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  1. I completely agree...I don't think you could offer them enough to get him.. But I would have no problem offering next year's first rounder for him...might seem like a lot, but he's better than anything we've had in a long time.
  2. Sure, it's not everyone, there are a lot of good guys (more than bad guys) but it's not just Rex....Look at the owner of the Pats (an absolute disgrace to the league integrity) look at the way Tom Brady has handled his situation, the commissioner handling of Ray Rice, the countless domestic abuse cases...guys that can't stop smoking pot (even with millions of dollars on the line) From top to bottom the league is entirely out of control.
  3. Agreed.... Sounds like what ultimately happened to him... Didn't deserve what he got - but easily could have avoided it if he wasn't a douche...
  4. He didn't make the Pats team..and yes, Chip Kelly is an idiot.
  5. yes, by most accounts Geno was being a douche. And far from the behavior that should come from a starting QB in the NFL... I'm just tired of this league..it's freakin exhausting!!!
  6. It sure does sound like Rex is giving the owner what they wanted. Publicity.
  7. Sure, I'm not saying there's no violence what I'm saying is, it shouldn't be condoned. those people should lose their job and be in jail. Just like IK. people are saying Geno deserved it, or If Geno would have just paid him etc.... There is no excuse for that - a lot more people get cut off in their cars (heck, it happened to me three times this morning) but most people don't shoot the guy...
  8. I agree, don't care about Rex or this player... But what's happened to this league is disturbing - it's becoming the WWF...When I was a kid - This is the type of sh-- the managers of the bad guys would pull... The NFL that I used to love has become an F-in joke and it's sad because it's almost unwatchable at this point.
  9. Except - lots of things happen to everyone, all the time. People have disagreements, people get into arguments. People don't walk around punching people in the face and breaking their jaws. It's not acceptable to EVER act like that.... Too many people are used to these animals, that we can NFL football players, where this type of behavioral is considered commonplace and acceptable.
  10. That entire locker room is full of them.. Ingognito, Harvin, McCoy and now this kid.....and with the loose ship Rex runs...it'll get ugly there.
  11. Agreed... It more or less forces the Jet's/Geno's hand to press charges. Even if they were leaning against it at first, they have almost no choice but to do so now.
  12. That's kinda the point. He's a marginal player - on a Buffalo defense that's stacked. There's no reason to sign this guy other than being a child. Rex is truly a Man Child running an NFL franchise. The league's a joke.
  13. CBS Sports is reporting it. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/25267862/report-player-who-punched-geno-smith-claimed-by-buffalo-bills
  14. I don't disagree with much of what you're saying - but I think you can look at most teams and find questions marks. The Jets talent is as goods as just about anyone's in the league. This should almost certainly be a top 5 defense....a potentially top 5 running game...two quality possession targets at WR. and a RB in Ivory that can become dominant if the Jets can keep 8 guys out of the box... With a legit QB - this is a Super Bowl contender.
  15. This.... I'm very close to the point where I simply can't watch the NFL. Jets or no Jets it's gotten out of control and it's hard to really respect these people. From Commissioner, to owners to coaches down to the players.
  16. The O-line is not the problem on this team.... In fact, from a talent perspective there are very few holes...except the ONLY position that matters.
  17. This is my guess.... Cancel that tryout only if they have something better - sounds like a trade is coming. Likely already done. Kaep!!!
  18. At least Bowles is learning what it's like to be a Jet... I'm sure he didn't believe that this franchised was really cursed.....they all learn...it happens to 'em all.
  19. Is this serious? If it is, what does that even mean? Why bother fielding a team at all then? I'm legitimately pissed right now - I was excited for this season and it seems like horrible news is coming out daily. Cursed...
  20. Completely agree... If people actually boo'd Geno they should be ashamed of themselves. It's certainly their right to do so but, IMO, it's entirely unjustified.
  21. actually he threw 2 INT's in that game - which no ones seems to want to discuss. Had they lost the game - he would have been panned for choking - and rightfully so.(well maybe not Brady the golden boy) but two INT's is a Super Bowl is a big deal.. I'm interested to hear how Brady apologist, such as yourself, explain that one.
  22. Points aren't the end all be all when comparing defenses. A lot of factors go into what a defense is or isn't. I watched the NFL the years the Pats won and they had very, very good defenses those years. I can't recall a time when the Colts had a defense even approaching those of the Pats championship years.
  23. Brady is a cheater...multiple cheater.. Not sure how anyone, let alone Jet fans can put him high up on any list. There really isn't any way to know how good he is or isn't.
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