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  1. Saw Bill Polian interviewed on Cowherd this morning... He seemed pretty sincere about his concern for the league and confident in the guy they hired to do the investigation. I'm starting to think maybe Goodell's hands are tied here and he went ahead and hired a legitimate independent investigator...Which is why Kraft's presser was a strong denial and then demanding factual proof and nothing circumstantial. Unless they get the ball boy to admit to doing it - it's all circumstantial, but incredibly strong circumstantial evidence that would likely convict someone beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal court and certainly enough in a civil court. But Kraft is going to hold the NFL to a higher standard.
  2. Because that's the smoking gun. The he acted alone theory simply won't fly here....Finding the person that did it knocks out all the scientific, cold weather BS.... If they have this guy doing it - and they can get him to admit he did it (even if he said he acted alone) - BB is suspended for a year and a loss of a 1st rounder. There will be no way around that penalty considering the precedent set with the Saints.
  3. Great post. This is what we've been hearing over the course of a week. individually they're each ridiculous on their own but when listing all of the culprits the Pats have come up over the past 8 days it's really absurd that anyone is even listening to these guy anymore....This suspension should have happened 5 days ago...
  4. All good...the way he went about the process, what seems to be a good, smart intelligent group...Still comes down to one thing and one thing only. Can they find a franchise QB?
  5. Much like holding and PI - punishments are very arbitrary. This allows the league to attempt to control the outcome of things off and on the field.
  6. Yes, if he was a Saint he would be hammered with a heavy fine and suspension - but being that he's a Pat he'll get a slap on the wrist. He shouldn't be able to play in this game Sunday.
  7. In all seriousness....This isn't much different from Bounty Gate.... Telling guys to hurt others as opposed to offering a bounty for it....I mean, the book was thrown at the Saints, this should certainly warrant a suspension.
  8. ' Completely agree that he is a smug, class A prick...but when you have the power he has - you absolutely leverage that power with intimidation. Don't do what I say or you'll pay for it. Demanding an apology already was def. meant to be intimidating.
  9. Yes, I have little doubt they have been working very closely together with a team of lawyers and PR people and everything we've seen to date has been a complete collaboration. What happened here was the national media took hold of this story (not just ESPN and NFL Network which they dictate the story and angle) and they've lost a bit of control - so you're seeing some panic and these bizarre press conferences...
  10. this has been a well thought out PR strategy .... 1) BB and TB come out and deny 2) BB come out with some ridiculous scientific explanation that'll give cover to claim that it wasn't cheating (even though the science is absurd and every legitimate scientist and organization refutes it - and the pesky issue of the other teams balls not deflating) 3) RK comes out and blames the media and demands "Facts" and "Hard Evidence" and not circumstantial evidence - which of course it will be. The facts will be the ball went to the refs and then 2 hours later were 2 psi less...but there's no hard evidence how that happened. That's their story and they'll stick to it... Hopefully the NFL doesn't fall for this BS and, what seemed to me to be, intimidation from Kraft...
  11. I loves that they are sticking with the scientific argument... then asks for an apology. sickening... What bothers me most is there's no way he goes on that podium and says the things he says without KNOWING nothing is going to be found...Then says "definitively" prove...expects "hard facts"
  12. In all seriousness, what's the penalty been for a minor tampering infraction in the past?
  13. This guy seems to be the real deal. Let's hope he's given the leeway to do the proper research.
  14. Nice to see Woody is PO'd Hopefully behind the scene's he's not letting up.
  15. This is good stuff - as much as Goodell and the Pats want, this doesn't seem to be going away or losing steam.... This isn't just ESPN or the NFL Network anymore - the national media is running with this and the story has a lot to offer... As this plays out the story continues to get juicier for the national media...
  16. It definitely feels like it's going that way. Their arrogance is ruining this game and it's getting to the point where it'll be very hard to continue watching the sport with any real sense of fairness.
  17. Cut him... There are a lot of better ways to spend $10.5mm.... btw. trading for him was, imho, the worst thing Idzik did....
  18. This is the other question....How much power does Kraft really wield. In reality he's only one of 32 votes. There has to be a group of owners that despise him - are there enough to force out Goodell? Who's still in Kraft's corner? If the majority of owners want a heavy fine on the Pats there will be a heavy fine on the Pats....If the majority of owners want Goodell fired, Goodell will be fired. There is no way Goodell is making this decision without hearing from every owner... It feels more like the owners need to stand up for themselves...
  19. This is the way I feel too...Just about done - the league really has become a joke and no longer enjoyable to watch. What begins to happen for me is when you know cheating is going on and nothing is done about it - in fact the league supports the cheaters...Everything then begins to feel like cheating.. I've never been one to buy into the "Pats get all the calls" argument...But right now I believe I was wrong and going forward everything I, unfortunately, will be looking at it from a much more cynical point of view. If clear and obvious cheating (that by most accounts has been going on for years) is given a slap on the wrist then what else is going on? The league at this point is a joke ...I am more or less done until something changes.
  20. The problem is the NFL will control the story, they don't need anybody to lose...They are already controlling the story. This Bellichick science thing is just there so the shills can make an argument that the Pats didn't cheat. Any reasonable person knows that science explanation is absolutely absurd - but the Pats can throw it out there so ESPN, NFL Network and other shills like Boomer Esiason can explain it away. Hearing Sherman say what he said is very refreshing - hopefully more will come out and do that same.
  21. Coming out of what? Please, if that was the case the NFL and Pats woukd have brought this up Monday.
  22. You have to get the best free agent CB on the market overpay if you must. The position is too important. Bowles likes to blitz more than Rex. We need cover corners. Sign one stud and hope to fill the other with one of the many, many corners we ran through last year.
  23. This is correct. Woody making football decisions based on the hostile media and reactionary fan base has been the biggest problem with the franchise. Looks like we may have turned a corner with that. I sure hope so. Spend the money to get the top FA CB this year.
  24. Honestly, that's the biggest punishment they could apply. Tell the refs to no longer give the Pats favorable team status and call the games fairly. Between that and fully inflated balls and no video taping - you'll see this powerhouse become very pedestrian.
  25. In this situation Goodell is going to do what's best for Goodell. Not necessarily what's right. He'll do what he thinks will save his job. If that's kicking BB out of football or simply turning his back.... Kraft, Mara, Rooney are all in the same club and it seems Jerry Jones has been trying to get in - these guys weild all the power. Unless there's some type of revolt against those guys nothing's going to change.
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