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  1. Yeah but if you run the ball all of those possibilities are off the table... Heck even if you throw the ball on a fade or a bootleg you're fine...
  2. You can only have sustained success in this league with a franchise QB. Get one and you'll have shots at Super Bowl runs.
  3. This... Pats were done...gassed emotionally too...A miraculous catch, he just ran five yards...Pats defense was already thinking they blew the Super Bowl...All the momentum was with Seattle...
  4. It's the kind of thing that happens when you throw over the middle in a goal line situation - too much traffic in the middle of the field...defenders get missed.
  5. This is on Carroll...he seems to be getting away with this....He even stated - they had a plan - to kill the clock, not leave any time and knew the play....He went on to say that this second down play was a play they really just wanted to waste. Not saying Bevell doesn't deserve some of this but the vast majority of blame is on Carroll
  6. The explanation makes it all the worse. They plan to run on 3rd and 4th but wanted to waste a play on 2nd down??? I mean a shotgun and a pass over the middle? From the 1.
  7. Or at least have a back in the backfield...run a play action. I mean to not even have them thinking run. and then to throw over the middle... It's not just the fact that the threw (which is awful) it was the pass play called. A bad call anytime from the 1 yard line.
  8. Mock the thread all you want - but the OP's point is entirely accurate?
  9. Maybe so - BUT ....if this did happen to the Jets would it surprise you?
  10. I was thinking - because there was so much Jet fan support behind Seattle that somehow the Jet idiocy leaked into them. It's not just losing it's find new and original ways to lose....
  11. I'm not saying it was a smart move to not take the TO - or that this was the outcome he was looking for...but just the decision to not take the TO is probably why they won.
  12. It's more on Carroll than Bevell....That call is the HC's....and if he didn't know what play was coming that's even worse.
  13. so you think had they taken the TO Seattle would have still thrown the ball? If they had 2 minutes to talk about the play - no way they end up deciding on a pass over the middle...with no backs in the backfield.
  14. Of course not - but he was all in on the stop - he was going to make Seattle waste a TO not use his. I firmly believe if he calls a TO they do not throw the ball there.
  15. That move was probably the reason they won. If he calls a TO there - Seattle would have had more time to think about the play and would have realized how dumb it was. He wasn't going to give Seattle any extra time - he was playing for the stop....
  16. I think it's a complete pass - Goodell has gone so far over the line at this point and has seen no repercussions...He's just going to get worse....
  17. I would actually run 3 QB sneaks....no chance of losing yards and almost impossible to stop one yard...but yes, you wanna give it to Lynch sure... throwing the ball is absurd - heck you actually want to kill more clock - a throw makes no sense.
  18. The way I see it the investigation can only come to two conclusion - they either cheated or they didn't... If they cheated the penalty will have to be huge - no other way around it. If they say there's no evidence etc....Kraft gets his apology..... After this win they'll almost certainly not find any guilt
  19. Now that the Superbowl is over - I can say this honestly - if, by the draft, the Pats aren't heavily penalized for deflating footballs I am done with the league. BB one year suspension and a 1st round pick - anything less than that and I'm done. In all seriousness the league has become a side show - the actual football game has become secondary to everything else.
  20. I will say that NON - PI call... when the guy literally threw out his hand and tripped the guy was not called it certainly pops into your mind that this thing was fixed.
  21. sorry TX (your new nickname) You're simply just trolling now and you're better than that.
  22. This isn't on Wilson....doesn't matter if he saw the defender or not...QB's throw int's - it happens.. which is why the play call is so ridiculous.
  23. Sorry...Made Hacket/Sparano look like Walsh...
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