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  1. Yeah, would be nice for these guys to just shut up. I like Snacks but he's very far from the best NT in football. Solid run stopper but not remotely disruptive in the passing game.
  2. And anyone know the issues with Pryor? I was hoping he would step up this year.
  3. Great post - everything you said I completely agree with.. Up until the point when you said he has to go. If you draft a player like this you hold on to him as long as you can continue to pay him as little as he's making. These first four years are vital to a franchises success... we're going to lose him this year but because of that we'll get two more from him...
  4. Now you're sounding like a Tom Brady apologist. I get it...we have no proof, he hasn't been charged...But all the evidence is point to him being high. The police report states there was a odor of burned marijuana emanating from the car. With me, this guy does not get the benefit of the doubt when talking about pot...he clearly has a weed problem. Once again I'll say it...I'm not making a case to have him put in jail - I'm not trying to lay out evidence... Just saying the guy is an idiot and will likely end up spending time in prison. As a whole this was a disaster for him..
  5. From what I read it was loaded. and I do believe he'll ultimately do jail time... No one has proven anything..as I said I'm not a prosecutor - just giving my opinion with the little information I have...
  6. I think you're missing the point I'm trying to make. I'm not a lawyer and I'm not prosecuting him, nor am I trying to make a statement about guns....That's not what I'm trying to do - I'm just looking at the situation as a fan. Sounds like he was clearly high - the car smelled like Marijuana... If he was high and had possession of a fully loaded, semi-automatic weapon - it is a Felony, in a state that seems to be laxed on gun control. You're saying it should have no bearing whatsoever in discussing this topic and I'm saying it does and should.
  7. Sorry you're wrong...Felony! It is a misdemeanor to possess an unloaded fire arm under the influence of drugs or alcohol (it is a felony if the weapon is loaded).
  8. Well there it is...there's the felony we've been waiting for on this....If he was under legally under the influence (luckily for him it doesn't sound like he was charged with that) combine this with all the other things going on....he's doing jail time.
  9. I have no problem with guns and gun ownership...have fun, enjoy, hunt, protect yourself...go second amendment!!! But there's such a thing as responsible gun ownership - and any court or league penalty will certainly take into account he was being irresponsible with his gun. Driving at those speeds, high, evading police, while in the possession of a fully loaded semi-automatic weapon is not responsible. The gun most certainly has a place in this discussion.
  10. I don't want to go back and forth on this...but I'm not the court of law - I'm a fan of the NYJ's and it does have bearing with me. Him carrying a fully loaded semi-automatic weapon under the seat of his Bentley simply adds to his stupidity as a person. It is part of the big picture. Will it affect him in court and league punishment? No, but that's not really the point.
  11. Because he has no need for a gun...let alone a semi-automatic. Again, but even still - in a vacuum I have no problem with the gun - Have a gun and use it when you need if you want. But when you're high and street racing - leave the gun at home. Bait for what? What trap was set for me?
  12. You're telling me to give Richardson credit for being smart - I'm saying I can't do that - based on his recent behavior I'm not sure how anyone could. As for the gun, it just adds to his stupidity. There's no bait here, no trap I'm falling into. I want Sheldon to remain a Jet, I have no agenda against him and don't think anyone writing this story is looking to do so... but having a fully loaded, semi-automatic weapon under his seat, while driving 140+ miles an hour with a car full of people (including a 12 year old) while smoking pot, is just downright idiotic..beyond idiotic... The gun definitely matters when judging the man's intellect.
  13. No one said he's not going to play - he will and if he stays out of trouble will continue to be a dominant player and have a long career (he's still a kid) It's my opinion, based upon what I've see, he's going to spend time in jail. Probably not a lot but still...
  14. Seriously? The same guy that just failed a drug test, got suspended and then went on a pot smoking, street racing, cop evading spree.. This is the guy we're supposed to give credit for being smart?
  15. Fair enough - but it's more than that...It's the entire package. You really couldn't come up with someone doing all of this at one time and have people believe it. Excessive speeding, endandgering a child, having a fully loaded semi-automatic (I know it's not illegal but come on!!!) running from police - pot, again! Sure, if you look at each of these things in a vacuum they're not that bad - but the overwhelming amount of bad decisions this kid made is just screaming for a serious penalty. I for one don't think we should cut him or trade him...keep him on this team as long as we can.
  16. If he goes to prison he gets cut. Is that what you're calling it - a "traffic violation" - 140+ mph, while under the influence of marijuana, loaded semi-automatic under the front seat, racing from the police - all with a minor in the car....(resisting arrest, marijuana, speeding that fast - all likely carry jail sentences as potential penalties...typically not enforced. He's going to do time. They have to throw the book at him.
  17. Cutting him may be inevitable. If he gets convicted and sentenced to prison they're going to have to cut him then. (is there a precedent where a player went to jail and wasn't cut?) If what's being said is true, and it's this high profile, there's almost no way he's not going to prison. But ultimately I agree with you - you don't cut him unless you have to. Stick by him this year - hope he smartens up and comes back next season....he's not playing a single down this year though.
  18. That's certainly finding the sliver lining. From my perspective there's absolutely nothing good about this. He'll likely will be suspended for at least the rest of this season, but worse is he's going to get jail time (my guess is 18 months) When he does get convicted and sentenced to prison the Jets will have no choice but to cut him. This kid will get exactly what he deserves. Sad to say but true.
  19. Well, with the information I had at the time it would have been. At this point you couldn't trade him - not for any value anyway. Just an absolute idiot.
  20. Gullible, really? It can be both. Nothing wrong with people trying to make money and build a business - good for them. But that doesn't change the fact that it was meant to be funny.
  21. Wait, you really don't think this hasn't po'd a lot of Pats fans? Of course it has - that's what it was meant to do. Nothing really to see here other than a joke. And it's a funny one.
  22. It's funny. Not sure how to see it any other way. It's not violent, not offensive - if you can't see it as a joke then you're missing the point. heck, even the way it's phrased is meant as a joke....Sure, it's childish but it's funny....
  23. Yeah, it's not all that funny. It's hard to argue - if he's not the worst he's certainly close.
  24. Yeah, those teams had a much better defense. They lost some key plays on their D this off-season. But that offense outside of Gronk and Brady isn't all that impressive. Pats go 1-3 if Brady's out.
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