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  1. Unfortunately, this is what I expected.... This offense is bad (not average) bad. Maybe bottom 5.
  2. Thank you.... Not sure what so many were expecting from this offense. When you have a back-up QB playing with one quality receiver you can't expect much.
  3. I have to agree here...we need a QB that can scare someone. Yes, Geno makes mistakes but he can also make plays.
  4. It's not conservative, it's just they're not very good. Fitz is a back-up QB
  5. Guys...I am sorry, but this is a bad offense...Gonna be tough to beat any team with a reasonably good offense.
  6. I don't need to look at the numbers - I watched the games. They've been bad - especially for the talent on the D-line. needs to be better.
  7. Lets see Marcus Williams right now...Cro is not looking good.
  8. OMG these announcers are killing me.. We get it...they've been bad and look good now.
  9. why? What makes you say that? i think it's quite the opposite.
  10. It'll be nice to see Kerley get some playing time. I'm a Kerley fan - would like to see him have some success today.
  11. I'm not sure that's the case. They played, what's likely to be, two of the top 5 defenses in the NFL (maybe the two best) It's a tough way to start a season. They'll end up being pretty good when all's said and done.
  12. Actually it hasn't, in fact it's gone the other way. Earlier this week it was Jets -2.5, it's now Jets -1.5 (there's more money going on the Eagles than Jets)
  13. The Jets play aggressive football that will eventually get tired with the fast pace of Kelly's offense. And unfortunately the Jets' offense isn't good enough to capitalize on the good position and large time of possession gap they're sure to receive in the early part of the game. They'll need to build a big enough cushion early to withstand the late push. I just don't think the Jets offense is good enough. I hope I'm wrong.
  14. If this were the case the line would be moving incredibly fast. The idea of a point spread is to even out money bet on each team. If more money is going one way the line moves to get money on the other side. With that said, I agree with much of what you're saying - this is a close game - actually my money would be on the Eagles. I think the Jets will be winning most of the way, but the Jets D will tire late - and The Jets wouldn't have built a big enough of a lead (do to lack of offense) to hold off the Eagles. 24-17 Eagles....(not happy about it, just the way i see it)
  15. I think they're all gonna play... Mauldin, Revis, Decker, Ivory and Owusu...None of them sound particularly serious.
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