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  1. What you really hope for...and I think you might finally get - is the Pat's preferential treatment - on the field - will end.
  2. I'm in - sounds like fun....I live in Princeton - can barely get NY radio - I listen to Mikey Miss all the time...
  3. So are you a lawyer or just someone that owns a business?
  4. I get the sense he was forced into this. Many of the other owners finally stepped up and stood up to big bad Krafty. The Pats have been pulling this sh-- for over a decade now and the others had enough. Goodell had no choice.
  5. I agree with this... Frankly, I want to beat the Pats with Brady - I'm just glad it's clear, obvious and virtually indisputable that he cheated, got caught, lied, obstructed an investigation and now destroyed evidence. bottom line, Tom Brady is a bad person.
  6. I think the more interesting thing is how ESPN and the rest of the media will spin this - to act like Brady didn't do anything wrong and how he is the victim.
  7. This is not unlikely to be the case. Why wouldn't they have destroyed their phones too The balls boys are clearly being quiet and were almost certainly paid off. Destroying their phones would be a part of the pay-off package. Even still the data is on a server somewhere...
  8. In fact it actually was illegal - refs allowed them to cheat. The rule states when a change like that is made the defense needs to be given time to make the proper adjustments. The refs did not give them that time. So while the Pats weren't penalized - the play itself was against the rules and the Pats knew that and exploited the part-time refs lack of knowledge. It was clearly designed to take an illegal competitive advantage. Pat fans can argue rules, legal, illegal but there's simply no way around the utter lack of integrity of that entire organization.
  9. I'm just glad to hear there are owners pushing Goodell to hold tight to the suspension. My guess is there are a lot of PO'd owners at the Pats for their persistent cheating that are looking to finally hold them accountable.
  10. Isn't a smoking gun irrelevant. What does Brady have to gain in court? that's the question I have. The courts aren't going to overturn the report that exist.
  11. I heard this morning on Mike and Mike - ESPN shills... They think the compromise could ultimately be a 1 game suspension - BUT and this is the big BUT....the penalty will be for obstruction - and NOT for cheating. Say the proof simply wasn't there... Which, of course, would be ridiculous - nothing changed from that original report...It's clear he cheated and backing off that would be awful. I can live with 1 game - as long as it's still for cheating.
  12. Sorry...I'm not getting it...What are they trying to do.. Sounds like they're telling him - If we cut you - and you sign with another team - then we're not paying you anything! That doesn't seem right.
  13. I didn't mean to say that's all they want from him or all we expect from him - but just that this year he's capable of making a larger impact than a typical rookie - As he learns to become an NFL receiver he can also have a legitimate impact on games due to his current natural skill set.
  14. He's not a RB - QB's play well into their 30's - If he turns out to be the guy he can play for 15 years.
  15. I don't think raw is the right way to describe him...it's just that he played in a different style offense...He could have played in that system a decade, mastered it in every conceivable way and still wouldn't be prepared to be and NFL QB.
  16. Yeah, Coples will have a breakout season. He had a lot of pressures last year - with the current DB's - I expect to see 10+ sacks this year.
  17. Best receiver in football (IMO) - definitely worth every penny.
  18. I think Smith can have a bigger impact than most expect. He's a different type of receiver. NFL route running won't necessarily be something he's going to be required to excel at this year. He's a deep threat - Fast, can beat people deep and most importantly, is exceptional at tracking down the ball in the air (which is much harder than many people realize) He will be used primarily in this fashion. I wouldn't expect a whole lot of catches but do expect to see nice handful of big plays.
  19. This is correct. Jet fans have overrated Mo. Good player - not great. (for what it's worth - he's never even been an all-pro) When he went down last year the Jets defense didn't miss a beat. I like Mo and want to keep him - but he's not an elite player and the Jets management know this.
  20. Anybody suggesting to trade the guy or cut him is being ridiculous, he is dominant and probably the second best player on the team (Revis is still a more impactful player) and not yet in his prime. With that said, there has to be reason for concern...If, as many have stated that this isn't actually his first failure (anyone know the reality to this?) he is showing a serious level of stupidity and that is worrisome... But the Jets have a history of trading away their dominant players - let's not continue to make those mistakes - help the kid and keep him on the team.
  21. This offense really has a chance to be very good....If Geno can just be competent. Nothing more. With a top 5 defense and the offensive weapons this team is going to be very tough to beat...If...
  22. You can't have a bounce back season if you never bounced in the first place. I'm still astonished how this guy has stayed on the roster...He's can't catch!!!
  23. While the Colts had been good for as long as Manning was there - and now with Luck.... Any good QB should want to play for the Jets right now. The Jets have a better team than the Colts right now (except for QB) If Luck was on the Jets they would be a Super Bowl favorite.
  24. This is probably right.. I would say 3-1, to 1-3... But that offense is entirely about Brady and their defense was decimated this offseason. Brady is that entire offense and BB is overrated.
  25. Yes, there's no coming back from that... Winslow can't really F with anybody cause as soon as that comes out he can only shut his mouth and walk away. Almost too easy. In that way he really shouldn't even be on Twitter.
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