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  1. I really don't think the game was as clean as the score showed. The Jets had problems but had a few key plays go their way. Most importantly having Johnny Football in the game (he's just awful) and even then, at times, he looked good. Just couldn't protect the ball. Frankly, the defense was disappointing.
  2. I can listen to those guys...Sure they drive me crazy but most of the time I'll listen anyway (passes the time) but Carton is nauseating. I just don't understand how or more importantly why he's on the air. You could put a monkey on that morning show and they'll produce ratings.
  3. He and many Jet fans made him out that way. Rex made him out that way - calling him the best defensive player this side of JJ Watt....when HC's like Rex Ryan say things like that people tend to believe it. True or not... I like Mo, I hope he stays a Jet but let's just make sure we understand what he is...a very good defensive linemen.
  4. That play was on the safety.....He was supposed to have support over the top - he was covering the short route...Safety got there way too late. With that said, Marcus Williams looks like the real deal. Very, very impressed with him so far.
  5. That's a solid game..and he's a solid player...certainly above average...I'll go as far as to call him very good. But he is, by no means, what much of this fan base has made him out to be - a dominant force. His hype is a function of Rex Ryan's big mouth.
  6. This is a "why not do it" move. I seriously doubt Rex has concerns about him being snatched up...but, because he's suspended, and doesn't mean he'll actually count against the 53 man roster number, than why not? There's no down side. If he wasn't suspended he would likely still be on the practice squad.
  7. I think the point of this thread was frustration over the way the media is still kissing the a-- of this franchise beyond anything that should be reasonable... And I agree with the OP, that's it's incredibly frustrating.
  8. If the coaches think he's healthy enough to play he should play. Its not like he hasn't been in the facility, watching film, watching practice, learning the playbook etc... may at be a little rusty, but I'm sure he can still track down the deep ball in the air (which is, what I've been told, makes this guy special) I I certainly hope he can play.
  9. Steelers have a bad defense and are going to lose a lot of games because they can't cover anyone. Doesn't make it okay to cheat.
  10. If you haven't gotten it yet, then you're unlikely to ever get it.
  11. The Pittsburg Steelers purposely interfered with the headphones of their opponents? I wasn't aware of that. As for the interference - that's a moment of passion that got the best of him. He apologized and accepted his penalty like a man. Continual and premeditated cheating - with continued denials are two very, very different things.
  12. Just because they cheat doesn't mean they can't be beaten but it does me they help sway the odds in their favor - It shouldn't be acceptable. And no, every team doesn't cheat. Most people have integrity.
  13. exactly. I'm not sure what they can do about it....I mean, they can make it a personal foul - but still, it's probably worth it to lose a half yard (then 15 yards on the kick-off) to knock a team back five when they're on the 1... At some point, sportsmanship and even a tiny bit of integrity has to come into play. I'm starting to realize the problem - BB is a sociopath (and I'm not saying that humorously)
  14. Here' the thing though - this has been happening for over a decade and all of the other owners have known about it...Nothing was done! Now that they finally tried with deflate gate and the Pats acted like petulant children and won - there seems to be little the league can do. The NFL is essentially not allowed to enforce rules. You could clearly make the case here - that even if they knew the Pats did this on purpose, I'm other teams have been warned not to do it - therefor a president has been set that you can't penalize them for it. Honestly, I really used to love this league and I'm simply saddened by what happened to it....BB, Robert Kraft, Tom Brady and Roger Goodell have destroyed the NFL
  15. This! I'm already there - I didn't watch last nights game - just really uninterested. The league is a joke, it's not real competition as long as teams continue to get away with doing whatever they want. This was clearly a big F-U to the NFL - "You do this to us, we're gonna cheat and you can't do anything about it" I can just see Kraft, BB and Brady laughing this morning. They've broken the rules for years...everyone inside the league has known about it, nothing was done. Now it's public...what do we really expect to change? It's really not worth watching any more.
  16. It's not about his relationship with his wife (good for him and her having an active sex life) it's about the head of an NFL franchise should simply know not to make it public. He's a bbafoon and should be treated as such.
  17. How Cumberland is still on the team is amazing to me....It's like this organization, for whatever reason, doesn't see it when the rest of the world does. He can't catch....I'm certain, let's say 5 times this year, he will drop a huge 3rd down or a TD...does it all the time - those drops are backbreaking to a team.
  18. In my opinion the defenses are similar (although I think they're slightly more talented) but they have a couple of big play offensive players. Our offense is going to be possession based, and we do have the talent to make that happen, but it's still tough to put up TD's with a below average QB
  19. I think he's pretty right on... it's unfortunate but 6-10 sounds about right. except I don't see the Pats going to the Super Bowl this year (they'll win their 11-12 games) but they don't have the defense they had last year.
  20. This isn't about penalties anymore. It's about their legacy and the fact that the news is now coming out about how much they cheat..and how outrageous some of the things they did...
  21. I'm right there with you...It's not a protest it's just not enjoyable anymore. The league has become a joke - reading that entire ESPN article - it's just disgusting what's gone on in this league. I'll watch the games if someone's having a party - or just hanging out with friends but I'm certainly not going to build my Sunday's around the NFL anymore. Won't go to anymore games...No more late Monday nights... I'll spend time with the family on Sundays.. http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/13533995/split-nfl-new-england-patriots-apart
  22. How about this one... At Gillette Stadium, the scrambling and jamming of the opponents' coach-to-quarterback radio line -- "small s---" that many teams do, according to a former Pats assistant coach -- occurred so often that one team asked a league official to sit in the coaches' box during the game and wait for it to happen. Sure enough, on a key third down, the headset went out.
  23. Years later, Walsh recalled to Senate investigators that Adams told old stories from the Browns about giving a video staffer an NFL Films shirt and assigning him to film the opponents' sideline huddles and grease boards from behind the bench. The shared view of Belichick and Adams, according to many who've worked with them, is this: The league is lazy and incompetent, so why not push every boundary? "You'd want Bill and Ernie doing your taxes," says a former Patriots assistant coach. "They would find all the loopholes, and then when the IRS would close them, they'd find more." This is some crazy stuff - anyone questioning how badly this team cheats is crazy...I've never been a fan of doing this but their championships should be vacated.
  24. Charlie Brown is once again correct. We've all seen Geno play, and he hasn't been great...but most will agree he hasn't had a whole lot to work with....The kid certainly has the skill set to play in this league and, on occasion, has performed at a quality NFL QB level... I, for one, would liked to have seen him perform under a high level OC (Gaily) and with legitimate NFL weapons. While understandable, the dislike for him is unfair.
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