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  1. Not sure what this means - but the report was written by a highly respected lawyer in his own right and he seems prepared to defend his findings. The proof is clear and obvious...plus the penalty is in line with other cheaters (i.e. performance enhancing drugs - which carries a guaranteed 4 game suspension) The suspension will hold at 4 games.
  2. Sounds like you're working your way through the Five Stages of Loss... Past stages ... 1) Denial - seems you have past that phase in two days (as there is inconvertible proof of cheating) 2) Anger - seems like that one has past too - realizing he was caught and you really can't be angry at the NFL for assigning blame Current stage ... 3) Bargaining - This is stage at which you are currently - Yes he did it, but everyone else is doing it too, so it really isn't a bad thing. Coming soon... 4) Depression - you'll realize he was wrong - and will disappear from this site for a few days as you get through your depressing of accepting your hero is a liar and cheat. 5) Acceptance - Well, that speaks for itself...
  3. I think we could win 10 games with some luck...and sneak in as a wild card - but it's unlikely with the current QB's on the roster. Fitz isn't taking us anywhere - the only hope (and it's a long shot) is for somehow Geno to take a big step forward in Gaily's system.
  4. I tend to disagree here only because I don't believe they're acting rationally in any way. No rational person would take this to court, but they are so caught up in their lie that they just might. The evidence is overwhelming yet they continue to deny, continue to get support from both their fan base and a large portion of the media. If they deny it enough people will start to believe it, if they claim set-up enough people will start to buy into it. It's all part of a strategy that will likely take this as far as they possibly can.
  5. Problem is the media is mostly supporting the Pats. Most are saying Tom did something but are calling the penalty harsh - and more importantly they really aren't going after Tom and Pats for their ridiculous and continued denials. The report couldn't have been more clear - he did this and any reasonable person would agree - there is no other way to read that report and see anything else. I would like to hear more in the media come out against the denial non-sense. It's a joke yet the media continues to discuss this as a "controversy" as if there are really two sides to the story.
  6. This is really the only open position on the O-line - I hope Colon doesn't win the job either but he's not a bad fall back option - while not great he's at least competent.
  7. I think it'll be Dozier too. Hope he steps up.
  8. This appeal and uproar is by no means about the 4 games or draft picks....This is about legacy. This is about Tom's ego, Kraft's ego and of course BB's massive ego. Getting it dropped from 4 to 2 is NOT their goal - even if they KNOW it won't decrease the suspension in any way they are going to fight it as hard as they can for as long as they can...So they can say we didn't do it, we fought against it...Ultimately Kraft is still fighting for his apology. The evidence is overwhelming yet they are still claiming innocence, set-up, fraud - anything to discredit a report that is cut and dry. This is AROD and Armstrong. How did those two end up? The more they fight the worse it's going to be...
  9. Exactly. Basically saying. It's okay for us to cheat. If we get caught I expect to be warned first so I don't get penalized. You couldn't make this sh-- up.
  10. Exactly. What's not love about this. It's just funny. And yes, of course the Jet players (and probably a many Pats players too) would get a kick out of these billboards.
  11. Honestly, on what grounds will he appeal? He cheated, lied, obstructed the investigation and tried to cover it up...There's no way around any of those facts, any appeal would just make things worse.
  12. It's becoming more and more A-Rod and Armstrong like now...Continue to fight and deny when the whole world knows you're guilty. Nobody believes you didn't cheat - the continued lack of remorse is just making things worse...I think it's the ego on these guys must be so overwhelming that they can't even admit to themselves that they've been caught.
  13. Question.... What happens to Brady's pay? Do the Pats keep it? Do they get to use it as cap space?
  14. Good post but I disagree with two very key points... First of all - The George Brett analogy is way off...for the simple reason that George Brett didn't realize he was breaking the rules - he didn't covertly add extra pine-tar with the direct knowledge he was breaking the rules. What Brady did was an entirely different situation. Second - I disagree with the premise that the league wants them to have the balls however they want - clearly they have a rule, if they wanted the air pressure to be whatever they QB wants that would be the rule... Lastly - I will agree in one sense - What he did (deflating the balls) ultimately isn't the point - the reason he should be penalized (besides the lying and cover-up) is that he did it at all...He purposely, knowingly and secretively broke a rule that affects the integrity of the game...
  15. Honestly, I thought after the report came out and it was so damning - 8 games would be the minimum, BB would get a couple and a number 1. I'm very disappointed - but should have known better.
  16. That is more or less what the league would be saying. Cheat, lie, obstruct an investigation and intimidate media. Miss 2-4 games and a 5th round pick. The league would be getting closer and closer to WWE.
  17. That would be a joke - The NFL would be a joke.
  18. If you watched the video above then you know. Yes, that really happened. They had a person lie on the ground, in the end zone (a human being) with the hopes of the other team not seeing him. Rex is a piece of work.
  19. But does it say that number is below the limit. If it did then that is the smoking gun.
  20. I can honestly say - for the first time I was embarrassed to be a Jet fan. After everything that we've been through - that was so ridiculous...
  21. Is that in the report? Does it say those specifications are below the limit? (I haven't read the whole thing yet - planning to tonight)
  22. I don't believe they would itemize it like a court of law would (10 years for robbery, 5 for kidnapping etc...) They will take all of the information into account and apply a penalty. The fact that he chose to obstruct the investigation will be just one of the many infractions considered when deciding upon a penalty.
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