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  1. From what I saw of Bradford against Dallas (didn't see him in week 1) I would rather him than Sanchez. He looked completely lost...
  2. I get it. He has been better than Geno. but I guess the difference between me and many on this board is anything less than a championship is pointless. I do not believe Fitz (from what i've seen the past two weeks) is good enough to accomplish that - regardless of how good our defense is. Now, maybe he'll get better as the team continues to gel, maybe the running game gets more consistent, maybe Devin Smith creates some big plays and the offense becomes a bit more explosive. If that happens, great, then I'll be the first one to say I was wrong. But from what I've seen, I'm not impressed.
  3. I guess I didn't see what you saw. I saw one good drive in the 4th quarter and it was a VERY good and timely drive - the offense stepped up when they had to. It was impressive, but the rest of the game he was incredibly unimpressive (to me)
  4. Fitz has been the beneficiary of 10 TO's in two weeks. He has not looked crisp, he has not been making progressions and has missed a lot of open receivers. I'm happy everyone is giddy about being 2-0 (it's def. exciting) but Fitz is not a quality NFL QB. People need to come to that realization. We're so starved for even reasonable QB play we're falling in love with 1 interception a week and an offense that has been handed incredible field position, yet often struggled to score. I'm sure the offense will get better, but let's not make Fitz out to be anything more than he is.
  5. I understand it's early, I'm not calling for peoples heads and I'm happy to be 2-0...A new QB, new system - I get it...but Fitz hasn't been good, the offense hasn't been good. Can they get better? Sure. Will they? I don't know. I certainly hope so, but if we want to really contend they need to get A LOT better.
  6. I tend to agree that the running game will be fine...I'm not concerned with Ivory as much as I am with the o-line. They gave Fitz all the time in the world to throw - but couldn't push the line for the running game. Would be interesting to watch the film and see what the Colts did to completely shut down the Jets running game - which should be good.
  7. Are you suggesting the Jets didn't want to score earlier? Teams don't purposely try and keep the score close. They def. stepped up when they had to in the 4th - but you can't let them off the hook for lack of offense throughout most of the game. The game should not have been close. The offense was bad last night - we'll take the win but nobody should be fooling themselves into thinking we have a good offense.
  8. He really isn't that bad....When the Jets stunk he said they stunk. He was mostly right. The organization was a mess, he was just calling as he saw it. He now sees a legitimate organization being run the right way and acknowledged that. Sure, he has some bias and conflict with the Jets but I don't think he's nearly as bad as Jet fans make him out to be. IMO, he's waaaaaaay more listenable than the Michael Kay show...he's and his sidekicks are just dumb, unintelligent individuals.
  9. The running game last night was what most disappointed me. Fitz is going to need a solid running game to be effective. This offense, these receivers - will require a strong running game to allow the short passing game to be effective. Fitz wasn't great but don't expect much from him if we can't run the ball...just doesn't have the skill set for it.
  10. I agree with this...I believe 4 personal fouls. To me, that shows lack of discipline.
  11. If he beats Miami he holds the job. If he loses to Miami (even at 3-1) I think they go back to Geno.
  12. Did Williams even play last night. I didn't see him on the field. I love that kid.
  13. They put up 20 points, against a 3rd string CB's - after getting 5 turnovers. We should pull back on the excitement.
  14. They don't have one. Cumberland can't catch - can't waste throws to him. It's a huge missing piece to this offense.
  15. This is a very good point though. While I have concerns it does seem like growing pains. Winning games like this are incredibly valuable. Win when you're not playing particularly well...Play like they're playing and this is an 6-8 win team. I do expect they get much better though.
  16. Good post. But I haven't bought in yet. I think it's because of the past 17 years - I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop... I think the highlighted point above is what concerns me the most. This team has been getting a lot of breaks. I don't expect those to continue and they will start losing. Browns have Manziel come in cold and give the game away Colts, missed FG, terrible fumble on the 1 The defense, while I think is good - I think they've been bailed out by the big turnover - I know that's what they're trying to do but it feels like teams are able to move the ball against them - and it's just a matter of time until they run into a good team that's going to chop them up... And the offense...they just looked horrible - They couldn't run the ball against a terrible Colts defense, really had a hard time in the passing game against 3rd and 4th string corners. They came up with the big drive in the 4th quarter - but the rest of the game they looked entirely inept. I'm not sold on this team, yet... But it's early and they will get better.
  17. maybe you're right. I give the Jets offense very little respect. I don't think they're very good. 17 points. Which isn't going to be enough. 27-17 final. I certainly hope I'm wrong (I usually am)
  18. This is my concern. The Jets did not look good last week. If Johnny Football doesn't come him and continue to give the ball away the Jets don't win. The Jets did not look like a cohesive unit last week. Some big play and good individual efforts. It'll take some time, but they'll eventually gel...a lot of new faces in a new defense. expecting them to beat a QB, at a home opener, after a loss - is a lot to ask. Later in the year the Jets would beat a team like the Colts, right now they're just not ready. Sorry guy, this one isn't close. (hope I'm wrong)
  19. The silver lining from last years debacle. Finding this kid. Just watch him play, he might not run a great 40. But he plays really fast.
  20. While it's nice to get continued corroboration that the cheating existed, that they were the only ones doing it and that it was going on for an extensive period of time... It's nothing that anyone didn't really know... Bottom line, The Pats are an organization who's backbone is cheating and that Tom Brady is a bad person. The fact that this guy has been reinstated to the Pats is bordering on ridiculous.
  21. I'm simply trying to make two points... 1) I have concerns (not saying he doesn't have their respect or isn't a good leader, but that some of the things that have happened worry me a bit) - note I've also stated in my initial post, that all of this may very well be residual effects of Rex, with Bowles not being here long enough yet to fix his mess. 2) Many on the board continue to spout how much respect he has and what a good leader he is. I have little proof of that and think it's a bit premature to make that claim so boldly (he may very well be all of those things - but we just don't know) I'm a fan of Bowles, I'm excited about Bowles and I think we actually have the right guy right now...but I certainly don't think I'm reaching to have some concerns based upon what I've seen so far.
  22. Well, everyone is claiming he has the players respect. What is that based upon? from the actions I've seen I have some concerns. 1) Sheldon lying to him about the trouble he was in. 2) a player punching his QB in the locker room 3) the team then publicly throwing the QB under the bus (not keeping the matter in house) - including team leaders 4) Curley coming out publicly about his playing time. Each on there own isn't a big deal, but players that respect their coach don't lie to him, don't publicly throw teammates under the bus and certainly don't go to the press to complain about playing time. I'm not saying he's not a good leader just that I'm a bit concerned.
  23. I'm concerned this is going to do just that - get ugly. I don't think this defense is ready to shut down Luck quite yet. While they made some big plays against the Browns, the defense really didn't impress me. I can see giving up 30+ points this week...In fact, I would be surprised if they don't. Give it a month and this defense will be very, very good - just doesn't seem like they're ready.
  24. I'm not sure this is the case. I don't think he's proven he commands respect at all. In fact, that's the one thing I'm most concerned about with Bowles. There have been numerous instances where the team has shown they don't respect him. I guess you can make the case he commands more respect than Rex, but Rex is a bafoon.
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