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  1. If they get Brady's suspension lifted...They will declare victory and demand another apology... The media will then get behind the decision and public opinion will sway to the Pats being vindicated. I hope I'm wrong!
  2. It certainly does have the feel pro wrestling. Brady was the golden boy, beloved by all (except Jet fans) but then he becomes a bad guy... It sure does feel like a great story line to keep the NFL in the spotlight during its dead time - from the draft until the camp starts.
  3. Only if it doesn't work. If they end up getting the suspension overturned or the Wells report thrown out - they won't look that stupid afterall. I think what they're doing is horrible and beyond childish - but I'm not sure they're not going to win this. I'll hold judgement until the appeal process is over...
  4. Exactly, not even a week ago people were claiming he would get off with no penalty whatsoever due to Goodell and Kraft's relationship.... Now, 5 days later, some non-sensical rebuttal and a bit of anger - we're supposed to believe they're now enemies...I just don't buy it.
  5. OR..... This whole thing was s set-up to begin with - from the very start. Pats go crazy, say relationship with Goodel is shot - so Goodell hears the appeal - everyone thinks he's PO'd at Kraft. He sides with Brady. Suspension dropped. Picks taken for obstructing, but not cheating (legacy intact) Kraft wins, league can make a case Goodel wasn't being biased. A set up to free the Pats. Would anyone here be surprised?
  6. There's nothing to that. Just more BS the Pats are throwing out there....They're just saying everything and anything to muddy the waters here....Doesn't sound like they're beyond saying or doing anything at this point.
  7. Wow...they are really going to war...Now throwing other teams under the bus. This could be the mistake they make that hurts them.
  8. If this happens, he declares victory and their fan base and the media will jump on board that bandwagon. After today's ridiculousness, which has gone to an entirely new level of absurdity - the media (specifically ESPN) will still support the Pats and treat their claims with legitimacy. Just watch tomorrow morning - People will review that Wells report rebuttal and discuss how it's correct... While most Jet fans know better - the rest of world will ultimately buy what the media says. The Pats are winning this war and are likely to end up winning. Unless the media turns on them - which seems highly unlikely - they will win. It's disgraceful but that's that's the reality.
  9. I would say we're missing one guard too (although we have a lot of youth - hopefully one will stick) But the o-line in general is solid, not great but certainly good enough to win with the right QB...
  10. There is just no morality in that organization. ZERO! Tom Brady has no shame - all these years we were calling him a POS - not really knowing the guy - but it seems we were all correct. Bottom line - Tom Brady and Kraft are bad human beings!
  11. You just watch ESPN and much of the media pick up on it - and give it legitimacy. The Pats have been doing this from the day it started - making up crazy explanations (i.e. BB science class) to give people that want to believe an excuse to do so. This whole thing is a joke and I wish the media would come out and call it just that - unfortunately they continue to support the Pats and Brady as if the NFL is somehow on a witch hunt.
  12. If we had a QB we would be very dangerous. The team really has talent in virtually every position except QB.
  13. Couldn't agree more - These are men that have seemingly always gotten their way, now something has gone against them and they don't know how to act. This is the way my 6 year old daughter acts when when she does something wrong and gets caught. She starts crying, blaming everyone else and won't admit she did anything wrong - even though I saw her do it. It's actually quite sad and pathetic.
  14. It's a culture that he's established, but more importantly if it does get overturned I have no doubt the entire penalty and process was a charade. I'm not saying it will definitely get better with a new commissioner, but I'll come back and give it a shot.
  15. Sucks, but they'll win 12 games.
  16. Sure, but if the ruling comes down that there is no proof he cheated so they're reducing the suspension from 4 to 2 - and the two games is for not handing over his phone. That accomplishes their goal. They didn't cheat, legacy intact.
  17. ESPN has more or less made it clear that their role is mostly to support Brady and the Pats - but TMZ on the other hand - that's really who you want on this story. Hoping they're doing everything in their power to get a hold of either one of those guys. The way Kraft has handled this entire situation is disgusting.
  18. If it gets overturned entirely. I'm done with the NFL - I won't watch another game, buy another ticket until Goodell is gone... Not a protest, I just don't want to watch a fake league...
  19. Wouldn't you think by this time they would be in a position to cover up all of the evidence? Now that they know what they have they can destroy or have it disappeared. He will file a lawsuit... My guess though is that you have 31 very angry owners that more angry than we are at his antics. Players get suspended all the time and the teams mostly support the NFL's decisions. Players appeal but ownership stays out of it.
  20. I hadn't thought about this, but it's almost certain to happen within the next week.
  21. The thing here is Brady wants it down to zero - the # of games isn't the issue. It's his legacy that he's protecting, any suspension whatsoever and he's a convicted cheater - having it lowered to two does him little good (except gets him two extra paychecks) This is about the entire Pats organization going for broke. This huge media blitz and constant denials are all to get fan support behind Brady.
  22. even if this was a criminal court - I do believe the evidence meets the criteria of "beyond a reasonable doubt"
  23. Tom is doing anything but being silent. The words might not be coming from him but he has his lawyer, parents, team owners and media shills sounding ridiculous attempting to refute this clear cut proof of cheating.
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