speaking to a prior posts about how the Jets actually don't have that many penaltiies compared to the rest of the league. Again, I like Bowles and happy the team is winning, just don't like the idea of making things up simply because they want it to be true....
  13. Actually the Jets are 2nd most in penalty yards and 11th in total penalties. The idea that this is a disciplined team is made up idea by fans to fit narrative of who Todd Bowles is...Truth is we don't know anything really about Bowles. Through 4 games the team has performed well, tough to argue with that...But disciplined? There's simply no proof of that. See link below... http://www.nflpenalties.com Also, 4th in unnecessary roughness... http://www.footballdb.com/stats/penalties.html?sort=ur
  14. And Zac Stacy returning kicks...He has to be the slowest kick returner in the NFL....
  15. We're going to continue to disagree with this..I understand it would be almost impossible to start Geno at this point - but they should. Again, it seems most of you are happy with a wildcard and out....I'm not. I would rather take a chance and see what Geno has with these weapons, OC and another off-season under his belt...than stick with a QB that has no chance of winning you a Super Bowl or being the future of the franchise.
  16. I think Geno is an unknown...where as Fitz is a known quantity to me. That's likely where we disagree --- no matter how good the D is (and I don't dispute the potential of this defense) you're going to, at some point, need a QB that can make big plays..take control of a game. We have different opinions on Fitz's potential, but I just want people to understand that point many of us are making. I don't think Fitz has been bad and don't think he "stinks" just don't think we can win a championship with him (and I do believe we have championship level talent everywhere else) So bring in Geno and see if he's taken that next step.
  17. I have Fitz concerns and would rather see Geno...But here's the thing most people are missing ... I think Fitz is playing well...He's doing a nice job with the skill-set he possesses (ups and downs - but as many noted, this is the NFL) The problem is, I would like to be a legitimate contender to win a Super Bowl...Going into the playoffs with the confidence that we can beat any team in the league. Fitz's natural talent level simply doesn't translate to being that type of QB. To date, Geno hasn't shown the intelligence to be that either...but he has the natural tools to be a threat at the QB position. I would like to see him play with a real OC and real weapons - in his 3rd year and see what he can do. Keep Fitz and you'll battle for a wildcard...likely even get one - but then what? Been there, done that! I know many are content with the Wildcard and out scenario - and say look to the future (and they have every right to be that way) I just feel differently... And I think many of us that complain about Fitz is for that reason. We want a championship, not a wildcard birth.
  18. This feels like we really should be 6-2 coming out of the next quarter. Really shouldn't lose to those any of those three..I would be worried if we did... If we're 6-2 at the halfway mark, for me, I'll start thinking playoffs. 5-3 with the schedule they had - I would be disappointed.
  19. What I like about this guy is that he seems to really understand this team has a long way to go. Still a lot of room for improvement and winning games isn't enough - they have to keep getting better.
  20. They also gave one back with the pick play...that goes uncalled all the time...
  21. Marcus Williams... Just love the guy....
  22. Bills have 8 of those...Jets have 5 (1st and 2nd) Jets haven't been entirely disciplined either. http://www.footballdb.com/stats/penalties.html?sort=numyds
  23. Actually there's a big difference between "could have been" and borderline. It wasn't close to dominant - they were games that could have been lost....Those aren't dominant. And I think you need to stop telling fans how they should feel. We're all fans here - when I watch I cheer and glad to see a win...but just because I don't see it all as rainbows and lollypops doesn't mean my head is in Bizaro world. I would say take your head out of the sand and realize this team, while 3-1, is by no means a dominant one.. There's certainly reason for excitement, but tempered enthusiasm is a reasonable position to take.
  24. I think it's more like had a chance to be dominant. We leave too many points on the field. Two of the games should/could have been complete blowouts - but the limitations at QB will be the undoing of this team. One thing I will say....Decker and Ivory make a world of difference. We easily beat the Eagles with those two...
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