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  1. I think it's a bit of a low blow. Talking Football is one thing - leave the guys personal life out of it. Cromartie isn't exactly in control of himself when it comes to controlling himself!
  2. I had high hopes for the kid too... Cut him.
  3. The o-line is very far from a mess (as this article states) Maybe not great it is solid - with one open question as to guard playing opposite Carpenter. And then brought in a lot of bodied to compete for that one spot.
  4. I saw the one that Sudfeld and Cumberland were getting reps over him...but that's it...Was there more? Not sure that means anything, could be a million reasons for that.
  5. I think all of you underrate both Pace and Babin. They weren't great but were solid. Babin especially put pressure when he played. Not saying IK didn't deserve more time - but these two weren't bums.
  6. Agreed, that's all this was. They are pushing him to get ready and get his ass out on the field and show something. I seriously doubt they actually cut him... Now, if he gets hurt for a long stretch (no matter how good he played) I can see him being cut next year.
  7. To be clear .... The new rule will NOT change one single bit of strategy or decision. All decisions will be made exactly like before... The only thing it assures is a game or two (and that's all it'll be) will be decided by kicker error. It really is the last thing the NFL needed.
  8. You would have to think Chan knows Fitz's limitations and see's potential in Geno. Sounds like he's trying to motivate Geno and build his confidence with the hope that he does win the competition.
  9. Could it be possible that the media doesn't have an anti-Jet agenda? Just we've been a bad organization for a long time... We have a regime come in and do the right things and they are recognized for it. ???
  10. I am going to have faith in Gaily. He knows Fitzpatrick well and if he believes Geno is the better option than I will support the decision and hope for the best.
  11. It will not encourage anyone to go for two. It'll still be made 90% plus. There is no team that'll say, I'll go for two because I may miss the 1. Get rid of the kick entirely or leave it alone.
  12. ^Double Down on this "THIS"!! Biggest issue. Making the kicker more valuable. Seems like that's the last thing the league would want to do.
  13. This is true if, and only if, this wasn't the plan from the beginning. Once Kraft went insane if felt kinda a like show - showing his relationship is ruined...letting the public see there's no favoritism...Then the punishment can be reversed. I've said this before - this isn't about the penalties for the Pats, it's about ego and legacy. The only way any reduction is accepted by Kraft is if the penalty is ONLY for obstruction and not cheating. That's what's going to happen. Lower to two games for lack of cooperation - but they'll remove two games of the 4 for deflating and cite lack of proof. They can claim Brady's not a cheater, yet he still gets suspended. Pats lose a 2nd... That's how this ends up and it's entirely BS...
  14. I always liked Scheffer but he certainly seems to have taken a strong pro-Patriot position with much of this. Even his recent report that the suspension is likely to be completely overturned....it's like he's setting the stage for that to happen. This whole thing is starting to feel more and more like the Pats are going to get their way after all and this penalty was staged to appease the fan base yet not harm the Pats.
  15. This is correct....and if they were crazy enough to do so we should jump all over it. Keep still has great potential. That entire team was a disaster last year - sometimes teams just fall apart. I would give up a Mo and next years 1 for him.
  16. It's always been a gimme. Making extra points is nothing new.
  17. Thank you. If we were lucky enough to be in a position to pay Russel Wilson $20mm we should thank the football gods. We have been QB deprived for almost half a century.
  18. I would love this move. Mo, Geno and next years 2. We are immediately Super Bowl contenders.
  19. Couldn't you give up 2 first round picks and get him out of the franchise tag? Or am I thinking of something else? Because I would think a number of teams would be willing to do that...I would be happy to with the Jets...
  20. I do ultimately think this is true. What we're seeing is what's really happening... Kraft and the Pats have lost their minds because they're being called out on their BS and don't know how to react...and they're just imploding. Based on the Wells report Goodell shouldn't lower the penalty at all.. But there's still that very skeptical side of me that wonders if Goodell and Kraft are still in cahoots...
  21. I'll concede it has conspiracy theory written all over it.. But I won't agree that it makes no sense - What Kraft has been doing makes no sense, it's entirely irrational - he's supposedly a very smart man that I'm sure is surrounded by smart men. Why would he allow himself to look this foolish? It could be he's a spoiled, petulant child that didn't get his way and is throwing a hissy fit (which I concede is likely) or he's doing this to create the appearance of a divorce with Goodel...
  22. No, I believe it's possible, certainly not assured (albeit unlikely) but possible that this was an elaborate plan to get Brady off... Goodell couldn't initially let Brady off due to he and Kraft's well publicized relationship....So, they have Vincent come out with a ruling of guilty... Kraft makes an uproar (completely beyond reason) claims his relationship with Goodel is ruined.... Goodell then hears the appeal and overturns it...Brady/Kraft are vindicated and Goodel doesn't look like he pandered to Kraft... Pats win....
  23. I know this is the time of year when we get fluff pieces about the coaches and players (especially when they're new) but it's still nice to read. There's a lot to be excited about next year.
  24. I agree, but I'm not sold that the suspension won't be overturned. I'm not sure this entire thing wasn't a set-up from the start...A week ago Goodell and Kraft were besties...but now a few days later they're enemies?
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